5 creepy finds discovered by the owners after buying a home

When buying a house or apartment, we, as a rule, check all the “insides” thoroughly. We pay attention to the little things and meticulously ask for the most ordinary-looking nuances. But what if the previous owners left the new tenants such a "gift" that it is better never to get? What if this gift is walled up in a wall? Yes, it happens, and let's be honest - if you are impressionable, better not read this selection.


Big Brother

Let's start with the simple. April 2016 Sydney. Young lovers on very favorable terms rent an apartment from a 66-year-old businessman Masaaki Imaed. The deal is fast, and new tenants are very happy about this. However, after some time, a young man accidentally stumbles on the Internet for reviews about his landlord (it is strange that this did not happen before entering the apartment). According to the former tenants, the elderly Japanese are not all homes, and in the apartments that he rents, surveillance cameras are installed.Then the couple begins to wool home for the presence of the "big brother" and (oh, horror) finds hidden cameras in his bedroom, in the shower, in the kitchen ... everywhere. Many of them are disguised as fire alarm or light sensors.

After such a couple said to the police, and the landlord was put in prison for 17 months - it turned out that a businessman had equipped himself a “headquarters” not far from the apartment he had handed over from where he had been monitoring residents.


July 2007 Toronto. Repairman Bob Kinghorn drilled a hole in the beam of the house to change the wiring. The wall did not give in immediately, and Bob had to “gut” it a little. It was then that he discovered the old newspaper roll - the worker took it out and immediately felt a sharp unpleasant smell.

After examination, it became known that the baby died a natural death, violence was not applied to him. Criminologists were also able to establish an approximate date of death of the child - 1925. How did the dead baby appear in the wall of a dwelling house, still remains a mystery.

Horrible snakes

year 2009. Idaho State, USA. Spouses Ben and Amber Sessions bought a spacious house for only 180 thousand dollars - it was a great deal, profitable for the family budget.Amber, by the way, was pregnant, and the Sisters spouses were preparing for the appearance of the baby in the new housing.

True, the joy was short-lived - after a few days (or rather, nights), the couple noticed that in the walls of the house someone was constantly fumbling. Then the couple remembered the paper they had signed when buying the house - the realtor convinced them that the problem with snakes in the house, though exists, is still not worth attention, since it is possible to erase creeping reptiles pretty quickly by calling out experts.

Later, Amber told me that over time she began to find snakes in all corners of the house - they were non-venomous, but their number was constantly growing and frightening. Recall, the girl was waiting for a child and at the same time constantly stepping on snakes in her house, heard them crawling in the walls ... a real nightmare.

The last straw was the number 43 - that was how many snakes Ben caught in one day in his own house. It was the third month as a couple bought this house. Spouses Seshnz moved out and were forced to lose their 180 thousand dollars, as the purchase of a house agreed with the conditions of non-return of funds in case of force majeure.

Treasure of hair and nails

London 2004 When reconstructing one of the old houses, the “witch's bottle” was a special amulet that, according to the rituals of the 17th century, was supposed to protect the house from evil spirits.They hid urine, hair, nails and even a piece of skin in the shape of a heart, pierced by a needle, in these vessels — a complete canonical set of defensive magic.

Experts emphasize that people who believed in such a ritual, hoped that the curse (if anything) will affect only such a deception, but will bypass the house owners. "Witch bottle" should be immured in one of the walls of his home. Until now, in various parts of Europe, such amulets are found, but their contents most often have already decayed and eroded.

Secret move

November 2011, South Carolina. Spouses Brown, having moved to the house they just bought, find a secret corridor there. Together they follow it and run into the door of the empty room, to the door of which a note is attached: “If you read this, then you have found my secret room. I was not the owner of this house for long and found that it has a serious flaw. Toxic mold. My children got so sick that we had to move. ”

The previous owner even left contacts for communication, and the Browns took advantage of them as a matter of urgency. Only then it turned out - the house is teeming with the fungus stakhibotris.It is especially scary because it accumulates in the human lung, causes irritation of the mucous membrane, allergies and asthma. In addition, this fungus actively suppresses human immunity, acting similar to the AIDS virus.

It is known that the Browns moved, but they did not manage to protect themselves from the terrible fungus - the Browns' children became infected, and they had to recover their health with antibiotics for a long time.

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