10 folk secrets how to clean white soles of shoes

White sneakers or sneakers are not only fashionable and stylish, but also very comfortable. A large assortment of sports shoes offered by sellers allows you to combine it with suits designed for training or with other clothes.

But very often there is a problem when the sole of the shoe is very dirty, turned yellow or gray. In this case, the actual question is how quickly and efficiently to clean a white sole with a sneaker or sneakers.

Why does the sole turn yellow?

Modern rubber, which is used for making shoes, has one positive feature - increased wear resistance. Manufacturers, for whom the quality of the goods does not play a significant role, allow themselves liberty - to replace good material with synthetics with poor physical properties. This is done in order to give the shoes extra elasticity and flexibility.

In the factories, various components are added to the composition of the rubber sole base, thus trying to extend the life of the product.

But over time, as well as under the influence of environmental factors, the initial characteristics of the material begin to weaken. First of all it affects the color of the sole. She gets an unpleasant dirty yellow shade.

How to clean the sole of the shoe at home?

The effectiveness of cleaning shoes depends, first of all, on the material from which it is made.

How to clean the sole of the shoe at homeIf the structure is porous, the dirt will be better eaten and will have to try to return the sneakers or sneakers to the original appearance.

Also important is the relief of the sole. A smooth surface will be washed many times faster than if there are "holes", "channels" or "depressions" on it.

You can return the perfect whiteness of the sole of that shoe that has not been worn daily for several months. Regular cleaning is the key to success.

The most productive will be a trip to the dry cleaning. Specialists with the help of professional tools in a matter of hours will turn the pair into a new one.But not all of these services are affordable, and not everyone will want to spend time searching for a reliable institution. Then you can try to wash your shoes from dirt and yellowness at home using available means.

How to clean the white sole on sneakers and sneakers sparing methods?

Wash machine

This is the most certain way.

How to clean white soles on sneakers and sneakers by gentle methodsShoes can also be washed by hand, but the result will be less impressive, in addition, you will have to spend more time.

Modern units have a variety of modes, among which you can choose the most suitable and accurate.

Before you send shoes to the drum, it will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the information on the label. As a rule, manufacturers indicate the optimum temperature at which the product can be washed. It is important to follow all recommendations, otherwise the pair will be hopelessly spoiled.

As a rule, you should choose a delicate mode without pressing. Powder pour the minimum amount, since you only need to clean the surface of the product.

If completely white shoes are washed, then you can pour in some powder or bleach with powder.For colored sneakers, use one common laundry detergent.

Drying shoes is no less neat. Place the pair on the lined paper or newspaper away from heat sources - radiators and batteries - otherwise the material will simply shrivel. The best option is a window sill with bright sunlight, or a place on the street.

You can dry the sneakers with a fan. To do this, place a pair in front of the blades at a distance of about 50 cm and leave in this position for three to four hours. The tongue should be pressed before drying. Also, for faster results, you can fill the shoes with a newspaper or blotting paper.

In no event should the fan be replaced by a hair dryer. Too much hot air will melt the glue on the shoe.

Washing in the typewriter is one of the first stages of care. This procedure will clean shoes from accumulated dust and dirt. After it you can arm yourself with improvised tools and start cleaning up the stale and stronger contaminants.

School Eraser

This method is used infrequently due to the fact that it requires a lot of time.

School EraserBut he is cheap andwill replace the whole artillery of cleaning and cleaning products, saving money.

  • You will need one medium-sized eraser. You can buy more - just in case.
  • An eraser to rub the surface with measured movements from side to side.
  • In the presence of a relief pattern on the sole, the eraser can be cut, since smaller pieces are better penetrated into the grooves.
Such cleaning should be carried out with gloves, as the rubber from the school “erasers” will make the skin of the hands dry. After this method there will be a lot of dirt and pads of the eraser, so the work surface is better to cover with newspapers.

