"12 rooms" - anti-penalty SPb: photos and reviews of tourists

The name of the institution is a rather unusual "12 rooms". Antikafeh fully corresponds to him. There are really a lot of rooms here. Each of them is decorated in an individual style. At 350 square meters, there are several places at the same time, which were assembled by hospitable hosts. Those who have come here, it is not easy to understand the many corridors of the aisles and stairs.

12 rooms anticafe spb

Styling the room

Premises are made in non-standard, intriguingdesign. Each room is completely isolated from all the others. Here, informal parties, business meetings, trainings, seminars, family celebrations and birthdays are held.

"12 rooms" (anti-smoking, St. Petersburg) attracts guests fromversatile hobbies. For someone, this is a cinema with interesting films, for others - an exciting game "Mafia", some are interested in talking in the Sunday club of English. Zoning allows multifaceted people to gather in a cafe and spend time pleasantly, without interfering with each other.

At the same time, you can bring your own food or cook yourself in the local kitchen. Alcohol in a cafe is strictly prohibited, and is not needed at all. Here people have fun and enjoy themselves in a completely different way.

12 rooms anticafe spb address

Institution services

In the institution "12 rooms" (anti-smoking, St. Petersburg) are workingprofessionals. The menu contains many varieties of coffee and tea, coffee and tea ceremonies are held. Guests are offered drinks made according to the author's recipes. Among the rich assortment there are blueberry and ginger latte, apple and cinnamon coffee, saturated with Indian spices, additives in the form of melted milk, honey and various fruit syrups. Tea is also offered in a wide range. Chinese teguanin, ginseng, puero, mao hair dryer, etc.

For friendly communication "12 rooms" (anti-smoking,St. Petersburg) is an ideal place. Here there is a creative atmosphere, and all thanks to a wonderful, friendly and diversified team! The cost of services is divided into packages, called "Basic", "Tea" and "Coffee". At the same time, prices are quite democratic.

The first couple of hours in the institution "12 rooms"(anti-cafe, St. Petersburg) go at a symbolic cost - 2 rubles per minute, the third and subsequent hours are 1 ruble per minute. And so, before the accumulation of 400 rubles, the time spent here will go for free. Is not that so, great! This tariff also includes the unlimited use of more than 10 types of tea and a variety of sweets.

12 rooms anticafe spb photo

Tariff plans for cafes

Having stopped the choice on "the Tea tariff", youget the same benefits + an expanded collection of teas, which include Chinese varieties. This package includes such a service as a tea ceremony. The hourly rate is paid in the equivalent of 2 rubles per minute up to a maximum of 500 rubles, then free.

And, of course, specifically for coffee lovers -"Coffee tariff". Ideal package for connoisseurs of this drink and players. Here, as you know, all services + unlimited consumption of various coffee drinks are also available. The cost of such a pleasure is 3 rubles per minute in the first hours, further 1 ruble per minute, and so - before the accumulation of an account of 600 rubles. The rest of the time is completely free, like coffee, and sweets.

12 rooms anticafe spb where is located

The concept of anti-cafe

The project "12 rooms" (anti-cafe, SPb) addressknown to many indigenous residents and guests of the city. The institution will provide a zone for rest in the space closed from city vanity. Ankataf charges only for the duration of the stay, according to the chosen tariff. All other privileges, entertainment and treats you get completely free.

Variety of games, creative evenings, concerts andparties will allow everyone to find their own, relax and have fun. In addition, you yourself can organize the event at your discretion and taste, decorate the room, invite guests. The staff will only be happy with such a creative. They will be only happy to realize that anti-smoking has become someone nice and kind. An example of this is the institution "12 rooms" (anti-cafe SPb) photo presented in the article.

Leisure features

In this institution you can combine several typesactivities: relax, work, cook your favorite food, communicate with friends, make new acquaintances. At the same time, staff are always open to the implementation of new ideas. Conduct seminars and trainings, concerts and game tournaments, collect friends for a movie show. You'll even be allowed to paint the walls to your liking!

"12 rooms" (anti-smoking, St. Petersburg), where the mosta wide range of games, quizzes and entertainment, invites you to: St. Petersburg, ul. Bolshaya Morskaya 19, 2nd floor. It is 2 minutes from the Admiralteyskaya metro station. You will find many interesting things: table and sports games, a large library, Wi-Fi and lots of free space. For your convenience, the institution works at night. Entertaining pastime is guaranteed.

Those who do not believe that this happens in reality, it is worth to visit the "12 rooms", anticafe (St. Petersburg) in the center. This is confirmed by the visitors' feedback.

12 rooms anticafe spb in the center

Guest Reviews

Clients respond positively about anti-penalty, theyI like spending time here with my friends. But here visitors are offered not only fun and games. You can also enjoy delicious tea, gingerbread, cookies and cakes. While a better place than anti-smoking, for a fascinating holiday is not found, especially in the cold season, when I do not want to go out. And I want to meet with my friends. That's just for such friendly and cheerful companies this institution is just right.

For a large anti-smoking company "12 rooms"suits just right, the visitors note. Especially for those who like active recreation, sing songs, play crocodiles, table football, etc. Guests of the institution say that the rates here are classy, ​​they often choose "Basic". When you want a delicious Chinese tea, in teapots, tea pots, choose "Tea". Young families with children often respond positively to this tariff. A lot of desktop and electronic games, a wonderful cinema hall, where there is always something to see for adults and children alike. Parents also do not refuse to have fun with children.

But it's better to see once than hear a hundred times. Visit this fabulous cafe, come in the morning, at lunch or in the evening. At any time convenient for you, we are always glad to see you! The friendly staff will meet you and gladly offer a wide range of services.

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12 rooms - anti-penalty SPb: photos and reviews of tourists 12 rooms - anti-penalty SPb: photos and reviews of tourists 12 rooms - anti-penalty SPb: photos and reviews of tourists 12 rooms - anti-penalty SPb: photos and reviews of tourists 12 rooms - anti-penalty SPb: photos and reviews of tourists 12 rooms - anti-penalty SPb: photos and reviews of tourists 12 rooms - anti-penalty SPb: photos and reviews of tourists 12 rooms - anti-penalty SPb: photos and reviews of tourists 12 rooms - anti-penalty SPb: photos and reviews of tourists 12 rooms - anti-penalty SPb: photos and reviews of tourists