10 things that are better in Russia than in the USA

Russians like to blame life in developed countries, and vice versa - to cringe to goods and services. Nevertheless, life in Russia definitely has its advantages: goods and institutions that are better-equipped than in the USA.

Maria Podolyak, working in Native Grid and living in New York, decided to share the disadvantages and advantages of living in the United States.

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Public transport

The car has long been unavailable for most of the citizens of the USSR, representing a part of luxurious life. That is why, probably, public transport is so developed in both large and small cities of Russia. Well developed and accessible bus transport between small towns.

In the US, this is not. On a large territory of the United States without a car, you will feel like a subhuman. A taxi is either missing or very expensive. I remember how I paid $ 25 to get from the house in North Carolina to the train station, which was 7 kilometers away (10 minutes drive).

There is even nothing to say about the magnificent work of the metro in Moscow: there are rarely failures, it is clear at stations.

The station near which I live in New York is closed through the weekend over the past two years. And this is the center of the city!

Feminine Hygiene Products

Bella pads are 10 times cheaper and 100 times more pleasant to the body than women's products from local manufacturers. It feels like they make them from 100% polyethylene, which adheres to the skin and causes irritation.


In Russia, a huge selection of chocolate for every taste. In this case, when eating chocolate "Babayevsky" you do not have the impression that you ate laundry detergent.

Recently, various “organic” chocolate brands have begun to appear in the United States. They can be eaten, but the tile is 2-3 times more expensive than in Russia.

LCA and initial examination

During the day at the Alfa-Center Health Center, I can undergo a full examination of the gastrointestinal tract for any 5,800 rubles under a special program.

The initial survey in Russia is done very quickly for LCA, and is affordable. You can sign up to narrow specialists at least the next day.

In North Carolina, I tried to sign up for a general practitioner.The queue was a month ahead. Of course, there are such clinics where “Walkins welcome” is written - this means that you will be able to get to the therapist on the day of the treatment. To a narrow specialist - it is unlikely.

Essential Drugs

Cold, runny nose, cough - in Russia there are different ways to cure without the use of antibiotics. Eucalyptus tincture, activated charcoal, chamomile in filter bags, balsam "Asterisk" will allow you to quickly recover and not go bankrupt.

In the US, most medicines are available by prescription only. And local doctors have a habit of prescribing antibiotics for everything.

Body Scrub

In Russia, there are two great manufacturers of cosmetics that make the best scrub - it is “Clean Line” (apricot seed scrub) and “Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes”.

After applying the scrub, which is sold in the United States, I get the feeling that I was anointed with oil.

Fruits and vegetables in the summer

In Russia, throughout the year, vegetables are available from the series: carrot, onion, potato, beet. And in the summer - cheap fresh vegetables from grandmothers from the market. Many go to the country and plant vegetables for themselves - they are available throughout the year from the cellar.

In the US, beets cost 217 rubles per kilogram (the rate is 70 rubles per dollar). And the usual yellow onions - 183 rubles per kilogram.

Fruits bought at a store in the United States may lie for a very long time in the refrigerator and in a strange way do not deteriorate. It makes me a little scared to eat them.

Affordable cellular and internet at home

In Russia, I use Yota - I have enough 500 rubles per month (unlimited internet and 100 minutes of calls). And the number of different packages from operators is huge.

In the US, I pay $ 50 (1,500 rubles) for 1 GB of traffic and unlimited calls. Each additional gigabyte costs 700 rubles. Operators have, as a rule, only three packages for prepaid customers.

Home Internet in the United States costs from 1500 rubles ($ 50).

Dairy products (except cheese)

Kefir, sour cream, milk from local producers are affordable and very tasty. Also, it reassures me that Russian sour cream is still beginning to become covered with mold. That is, it is a living product.

Sour cream, which I buy in the US, does not deteriorate, it leaves water. And not the most pleasant to the taste.

Curd bars are not found here. And kefir in the Whole Foods store in New York can cost 384 rubles.

Women's underwear

In the US, very bad with women's underwear. Bras are a thick layer of foam, so that you can not see the nipples. Nipples are not politically correct. Finding beautiful lingerie is difficult here.

There are many good lingerie manufacturers in Russia and the CIS countries: Milavitsa, Palmetta and others. The linen is feminine, light and does not remind me of armor.

P.S. But do not forget that the life expectancy in the United States, despite the tasteless sour cream, is longer than in Russia, therefore take care of your nerves and examine more often.

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10 things that are better in Russia than in the USA 24

10 things that are better in Russia than in the USA 77

10 things that are better in Russia than in the USA 82

10 things that are better in Russia than in the USA 24