While you do not have enough for the happiness of a couple of millions of rubles, Hollywood stars, famous athletes and top models lose millions of dollars. This does not deprive them of fame and popular love, but after bankruptcy they have to live much more modestly. For example, as the legend of rock and roll Elvis Presley, who at the end of his life bought food and clothes for money borrowed from friends. But a few years before that, he generously gave fans a car and once even flew a plane to another city in order to buy a hamburger. We found out a selection of several more stars, which went bankrupt with a deafening crash.

Lindsey Lohan

In childhood and adolescence, Lindsay Lohan successfully starred in movies and even managed to be the face of the French fashion house Louis Vuitton. When the girl grew up and went into all serious things, her name regularly appeared in the media not in the most pleasant context. Lindsay then fell into serious DPT and was deprived of her rights, then treated in a rehabilitation center for alcohol and drug addiction, then she spent several months in prison.
Lindsay Lohan is on the verge of ruinLindsay Lohan is on the verge of ruin
The relations of the actress did not work out with finance either: once she was declared bankrupt, and the debts had to be returned to her parents and friends, among whom was old comrade Charlie Sheen. Lindsay tried to improve the financial situation of the novel with the son of the Russian millionaire Egor Tarabasov, but only once again hit the epicenter of the scandal. In 2013, she had to agree to shoot in explicit scenes in the low-budget drama “Canyons”, for which the actress was paid a little more than 6 thousand dollars. At the beginning of 2018, the state of Lindsay was estimated at 500 thousand dollars. A lot, but not by the standards of Hollywood.

Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker, best known for the films Rush Hour, Friday, and My Boyfriend Is Lost, his acting career brought popularity and wealth. For the third part of Rush Hour in 2006, he earned $ 25 million, while becoming the highest paid actor in Hollywood at the time.
Chris Tucker became famous after the movie "Rush Hour", where he played together Jackie ChanChris Tucker became famous after the movie "Rush Hour", where he played together Jackie Chan
He had to part with the money because of his own stupidity: for several years he did not refuse anything to himself and evaded paying taxes.And in 2014, Chris received a bill from the tax service to pay a fine of $ 14.5 million. Of course, the actor did not begin to live below the poverty line, but he had to seriously curb his appetites, given the fact that lately he has been invited less and less often to be shot at the box office film projects. According to April 2017, his condition was estimated at $ 11.5 million.

Tony Braxton

A singer with a very strong and simply charming vocal (do you remember her “Un-break my heart”?) Was awarded the Grammy music prize several times, but she never learned to cope with personal finances. For the first time she declared herself bankrupt in 1998 - she had to put up for auction not only all property, but also prestigious awards. So Tony Braxton was able to pay off debts to creditors.
Tony Braxton - Un-Break My Heart
However, by mid-1999, the singer once again earned a large sum of money thanks to her participation in the Disney musical The Beauty and the Beast, which was staged on Broadway. But already in 2010, she again had to go through bankruptcy: her debts reached $ 50 million, and the state at that time was estimated at only 10 million.
Tony Braxton has declared bankruptcy several times.Tony Braxton has declared bankruptcy several times.
Just six months after the recognition of the second bankruptcy, the singer acquired a luxurious mansion next to Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber. However, she worked hard on the new albums, and also launched the reality show “Braxton Family Values”. By May 2017, she was able to pay off creditors and her fortune was $ 10 million.

Nicolas Cage

The real name of the actor is Nicholas Kim Coppola, he is the nephew of the famous Francis Coppola. Stellar roots largely determined the career of Nicholas, but did not become the guarantor of his financial success. The actor was awarded an "Oscar" in the nomination "Best Male Role" and was actively filmed - for 15 years he managed to earn a fortune of 150 million dollars. However, in 2009, Nicolas Cage was declared bankrupt.
Nicolas Cage squandered his fortune, living beyond his meansNicolas Cage squandered his fortune, living beyond his means
Nicholas lived beyond his means and actively spent money on the maintenance of several huge mansions and a real medieval castle, yachts and strange, but terribly expensive purchases like a personal island or a whole zoo of exotic cats. Now it is difficult to call him rich and successful: he lives in a modest small house and agrees to the roles that are offered to him.The cost of the entire state of Nicolas Cage (bank accounts, real estate and other property) in 2017 was estimated at $ 25 million.
Favorite castle Cage still had to sellFavorite castle Cage still had to sell

Wesley Snipes

He was one of the most highly paid black actors of the 1990s and played shoulder to shoulder in high-budget scenes with Sylvester Stallone, Robert de Niro and Sean Connery. During this time, Wesley Snipes managed to put together a good condition. Everything collapsed in 2008, when he was arrested and then convicted of not paying taxes - he had evaded the standard procedure for 17 years. The debt to the state amounted to 15 million US dollars.
Young Wesley Snipes in BladeYoung Wesley Snipes in Blade
The actor filed an appeal several times and thus slightly put off the beginning of imprisonment, but nevertheless ended up behind bars, losing almost all of his condition. Today, Snipes is removed again, but alas, the former glory of the aging Blade star does not seem to shine. In 2015, the size of his fortune was $ 1 million, by 2018 he managed to slightly improve his financial situation thanks to the films “Return” and “Armed Response”.

