Actor Valery Kravchenko: career, movies, personal life

What is known about such an actor as Valery Kravchenko? What films have become iconic in his career? What was the fate of the artist? This and not only - further in the material.

Childhood and youth

Valery Kravchenko actor

Valery Kravchenko was born in Mongolia in March 1945. Here, the parents of the future artist were hiding from wartime. Later the family moved to Belarus, having moved to the city of Bobruisk for permanent residence. Here little Valery Kravchenko spent all his childhood, right up to the age of majority.

In his early years, the guy was fond of painting, design, attended classes on the creation of aircraft models. Later, the boy began to seriously engage in boxing. In 1961, the guy won in major competitions and earned the title of champion of Belarus among juniors. In parallel with his boxing classes, Valery attended performing arts groups. Subsequently, his mother gave him an ultimatum - sports or theater. The young man preferred the latter option.Thus, the further fate of the boy was predetermined.

In 1966, Valery’s family moved to Leningrad. Soon the guy applied for admission to the State Theater Institute, where he was successfully enrolled. While still a student, the young artist Kravchenko began to seriously think about a career in cinema.

Movie debut

Valery Kravchenko actor cause of death

In 1968, Valery Kravchenko - an actor without experience, who was one of the most talented students on the course at the theater institute, received an offer to play in a movie. His debut work was participation in the film “Only One Life”. A beginner actor successfully coped with the role, after which a whole mass of proposals from famous Soviet directors fell on him.

The second successful work in the career of a young artist was the tape "Coriolan", which came out on wide screens all in the same 1968th. Then, Valery Matrosov in the film “To be happy”, Gorbachev in “You can still make it”, Timofey Zaletnyi in the film “Strong”, the forwarder Veny in the film “If I Love” followed Valery’s career as Valer Matrosov.

The hour of the artist

Valery Kravchenko

Between the mid-60s and the early 90s, Valentin Kravchenko played in more than two dozen Soviet films. A talented artist never disdain secondary roles.He had the opportunity to appear on the screen in the images of prisoners, engineers, gangsters, to transform into the characters of other rather complex characters.

Valery Kravchenko, an actor with substantial shooting experience, learned what it means to be famous throughout the country, only in 1995. At this time, the artist took part in the filming of a successful motion picture entitled “Everything will be fine”. The actor managed to blend in with the image of Andrei Samsonov - a godless drunkard and a person lost to society.

The film “Everything will be fine” was a success with the widest audience. Valery Kravchenko began to find out on the street, ask for an autograph. In the subsequent successful participation in the shooting allowed the actor to get the role in several dozen famous paintings.

Valery Kravchenko: movies

valery kravchenko movies

Among the most famous works with the participation of the artist are the following films:

  • The Strogovs (1976);
  • The Comedy of Errors (1978);
  • December 20 (1981);
  • The Boys (1983);
  • Makar the Pathfinder (1984);
  • "Snow Maiden called?" (1985);
  • "Lucky Man" (1987);
  • The Fountain (1988);
  • Reed Paradise (1989);
  • “Lost in Siberia” (1990);
  • "Strange Men Semenova Catherine" (1992);
  • “Prison romance” (1993);
  • “Everything will be fine” (1995);
  • The Fourth Planet (1995);
  • “The Story of Richard, Milord and the Beautiful Firebird” (1997);
  • "Streets of Broken Lanterns" (1998);
  • “National Security Agent” (1999);
  • "Empire under attack" (2000).

Personal life

In his youth, Valery Kravchenko enjoyed extreme success with women. A successful, fruitful artist prescribed novels with numerous colleagues on the set. At one time there were rumors about the relationship between the actor and Olga Belyaeva, the shooting partner in the film “Everything will be fine”. However, these were only speculations of the public. The reason for the conversations was probably the extremely convincing play of actors who had to portray a married couple on screen. In fact, until the end of life, Belyaev remained a faithful companion for the life of the famous director Dmitry Astrakhan.

During his life, the actor was married only once. From marriage, the actor had two children. However, about how happy family life was for him, the artist preferred not to spread.

Valery Kravchenko, actor: the cause of death

The famous Soviet and Russian artist died on November 6, 2000.The reason for the sudden death of the actor was an unexpected heart attack. Valery's lifeless body was found by comrades in his apartment in St. Petersburg. The friends of the actor called the doctors, but on arrival they stated death.

His Moscow colleagues on the shooting in the TV series “The Agent of National Security” and “Streets of Broken Lanterns” flew to the colleague on their last journey to St. Petersburg.

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