11 unexpected things that gives your appearance

Everyone judges others. Within the first few seconds after meeting a new person, whether on a date or in a store, we draw a lot of conclusions about him, including how smart the person seemed to us, and even how capable he is of a crime. Surprisingly, our first impression in some cases can be very accurate. In other cases, we are deeply mistaken. Before you - eleven characteristics that we evaluate in people based on how they look.

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11 unexpected things that gives your appearance
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If you are attractive, people think that you have other positive qualities.

Due to the phenomenon that sociologists call the “halo effect,” we tend to assume that attractive people have other positive qualities besides appearance, including intelligence and responsibility. Daniel Hemermesh, a psychologist at the University of Texas at Austin, who studies beauty in the workspace, found that, among other things, this cognitive distortion meansthat attractive people usually get paid more.

Similar data showed a study conducted among students in the last male courses. They were asked to rate an essay written by an unnamed classmate. The participants in the experiment more favorably assessed the author and her work when they were shown a photo of an attractive girl who was given an essay for the author than when they were shown a picture of an ugly girl or did not show any photo at all.

People can suddenly understand a lot about your personality from a photo.

People can unexpectedly tell a lot about you in your portrait. In a study conducted in 2009, scientists showed participants photographs of 123 undergraduate students from the University of Texas at Austin, in which they either had to depict a neutral facial expression, or were allowed to pose as they please. Regardless of how the person posed, those who evaluated the photos, amazingly accurately determined the degree of openness of the person in the photo, the state of his self-esteem, the degree of religiosity, complacency and honesty.

People use height-pointing facial features as clues to judge your leadership skills.

In 2013, a group of psychologists, neuroscientists, and computer scientists from Europe and the United States asked a small group of subjects to examine portraits of 47 white men and 83 white women and first evaluate their height and then their leadership abilities. Scientists found that people paid attention to factors such as gender and face length in order to speculate about a person’s height, and then used the same signs when they thought about leadership qualities. Persons who allegedly belonged to higher people were classified as people with better leadership abilities.

The structure of your face can indicate to others how aggressive you are.

A small recent study by scientists from the Center for Behavioral Change at University College London, has suggested that men with higher levels of testosterone are more likely to have wider faces and larger cheekbones. Men with such facial features tend to tend to have a more aggressive or socially dependent person.

People pay attention to the structure of your face to judge how physically strong you are.

In a study conducted in 2015, the researchers showed photographs of 10 different people with five different facial expressions, and then asked to rate how friendly, trustworthy, or strong people seemed to them in the photographs. The participants in the experiment, which is not surprising, more often evaluated people with joyful facial expressions as more friendly and trustworthy. In addition, subjects were inclined to rate people with broad faces as stronger.

If you look "suspicious," there is a greater likelihood that you will be considered a criminal.

It is not known why some people seem more trustworthy than others, but this quality can make a difference in life. Scientists from Israel and the UK asked the participants in the experiment to look at photos of men and women who were randomly chosen from the database, and to assess the emotional state, character traits and the likelihood that the person in the photo is a criminal. The first part of the pictures was taken from the base of police photographs taken during the arrests, and the second part was staged shots in which the actors depicted joy, neutral facial expression or anger.

Regardless of which base the photograph was from, people who were rated as less trustworthy and more dominant were also most often rated as criminals. In the staged photos, the most criminal were actors with an evil expression on their face.

How people perceive your face can be a matter of life and death.

A couple of psychologists from the University of Toronto recently collected photographs of real prisoners for the sake of premeditated murder with aggravating circumstances for the sake of research. Approximately half of them received life sentences, the other half expected the death penalty.

The researchers then asked a group of participants to look at the photographs and rate how trustworthy these individuals were, on a scale from one to eight. Among those portraits that subjects rated as least credible were those who were sentenced to death more than those who were considered more credible. In the second part of the experiment, participants looked at photos of people who had previously been convicted of murder, but then acquitted, as a rule, on the basis of DNA tests.What is scary, those who were sentenced to death, but later acquitted, were also rated as least credible.

If you do not take into account the cognitive distortion, your appearance can tell about the state of your health. For example, wrinkles can talk about heart problems.

Shriveled skin can talk not only about age: it also talks about the condition of your heart. A 2012 study compared the number of wrinkles on the faces and inside of the arms of 261 people with long-lived parents and randomly recruited groups of people of the same age of 253 people. Women with the lowest risk of heart disease, according to the respondents, looked more than two years younger than their age than those with the highest risk of cardiovascular failure.

Other health problems are seen primarily in the eyes.

Doctors can diagnose a number of diseases just by looking into your eyes. Red spots on the retina can be a sign of diabetes. When the blood sugar level becomes too high, the blood vessels in the retina become clogged, swell and burst.

About you tells not only the face.In men, finger length is related to the degree of susceptibility to oncological diseases.

Researchers have studied finger length for 15 years in 1,500 patients with prostate cancer and in 3,000 healthy men. The scientists asked the subjects to look at the photos of the hands and choose those that, in their opinion, are most similar to their own hands. Men who claimed that their index fingers were the same or longer than the ring fingers were one third more likely to have a diagnosis of prostate cancer during the course of the experiment than men whose index fingers were relatively shorter. This result was more pronounced among men under 60 years of age. It should be noted that the study was based on the visual perception of the length of the fingers, and not on objective measurements, so that the results can be confirmed only by further studies.

Your height can tell you about the risk of certain diseases.

According to studies, higher people have less risk of heart disease, and short people are less susceptible to oncological diseases. It is believed that this is due to the amount of growth hormone produced, which is able to protect against certain diseases, but at the same time increase the risk of other diseases.However, these research results do not necessarily mean that to be high or low is to be one hundred percent immune to any disease.

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