Actor Vasilyev Yuri: biography, personal life, work and interesting facts.

On the stage of the Satire's own theater, he has been serving for more than forty years and has long established himself as a venerable and textured playwright, who is happy to pass on his experience of working on the stage to the younger generation. For the devotion to his beloved theater, and for the performances played within its walls, the actor Vasilyev Yury received a high award - the Order of Friendship, and he is proud of it. Perhaps fate itself had prepared him to perform on the stage and thus earn a living. What was the path of Yuri Vasiliev on theatrical and cinema Olympus?

Years of childhood and adolescence

Yuri Borisovich Vasilyev - a native of the city of Novosibirsk. He was born on November 30, 1954. His childhood was the same as that of ordinary guys. But with one caveat: Yuri already in school years began to show interest in amateur performances.He gladly participated in literary contests, learned to play the violin, attended drawing lessons.

Actor Vasilyev Yuri

And one passion Yuri should be noted separately: he went to the theater club, organized at the local theater of the young audience. At the same time, the boy’s parents were not against his hobby and when, having received a certificate of maturity, Yuri said that he wanted to enter the “theater” in Moscow, they did not oppose.

Years of study

In the early 70s, a young man arrived in the capital and filed documents at the Schukinsky School. He successfully passed the selection and was distributed to the course of the People's Artist Yu. V. Katin-Yartsev. His fellow student became the now famous actor Leonid Yarmolnik. Within the walls of the drama school, future actor Vasilyev Yuri not only learned the basics of the art of reincarnation, but also worked hard on choreography in order to learn proper plasticity and movement. And he really succeeded in this matter, since Maestro M. Liepa himself noted his ability to move flexibly on stage.

Actor Yuri Vasiliev personal life

Actor Vasilyev Yuri on the last year of training prepared several graduation performances at once, among which were: “Crime and Punishment” - F.M.Dostoevsky, “Trees die standing” - A. Kason, “Three Musketeers” - A. Dumas, “Summer Residents” - M. Gorky.

The beginning of theatrical career

After Vasilyev was awarded the coveted diploma, he falls into the troupe of the Satire Theater. The novice actor was lucky: the directors entrusted him with the mission to be the understudy of some of the roles that Andrei Mironov, already popular in the mid-70s, played. Gradually, Yuri Borisovich gained experience on the theatrical stage and then began to regularly participate in productions. In particular, he played Lord Goring in “The Ideal Man”, Golubkov in “Run”, Koroviev in “Schizophrenia, as was said,” King Louis in “Youth of Louis”. Currently, the actor Vasilyev Yuri also participates in performances. For example, “Talents and Fans” (Velikatov), ​​“Homo Erectus” (Igor Koshelkov), “Too Married Taxi Driver” (John Smith). A graduate of the Schukinsky School has been playing on the stage of the Modern Theater for a long time, reincarnating into the image of Koromyslov (the play Katerina Ivanovna). In this performance he works with actress Elena Yakovleva.

Yuri Vasilyev theater actor

But Vasilev will be faithful to his home theater of Satire until the end of his life.Yury Borisovich declares that everyone who works in this Melpomene temple has a unique sense of humor, and without this quality it would be impossible to work, in principle. And this anxiom was repeatedly proved by the head of the Satire Theater, Alexander Anatolyevich Shirvindt.

Work in difficult conditions

Meanwhile, the actor Yury Vasilyev, whose biography will be interesting to any novice actor who knows how to joke and joke, was largely due to these qualities that he could not give in to negative emotions during his tour in the hot spot. In 1986, together with the famous Olga Aroseva, he spoke to Soviet soldiers when our troops were stationed in Afghanistan. And it was really not so easy to amuse the Russian soldiers in the areas where the Mujahideen were operating, but together with Olga Alexandrovna they succeeded.

“We have the best comedies”

Yuri Vasiliev (actor of the theater), without any boasting, notes that the best comedies in our country are put on the stage of his own “Satire”. Moreover, this point of view is supported by authoritative Moscow experts. What is the secret of such success. According to the maestro, the whole thing in the "frames".

Yuri Vasilyev actor of Satire

He states that in the "Satire" they play the real experts in their field and who will not work in Melpomene to his native temple. Also the performers stressed that on the stage of his favorite theater they are able to stage not only the productions of a comedy genre, but also dramatic performances based on the works of A. Chekhov, M. Bulgakov, V. Rozov.

Director career

Yuri Vasiliev (actor of the theater “Satire”) also tried his hand as a director. Working under the direction of Shirvindt, he staged several performances that were a great success with the viewer. Speech, in particular, goes about such productions as: “Secretaries”, “See you in Venice”, “Wait ?!” Also the maestro worked for a while as a chief director in the Serpukhov Music and Drama Theater.

In the spring of 2010, the actor creates his own Melpomene temple under the simple name “Theater of Yuri Vasiliev”. His performances are accompanied by a storm of applause from the viewer.

Movie roles

Yuri Borisovich played a huge number of roles, not only in the theater, but also in the cinema. His debut on the set took place in 1975, when director K. Khudyakov entrusted to play a small episode in the film “Such a Short Long Life”.Two years later, Yuri Vasilyev (actor of “Satire”) will play with G. Egiazarov in the film “Portrait of the Rain”.

Yuri Vasilyev Satira Theater Actor

But he will get the main role in 1979. Nadezhda Kosheverova will approve Vasilyev for the main role of the apprentice in the fairy tale “Nightingale”. Today Yuri Borisovich’s filmography includes more than 60 works in the cinema, and he continues to work on the set.

Work on TV

I had a chance to work for a graduate of the Schukin School and on television. In the period from 2000 to 2002, he was the host of the quiz show for teenagers “Seven troubles - one answer”, which was broadcast on the ORT channel. And in parallel with this Vasiliev became the main face of the TV program informative - comic genre "Sami with a mustache."

Outside the profession

He was chosen by an ordinary girl who, in her youth, danced in one of the ensembles of Siberia. Actor Yury Vasilyev, whose personal life was best developed, met his future wife Galina on a tour in Krasnoyarsk. It is not excluded that she could have built a brilliant career, but Galina chose her over simple family happiness. She quit her job, gave birth to a son, and started housekeeping.

The actor does not cease to thank the fate for the fact that on the path of life he was met by Galina. He considers her not only an amazing wife, but also a faithful friend who is always ready to support in difficult times. But the family life of Yuri Vasilyev and his wife was not always unclouded: there were disagreements about who was the main person in their union, financial problems arose, but now the difficulties are behind.

Actor Yuri Vasilyev biography

Son Alexander is a graduate of a law school. And he had already managed to try himself as an actor, having appeared in the film “City Above” (dir. G. Pavlov, S. Satyrenko, 1985). But he did not want to continue the profession of his father, deciding to study music.

Currently, Yuri Borisovich Vasilyev continues to serve on the stage of the Satire Theater and manages to act in films in the intervals between performances.

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