About my new business and leaving LJ

It's time to reveal the cards and tell everything. Yes, I started a new business, this is a really cool project, now I will tell about it in detail.
So now, I devote a part of my time to him, but I didn’t do it to him today, but half a year ago, then my activity in LJ was seriously asleep.
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But in recent days, more and more often, I receive reproaches from you that I promised to dump and not dump.
Let's take it in order ...
I did not promise to dump them; those of you who cannot read beyond the headline are to blame. As I have been blogging, I will, but I can’t guarantee consistency anymore. But I promise that, among other things, I will share with you my successes.
Those of you who subscribe to my Telegram channel already know that for more than six months I and the team worked to make the most profitable service for travelers http://www.prosto.travel/
And we managed the impossible!
PROSTO.TRAVEL is the first and only in Russia intellectual service for booking travel services:
- air tickets
- hotels
- transfers
- insurance

A little later, I will tell you in detail exactly how we managed to really make the lowest prices on the market and how we differ from ordinary aggregators and other meta-search engines.
In the meantime, all you need to know that now is the most profitable service for travelers on: http://www.prosto.travel/
Slightly more information on my Telegram channel
Add ...
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