Actovegin: instructions for use (injections)

The drug "Actovegin" isexempt from protein extract from calf blood. It is used for preventive purposes, as well as for the treatment of ischemic and hypoxic damage to organs and tissues and the complications caused by them.

pharmachologic effect

The drug "Actovegin" strengthensmetabolism, increasing the transport and accumulation of oxygen and glucose and enhancing their assimilation process. In addition, it speeds up the process of blood supply to the body.

Indications for use

The medicinal preparation "Actovegin", the instruction on the application (nyxes) of which indicates a wide range of its purpose, can be used for various diseases:

  1. Violation of the venous and arterial blood circulation.
  2. With varicose veins of the lower extremities.
  3. Ulcers of various origin, especially slowly healing skin defects, trophic ulcers, pressure sores.
  4. Violation of the vascular tone.
  5. Insufficiency of cerebral circulation.
  6. Burns.
  7. Various craniocerebral injuries.
  8. Age disorders - Alzheimer's disease, dementia

Mode of application

The drug "Actovegin" is prescribed (the instructions for use (injections) indicate different doses and patterns of application), the type and severity of the disease should be taken into account here.

If the drug is administered intravenously orintraarterially, then depending on the severity of the disease, the initial dose can be from 10 to 20 ml. The drug can be administered intravenously or intravenously drip, and can also be administered intramuscularly, but it is not recommended in the medication "Actovegin" - injection solution - add other drugs. Depending on the disease and the degree of its severity, the dose is prescribed by a doctor. With some severe CNS diseases, the drug "Actovegin" (injections) for children is prescribed even from two to three months.

In addition to injections, "Actovegin" is released in the form of ointments, creams, gels, dragees.

Parenteral medication "Actovegin"prescribe cautiously, since an allergic reaction of the body is possible. Prior to the appointment, trial introductions should be carried out, providing conditions for emergency assistance.
The gel "Actovegin" is good enough for cleansing andtreatment of ulcers and open wounds. With burns and lesions with radiation sickness, it is lightly applied to the skin, and when treating various ulcers, spread a large layer and cover with a sterile compress. With wet wounds, the bandage is changed several times a day, in usual cases - once a week. Cream "Actovegin" helps to heal wounds. Use after formed bedsores. The eye gel "Actovegin" is squeezed out by 1 drop directly into the eye, twice or thrice a day.

With prolonged treatment of ulcers and wounds foracceleration of their healing ointment "Actovegin" slightly applied to the skin, after the treatment with gel or cream. It can also be used to prevent pressure sores. If it is used to prevent radiation damage to the skin, it is applied immediately after or between irradiation sessions.

Side effects

When using a medicinal product"Actovegin" instructions for use (nyxes) indicate minor side effects. The patient may experience some minor allergic reactions: sweating, hives, fever, feelings of blood rush. In this case, the treatment should be stopped and consult a doctor.


Medication "Actovegin" (instructions for use(nyxes) indicates precisely this) can not be used in any way with increased sensitivity to the drug. With some caution, he is prescribed during pregnancy and is undesirable when breastfeeding. It is not recommended for children under 3 years.

Form of issue

The drug is available in the form of a dragon forte, injectable solutions and infusions, gel, ointment and cream, as well as eye gel.

Storage conditions

The drug is stored at a temperature of no higher than +10 C in a dry place.

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