10 facts about water


All of us, mommies, want our children to get only the best.Nature, air, gentle sun - these are the sources of health that surround us every day. And, of course, some water. Today we will tell 10 important facts about water, which you might not know. And let our kids use only the most useful water.

1. The ideal mineral composition of children's drinking water should be 200-300 mg / l. It is this figure that will allow a delicate children's body to get all possible benefits from water and not suffer from an overabundance of minerals.

2. The hardness of children's drinking water should be in the range of 1.5 - 7 mEq / l. Water hardness means the presence of salts in the water, which means that the balance in it must be perfect in order not to harm the kidneys of the child.

3. Water extracted from an artesian well is much cleaner and more useful than water extracted from soil layers. Due to the deep bedding, it is not subject to contamination and retains its mineral composition.

4. Ideal water, for both children and adults, is water with unchanged natural mineral composition, i.e. which is not subjected to the technology of artificial mineralization.The main thing is that the natural water from the source has an optimal mineral composition.

5. Pure water can not have either a pronounced taste or smell.

6. In the diet of children it is unacceptable to use soda water. Sparkling water will wash all the calcium out of the baby’s body and prevent the cells from absorbing all the beneficial minerals.

7. All children's drinking water undergoes laboratory testing before it is bottled. Such testing allows you to identify violations of the mineral composition and produce only the highest quality water.

8. On the bottle with children's drinking water always indicate the number and location of the well.

9. Children's drinking water should not contain sediment and impurities. Such properties of water indicate a violation of production technology and are not beneficial to the body.

10. In the composition of the children's water should not be silver, since it is a preservative.

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