10 things adults need to learn from a child

We try to set a good example for our children,without thinking that the lifestyle and behavior of the child can also be an excellent example for us. Adults, indeed, have something to learn from kids.

Breakfast is a must. Children always have breakfast. They need it to recharge their energy for the whole day. Adults are sorry to spend this time, they prefer the extra half an hour to sleep or look through the Internet. The quality of the whole day suffers. Good breakfast - nutritious, healthy and light.
Do not bring work home.See how easy it is to switch children to home communication after school or kindergarten. Adults often carry work with themselves, if not in a portfolio, then in the head. Because of this, I do not get a full rest and communication with my family. Do not carry work problems home. A shower, home clothes or a gym after work will help to get them out of their heads until the morning.
Be inquisitive.Often the only way to find out how something works is to take it apart. Do not be afraid to just take, and understand what is happening in your life. Learn how to put on sore problems. Learning how the system works is a sure way to learn how to manage it.
You can not control your customer fuse - do not take loans.You do not give children a credit card. What happens if a large amount appears in uncontrolled hands? That's right, it will scatter into toys that will bother you in a week. What in your life replaces such toys? Clothing? Or gadgets you are not used to? Maybe it's time to pay attention to their expenses?

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Ask.Do not be ashamed not to know, ashamed not to ask. Remember how many questions you ask grown-ups? Your questions are your information, your knowledge of the world. Curiosity is one of the means of knowledge of the world, it is not necessary to suppress it. You will be surprised how much new information and ideas you will get.
When you listen to it is priceless.Sometimes the deepest crisis can be easily overcome, just enough for someone to listen to us.It is rare to find a person who is able to truly feel what he is being told, and not just wait through the monologue of the interlocutor, considering his own. Try yourself to be a good listener, and take care of such people from your environment.
Your body is designed for activity. Children do not know the word "fitness", they know the word "game". Run, jump, throw the ball, swim - it's all a game, not work and training. Try it and you also belong to the sport. Instead of visiting the gym, you can put together an office football team — both useful and fun.

Laugh from the heart. Children do not know that laughter normalizes the pressure, helps to relax, adds energy and new strength, leads to a life of harmony, they just laugh, a lot and sincerely. And you know. Laugh more.
Your stomach hurts from excess. Those who play sports too much undermine health and strength. Those who exhaust themselves with diets, too. The one who has fun all the time, does not study well, and the one who studies all the time has no friends. A lot of sun - heat stroke, a little - an unhealthy look. It's pretty simple - stick to the golden mean.
Try to be friends like in childhood.That is, so that the main thing for you was - it's friendship, your relationship with another person, not comfort or personal gain. Love your friends always - when you or they are at the top and when they are below. Be attentive and patient.

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