6 reasons to keep a diary, and how to do it correctly

5 principles of keeping a diary

To make a notebook really useful, you should learn how to fill it correctly.

  • Lead every day

The diary should be opened and working with him every day. Try to make entries in this book, not even missing the weekend. In addition to working moments, plan household chores, personal care, a trip to friends or relatives. With the help of these "reminders" you will be able to keep up with more, finish those tasks for which there was not enough time before. In addition, keeping a diary every day is the dynamic of your work and life.

It is not necessary to keep a diary only in some cases: when you are sick and on vacation. You can allow yourself a little break in thoughts and emotional tension. But even in the period of illness, the diary is useful for writing down the drugs, the schedule for taking them, the symptoms, so that next time you have on hand this useful information.And on vacation, devote a few pages to describing your feelings and impressions. During these periods, you can not plan your day and allow yourself to relax.

  • He should always be near

This does not mean that you should go to the toilet with a diary or keep it with you during dinner. But try to always have it on hand to, if necessary, immediately clarify your schedule, record important news or remind yourself of upcoming events. Take it to meetings, important talks, interviews, meetings.

diary diary

  • Write down elementary tasks

You have to bring everything into the notebook. Include dinner with dinner, visiting friends and cafes, reading books and phone calls in the daily plan. Especially if you find it difficult to allocate time. If you set aside 20 minutes for lunch, 10 for a call to a friend and half an hour to buy a new dress, then you will most likely have time to do everything and even more than you planned. Do not be afraid that it looks ridiculous or ridiculous, but so you will see the plan for the day more clearly and clearly.

If you find it difficult to make time for yourself, you are depressed and completely forget about the pleasures of the soul, make a record of a five-minute coffee break or a walk in your busy schedule.

  • Rank tasks

All tasks are divided into major and minor. You can highlight two parts of the page: write important tasks on one, not much on the second, or mark each task according to importance. It is even better to record all significant matters first.

If the schedule is constantly changing, new items appear throughout the day, underline the most important of them with a bright marker. Always try to fulfill the main tasks, do not postpone them and take notes on the work done.

  • Analyze the plan

You should not write 100 cases at once for one day, so you will not have time for anything at all. Analyze the plan for the week. You will immediately understand what the error is. Especially if all completed cases you will cross out. If you see that there are too many tasks, reduce their number. Give yourself some rest, or give up unimportant things.

Plan analysis is a great way to help yourself understand problems with time and assess your capabilities. Be honest with yourself and succeed!

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6 reasons to keep a diary, and how to do it correctly 92

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6 reasons to keep a diary, and how to do it correctly 69

6 reasons to keep a diary, and how to do it correctly 7