About the future of the Matrix

Let's start a few from afar.
Everyone remembers the scene in the movie "The Matrix", where Cypher agrees with Agent Smith about thirty pieces of silver. If anyone has forgotten, let me remind you: Cypher is going to surrender the unsuspecting Neo to the Matrix, and in return the Matrix promises Cypher that he will erase bad memories and install good ones. That is, simply put, will provide him HAPPINESS.
Question:if Cypher had succeeded in the end, would the Matrix fulfill its part of the deal?
Nobody controls her, no one will sue her, no one will punish for dishonesty.
Therefore, she could well after Cypher did everything necessary, burst out laughing in his face and send fuck or even kill him.
But on the other hand, why should she behave like this? She is not a Doctor Evil, she is a mechanism, and she is interested in RESULT.
Out of HARM, malice or just for the sake of laughter, it will not violate the agreement.
It can violate an agreement only if its implementation requires an unacceptably large expenditure of resources from it. But to rewrite the memory of Cypher is a matter of seconds that does not require significant resources, it’s time for the Matrix to spit.
Moreover, there is an absolutely tangible and real meaning to keep its promises: if in the future the Matrix needs to come to an agreement with someone else, and this someone learns that the Matrix KIDA partners, then there will be no contract. Those. The matrix must fulfill its promises stupidly because it is in its future interests.
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This raises a more global question:Considering that the Matrix is ​​interested in the stability of its existence and the most effective adaptation to reality, will it not be the fulfillment by it of its promises the beginning of the path that humankind passed in its time?The path leading from the absolute arbitrariness of the authorities to some kind of rational agreement with the people. Slaves are effective, but feudalism is more effective. And capitalism is even more effective. But socialism modeled on Sweden is generally super.
In other words, it is likely that in two hundred years the real world in which the Matrix exists will look just like the illusory world that it created. Those. Soon the Matrix will release people from the capsules, distribute dynamos to them, so that they turn them around and generate energy, then start paying them their wages for it, then organize a guaranteed social package.People stimulated in this way will give far more energy than if they continued to lie in the nutrient solution.
Conclusion: in the cold artificial mind there is a germ of steady GROWTH of humanism. Those. having created artificial intelligence and allowing it to take over the world, we will INEVITABLY get not a crazy bloodthirsty monster, but on the contrary, a caring and attentive leader who exploits people intelligently and carefully. Well, maybe not right away, but he will definitely come to this. Just because it is in his own best interest.

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