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman - the once successful basketball player, who in 2011 received an introduction to the NBA Hall of Fame, as well as a slightly less well-known actor and wrestler. He had the reputation of being a womanizer, at one time he was married to Carmen Electra, and even met with pop diva Madonna, and in 2003, the second official spouse of the athlete was Michelle, who was far from show business, and had given birth to his two children.
Once a popular basketball player turned into a mockeryOnce a popular basketball player turned into a mockery
Already in 2004, the couple filed for divorce, and then his wife discovered an unpleasant fact: Dennis lost a huge amount of money and could not pay the child support debt to children and his wife. The financial affairs of a basketball player were so bad that he had to participate in all sorts of entertainment shows and base series. And if you take into account the frequent problems with the law, which appeared because of Dennis's addiction to alcohol, it is not surprising that by 2017 he was in debt. His condition was minus (!) $ 1 million.

Al Pacino

One of the most successful film roles for Al Pacino was Mafia Mike Corleone from the Godfather trilogy. We, as amended by uznayvse.ru, think that his hero would be disappointedlearning about the tricks of Al Pacino himself! A famous actor (not without the help of his business manager Kenneth Starr) invested in a financial pyramid and went bankrupt. In addition, he owed the state nearly 200 thousand dollars for not paying taxes. In addition, Starr stole 30 million from Al Pacino and his other clients, Sylvester Stallone and Uma Thurman.
Al Pacino climbed out of the financial abyssAl Pacino climbed out of the financial abyss
To maintain the usual standard of living, Pacino had to play in several obviously not the most successful films. However, now it is difficult to call him a bankrupt: he has about $ 165 million in his account.

Mike Tyson

The name of the scandalous, but from this no less talented boxer, actor and singer steadily appears in the press, although he left a great sport many years ago. Over the years at the professional ring, Mike Tyson set several world records and won a huge number of fights, which helped him earn more than 400 million US dollars. However, in the late 1980s, he went bankrupt, losing almost everything.
Mike Tyson no more littering moneyMike Tyson no more littering money
Exposure and perseverance helped him get back on his feet: he continued to perform in the professional ring, and at the same time filed a lawsuit against the former promoter, suing that quarter of the lost fortune.Today, Mike lives well off (and his assets are about $ 300 million), but he doesn’t throw his money away, and he also managed to give up bad habits and become vegan.

Stephen Baldwin

Fans of the movie are more familiar with his older brother, Alec Baldwin, but not so long ago, Stephen was also a very popular and non-poor actor. But then the difficulties began, he laid the house, then sold the rest of the expensive property, and in 2009 he declared himself bankrupt.
Stephen Baldwin almost went broke and has since led a humble life.Stephen Baldwin almost went broke and has since led a humble life.
It seems that those events seriously affected the actor: he realized that money in his life does not occupy the main place. Since then, the actor has been seriously involved in charity work and has been broadcasting Christian programs on radio. In the cinema, he is also removed, although not so actively, and among his latest films there are no high-budget projects.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is on the verge of ruin - this news shocked the actor by his financial managers in early 2017. His multimillion state greatly undermined the divorce proceedings with Amber Heard, who, among other things, accused him of domestic violence - he spent about $ 7 million on him.But if it was only in Amber ...
Johnny depp is about to go brokeJohnny depp is about to go broke
According to the most conservative estimates, the actor spends about $ 2 million a month. This includes the salary of servants (about 300 thousand per month), spending on a private plane (160 thousand) and wine (25 thousand per month). Depp has a lot of collections: hats, rare guitars, stuffed animals, and for the copies he likes, he is ready to give anything. Johnny has a superyacht and his island in the Bahamas. And although bankruptcy is already looming on the horizon, Depp is increasingly driving himself into debt, still losing $ 2 million a month.
But we are calm for Johnny - even if he spends the whole fortune, he has a charming daughter, who already promises to become a top-class world-class model. Who is she more like - father or mother? See in our compilation how two drops of water look like parents.

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