A few tips on how to become cooler in class

A large number of schoolchildren are often askedthe question "how to become cool". It is rare to "conquer" this status without any effort. It depends on a large number of factors: leadership qualities, self-confidence, luck, strength, intelligence, and so on. Someone is given to become steeper than everyone by nature, and someone has to look for a large amount of information and follow certain tips to stand out from the gray mass.

How to Become Cool

Sooner or later, almost all teenagers(both boys and girls) the question arises "how to become steeper". In the classroom, most likely, there is already a certain leader, who is considered the coolest, but how to get around it?

how to become cooler in classThere is a misconception that a tough guymust be defiant, aggressive, commit negative, provocative acts, contradict adults. In fact, you can increase your scale of steepness in opposite ways. For example, to prove yourself in some kind of sport, you just have to think what is best is what the soul is for - and go! As you know, to succeed in any business, it is necessary to make efforts, and considerable, so this is not the fastest and easiest way, but it will bring great benefits. If there was a question "how to be cool in a class", it is necessary to approach to it with all seriousness. Maybe you need to be the opposite of the bully in the class of the bully and help the weak, and also easily beat off the attacks of classmates.

Useful tips for the boy

Steepness for each person has its owndefinition. It can contain absolutely different concepts, principles and actions. But if you really wondered "how to become steeper", in the classroom and in the yard should adhere to specific covenants:

  • Never quail before the enemy, even if he is older or not alone. To be able to fight is cool, especially if you win.
  • To be not like everyone else (in a good sense, for example, to give up cigarettes and / or alcohol, when all this is used and podnachivayut you. how to be cool in class
  • Be able to perform complex tricks (any sport or hobby is suitable: skateboard, snowboard, bicycle and in general everything that your heart desires).
  • Stand firm on your own, be able to defend your opinion.

The basic rules of "krutyshki"

Oddly enough, girls also ask themselves a question"how to become steeper". In the class for sure there is a "flock" of girlfriends, or you liked the boy, before whom I want to flaunt my coolness. There are certain rules that apply to both girls and boys:

  • Watch your appearance. In order should be everything: clothes, shoes, leather, hair. If you said to yourself "I want to be cool", then I must maintain my appearance in perfect condition.
  • Be confident in everything. Whatever you do, in everything must be firmly convinced.
  • Develop their principles and, accordingly, always adhere to them.
  • Develop leadership qualities. Really cool can lead their classmates, friends and just acquaintances.how to be cool in class
  • Material independence from adults. If possible, it is worth considering the possibility of self-employment. And things bought with their own money, will add coolness several times.
  • Do not forget about constant self-improvement and self-development. The steep status obliges to be always a step ahead.
  • Have as many acquaintances as possible in school, in the district, in the city. The more people you know, the more likely you are to become famous (of course, in a good sense of the word).

Destructive "coolness"

A lot of "cool" guys and girls believe,that steepness is depraved behavior, the manifestation of aggression, disrespect for others, but this is not so. I would like to give the main erroneous positions for schoolchildren, who ask themselves "how to become steeper".

  1. In the classroom, you should not try to bribe everyone. Money spoils people, especially if they do not earn their own work.
  2. Disdainful attitude both to classmates, and to elders (teachers, parents). This behavior will only repel and set up against you.
  3. Unnatural, too strong praise of your skills, strength or knowledge. Strong and intelligent people around themselves recognize the steep, without the aid of any low methods.

I want to be cool


Given all of the above, a guy or girl(if she still had a question "how to be cool in the classroom") there should be at least the slightest understanding of what efforts should be made to become steep / steep.

"Cool" status requires that a largework on yourself. Constant self-improvement, knowledge of the surrounding world and people is a great work that requires everyday self-development and self-restraint in many things. The main rule, which should be adhered to, is to be yourself. No steep behavior will replace naturalness, kindness and desire to help people, and this is appreciated in people both in school and just in life.

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