11 days in Sheremetyevo

In early April, I was lucky to be for 11 days in a special detention center at Sheremetyevo Airport. As some of you know, in November last year I was denied entry to the Russian Federation for a period of 3 years.
In the first days of the month I flew from Hong Kong to Kiev, where I had a transfer in Moscow, during which I had to leave the airport transit zone in order to change the terminal and board the plane to Kiev. Matter of course they did not let me through and for the second attempt to drive the border of the Russian Federation they put me for 11 days in a special reception room.
For these 11 days, I sat with immigrants from Colombia to China. At some moments in a small waiting room we were recruited by 50 people. According to the old-timer, the absolute record was 78 people on the night of the new year. Seats, there were only 15.
In the first photo, the Syrian refugee Hazim, at the time of my arrival, he stayed at the airport for 4 months waiting for temporary asylum in the Russian Federation. Some people are lucky and they are granted refugee status, but more often, you can wait 3 months while the FMS will consider your case and get a refusal.You get food at the expense of the airline you flew in, it takes a refugee or a person who, for certain reasons, is forbidden to enter the Russian Federation on her balance sheet. Also, the airline is obliged to deport you at its own expense. Some are waiting for their flight for 4-5 weeks, for example, a group of young people from Nigeria, these guys were here for fake visas.
Airlines do not like refugees, in the first weeks of arrival, Aeroflot did not give food to Hazim, in the hope that he would return to Syria. Good frontier guards helped him survive.
Compared to Domodedovo, where I sat for the first time, the receiver in Sheremetyevo is a real paradise. Since I knew English, most of the time I helped the border guards in communicating with foreigners, for such assistance, I was escorted to Duty Free, where I could buy chocolates and other things.
Much happened during this short period, Hazim and I almost had to fight with impudent Tajiks who tried to squeeze our beds. Nigerian students were stealing my food supplies. Muslim Arabs from Cairo asked me with a compass to show which direction the Kaaba is in, in order to pray correctly.Chinese immigrants knew about my ascent to the Shanghai Tower and took pictures with me.
During these 11 days, I received an interesting life experience and, most importantly, I was convinced that being in a difficult situation, people tend to help each other without paying attention: what religion, nationality, skin color or social status.

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