1973 - the year of which animal? 1973 year on the Eastern calendar

According to the Eastern horoscope every yearpersonifies an animal. 1973 year on the eastern calendar was held under the sign of the Water Bull. This is a strong and courageous sign. Such animals were often depicted by ancient people in rock carvings. They believed that there was some special connection between these creatures and the heavens.1973 of which animalEven then, the bull was considered a symbol of male power, power, masculinity. All this is by no means an accident. Animals are very prolific. This quality in antiquity was valued above all.

general characteristics

If you're wondering whose year 1973 is on a horoscope, thenbe sure to read this article carefully. The Water Bull is a very bright and memorable sign. Born in this year, people are distinguished by their perseverance in achieving their goals and even character. They are creators and workers. They are patient, laconic and calm. They are hard to get mad. Already from the first minutes of communication, they evoke an unconditional trust. 1973 year on a horoscope opens before us strong people with unbending will. However, there are brave souls in the world who are capable of breaking their peace. In anger Bulls are terrible and even dangerous. The abuser should hide from their eyes and wait for the storm in a secluded place. In ordinary life, the Water Bull has an easy character. He will not tire of boring conversations and long detailed stories about his personal life. The inherent stubbornness of such people, like some other negative traits of character, is manifested only as a response to the incorrect behavior of others. The most annoying of them is non-punctuality and non-necessity.1973 year on the Eastern calendar

Professional sphere

Having met a person who was born this year,be sure to ask: "1973 is the year of which animal?" The Water Bull gives the world people of principle, ready to defend their convictions, no matter what. For an employer, such an employee is a real treasure. He is conscientious, conscious, hardworking, always brings things to the end. He has a business grasp and will never miss the opportunity to change his life for the better. Despite this, the Water Bull will never engage in dubious transactions and pursue his own at the expense of others. This quality is well known to friends and colleagues. The latter are valued and certainly trusted. Out of the Bulls are obtained excellent politicians, actors, musicians and so on.

Communication and friendship

1973 (according to the Eastern calendar) gave the worldreliable, though not very sociable people. They start having friends with difficulty. But if you were lucky enough to have a Water Bull among friends, then you can not doubt his loyalty. He always comes to help and will support in any situation. These people are very eloquent, but it is very rare to judge people around them. The water bull can easily summon a frank conversation and silently listen to the interlocutor.1973 year on a horoscope

Characteristics of character

What year is 1973?According to the horoscope, you can judge some features of the nature of the people born then. The Water Bull reluctantly reveals itself to others. His thoughts, desires and plans for the future prefers to keep a secret. Any attempt on their independence these people perceive with hostility. It is very important for them to save their personal space. They do not need to specify what and when to do. Bulls are independent and will not live by someone's bidding.

Marriage and love

1973 - Whose Year?The people born this year are wonderful family men. They are smart, reliable, thorough and try to observe the traditions accepted in society. Having reached a certain age, they are eager to create a family. By nature, they are homebodies who do not have bold fantasies. They rarely change their partner, preferring to remain faithful all their lives. Their marriages are lasting, rarely ending in divorce.

Female Ox

1973 - the year of which animal, we found out.But what does this mean for a newborn girl? Women of this sign from childhood are distinguished by their sensitivity and kind character. They are very happy to do household chores and can easily manage even with a very large farm.whose year 1973 on a horoscopeThe house for them is one of the most importantvalues. You can not name romantic Bybes women. They are pragmatic and far-sighted. The main purpose of their lives is the creation and protection of the home. To work are responsibly, but without much enthusiasm. These women are ready to do anything for the sake of happiness and peace in the family. Children and spouse are always protected and surrounded by love.

Male Bull

Remembering that 1973 - the year of which animal, you cangive a description of men born at this time. Such people are prone to contemplation and loneliness. Any changes are alien to them. They do not tolerate fashion innovations and try hard not to let them into their families. They will not be seen with long hair or dressed in ridiculous, but fashionable clothes. They are skeptical about romance, considering it useless. However, their family can be called prosperous and strong. Male Bull is a devoted and reliable partner, ready to work hard for his family.

Compatibility with other characters

It is known that the relationship between the two in many respectsdepend on the nature of each. It is formed under the influence of a variety of factors, one of which is the year of birth, namely the sign under which the person was born.1973 year of an animal on a horoscopeFor example, from the point of view of compatibility of 1973 -year of what animal? On a horoscope this sign can get along with many thanks to its restraint and great patience. However, for this union to be happy, it is necessary to learn more about your partner in advance.

Relations with other signs

  • Rat. These two will get along fine. They love to work and know the value of money. The bull will give peace and comfort to restless Rat, and she will be grateful to him for the rest of the day.
  • Bull. This union is doomed to be successful. Joint life will make them truly happy.1973 whose year
  • Tiger.In this case, peace and quiet will be bypassed by a couple of parties. A stronger Bull will suppress the Tiger, seeking to take the lead in the family. Tigers will have to withdraw or fight for their rights. However, in the latter case, their life can turn into a constant struggle, which will not bring happiness to anyone.
  • Rabbit. These relations will not be easy. The bull will want to control the Rabbit, which the latter will not tolerate. Diplomacy of the Rabbit can save everything if he is interested in it.
  • The Dragon. These people are completely different. The bull is a realist and conservative, and the Dragon is hovering in the clouds. They will irritate each other and are unlikely to be happy together.
  • Snake.The relationship of the Bull to the Serpent can be excellent under certain conditions. The snake will have to give him the right to be the head of the family. In addition, she will have to carefully hide her turbulent life, otherwise they are in for a complete catastrophe.
  • Horse. This union will not be long. The horse is too independent and self-willed and will not want to shackle themselves with frames that the Bull will definitely install.
  • Goat.Harmonious relations in this case are practically impossible. The goat will receive the desired peace and reliability, but reciprocate can not. She will be too involved in herself and will not understand if the Bull does not do the same.
  • A monkey. The bull will be bewitched by her.Charm and unbridled fantasies Monkeys will easily charm the Bull. But he will not find the desired rest. The outcome of events largely depends on the Monkey. It can allow you to control yourself or leave.
  • Cock.In order for these relations to take place, both will have to try. The rooster must give up power in the family, and the Bull - tolerate the Passion of the Cock for self-admiration. The main thing is that the Rooster should show his character at home, and not with outsiders. Observing such conditions, they will become quite a happy couple.
  • Dog. In this case, we can not do without difficulties.The bull does not like changes, but the Dog - on the contrary. The latter is always open to the new. She will allow the Bull to dominate the family, if he will love and appreciate her. The bull will have to restrain his temper and not be angry over trifles.what year 1973 on a horoscopeThe dog will not long endure scandals and eventually leave.
  • Boar.A long and happy relationship is unlikely to come together. Boar likes noisy companies, parties, he has many friends. He will want to meet with them at home, which the Bull will not tolerate. As a result, the Boar will have to seek out communication on the side, which will not benefit the relationship. The boar is kind and does not accept rigor, restrictions and tyranny. He will fear the Bull and as a result will escape from him. If the Bull wants to create a family with a boar, then he will have to have patience.

So, you found out about 1973 - the year of which animal. The nature of the Water Bull is far from simple. Live with him is not easy. For this it is necessary to have patience and, of course, strongly love this person.

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