Melamine sponge

It can be purchased in the economic department of any store. The method is very simple - moisten the sponge in water and wipe the surface. Where the pollution is most severe, make an effort. The only drawback of this method is the high cost of the sponge.

Dishwashing liquid

This way will greatly help, if the shoes just got dirty.

Pour warm water into a deep bowl and add a few drops of dish detergent. Then take an old toothbrush, dip it into the solution and rub the liquid into the surface of the sole with quick movements.

If pollution remains, then you can try the crystals of washing powder. They also with a brush to rub into the sole.After that, rinse well with clean water.

Toothpaste or tooth powder

Perhaps there is no more effective method than using these tools.

Toothpaste or tooth powder

The cleaning method is simple: squeeze a white toothpaste out of a tube onto a toothbrush or pour toothpowder onto a slightly wetted bristle with water and rub it into the surface of the sole. I'll have to try to wipe off the dirt, but the result is worth it.

Then moisten a soft cloth with water and wipe away the remnants of the rescuers.

How to clean the white soles of the sneakers and shoes in other ways?

It is possible to clean the surface of the sole with the help of aggressive means, if more benign methods have not saved the situation.

Nail polish remover

This tool is best used in cases where other methods have remained powerless against contamination or when shoes have not been cleaned for a long time.

A soft rag should be well impregnated with acetone and rub it all dirty areas. After that, rinse the sole well under running water.

Such an approach will help to relieve the sole well of stains caused by the interaction of rubber with grass, fuel oil and simple dirt.Also, acetone will wash the black stripes on the sole.

Before starting work, test on an inconspicuous area of ​​shoes. Drop a drop of the product onto the surface and observe the reaction of the material. Use a rag just white, because acetone can dissolve other shades and the sole will be painted.

Stain removers or bleaches

In each house, most likely, there is an oxygen bleach or stain remover. With their help, you can also clean the white sole of sports shoes or boots. To prepare the solution, add the product to the water in a larger quantity than with conventional soaking, making it more concentrated.

To lower pair in a basin with liquid so that water covered only a sole. Leave in this state for 1-1.5 hours. After that, rinse well with water.

Liquid bleach can still be applied to the sole of a pair of sponge soaked in it.

Work with such tools only in gloves. Otherwise, then it will be necessary to decide the question of how to return the former appeal to the hands.

Acid Cleanser

Bring shoes in a fresh look and help acid - citric or acetic.

Table Vinegar

Dilute vinegar in water in a ratio of 1: 3.

Table Vinegar

Soak a cloth in the resulting solution and wipe it with all dirt. Rinse off residues with warm water.

Lemon acid

It will ideally help to clean the dirt from the white soles. Crystals of "lemon" need to be applied to a wet toothbrush and rub it with the sole.

With the right approach, the shoes will become snow-white.

Tips for last

  • Begin to whiten the sole on the shoe only after removing all contaminants. Initially apply more benign methods. Only in cases where they have not saved the situation, go to the hard ways.
  • Rinse athletic shoes only with warm water. A liquid of too high or low temperatures will spoil it.
  • Use bleach, which does not contain chlorine and alcohol. The surface of the sole may turn yellow from interaction with it, and then it will not be possible to wash it off.
  • A better effect can be achieved if the fabric is replaced with a toothbrush. Her villi are more maneuverable and will be able to penetrate all hard-to-reach places.
  • How fast you can remove the pollution will determine the final result.
  • A thin screwdriver will help to clear the deep relief.Its point better penetrate deep places.
  • To keep the shoe clean for longer, do not wear it in wet rainy weather.
  • Care for sneakers as often as possible, then you do not have to spend time on unpleasant procedures.
If all methods were powerless before contamination, then the sole can simply be painted with special acrylic paint, or white paint intended for fabrics.

There are many ways to help clean the sole of the shoe at home. But any care should be timely, then you will be able to wear a pair for a long time and with pleasure.

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