A poem is ... What is a poem? What kinds of poems exist

A poem is a form of literary work. As a rule, it is characterized by a relatively small volume and the presence of rhyme. Each poem has a special meaning conveyed by the author. A good poem is a work in which the rhythm is sustained. You can sing it, because poems are put on music. Also it is all structured. From the first to the last line the idea of ​​the author is sustained.

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Poem as a way of thinking

For a poet, a poem is a way of creative expression. Through poetry, he conveys to the reader his feelings, emotions and spiritual impulses. For creative people, a poem is a way to beautifully and organically tell the world what is in their heart. Poems are written about the main thing - about love, friendship, homeland, people, children. A poem is a small message to the world from a great poet or a little-known author.

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Types of poems

Poems are different in volume, content and structure. The basic unit of the poem is the word. It can be used in any way. It depends mainly on the author himself, due to which each individual piece acquires its own individuality.

Standard are poems written in quatrains and in rhyme. At the same time, Japanese hoke poems are certainly known to everyone. They consist of three lines in which rhyme is not always present. Types of poetic works are different. In addition to the classic poems there are:

  • whites;
  • free;
  • experimental;
  • alphabetic;
  • prosaic;
  • robalistic.

In any case, the author of the poem reserves the right to what his creation will look like.

White poems are written without the use of rhymed words. Nevertheless, they are read smoothly and harmoniously. All words are consonant with each other and stylistically sustained.

Free poems are poetic works with different lengths of lines. This type is used in fables, elegies.

Experimental poems reflect the creative freedom of the author, may have a different structure with an arbitrary alternation of rhymes.Such poems were relevant in the Middle Ages. However, they are popular today among creative authors. These include curly and endless poems.

Figured poems are called poetic works, the lines of which form some figures. This type of poem is designed for aesthetic and visual perception by readers.

Endless poems begin and end with the same line. In fact, they have no end, because the last line begins the story of the author again.

In alphabetical poems, each line or couplet begins with a subsequent letter of the alphabet. This species was used by V. Mayakovsky in his poetic works on the bourgeois system.

Prose poems written in prose, but different melodiousness, melodiousness, consistency of the form of the work.

Romanticistic poems are distinguished by a gradual increase in syllables in lines. For the first time they used them in his work Homer.

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Semantic load of the poem

The essence of the poem for each poet and reader is his own. It is considered correct if the author was able to unobtrusively convey his thought and logically complete it to the end.According to critics, a good poem is not just a set of sensual sayings of the author, but a social literary “product”, and he carries some lesson or morality for the reader.

In the modern poetic world there is a huge variety of poems by both famous and little-known authors. But not all of them are able to touch the soul, to draw the reader’s attention to important moral and spiritual values, to arouse interest, to make the poem read again, to reflect.

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Virtues of poems

Worthy poems are like pictures or even feature films. They possess mysterious magic and are able to carry the reader into the world of the author through only black strict letters on a white background. I want to read good poems again and again, reviving in my mind the images that the author saw. Needless to say, poems are the creative heritage of every country? They develop memory, thinking, imagination. For this reason, children are encouraged to memorize poems, poteshki, fables. Poems of great poets are included in the school curriculum and are subject to literary analysis.

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