Actress Evgenia Dobrovolskaya: biography, photos and personal life

Clever, attractive, talented, mysterious - all this is Evgenia Dobrovolskaya. The biography of the actress is full of contradictory facts, fiction of journalists and just guesses. This is not surprising. By the age of fifty, Zhenya managed to marry three times, give birth to four children and earn the status of one of the most sought-after actresses in Russia.

Evgenia Dobrovolskaya biography

Evgenia Dobrovolskaya: childhood and adolescence

Like many contemporary actors, Zhenya was born in a family completely unrelated to theater and cinema. This event took place on December 24, 1964. Evgenia Vladimirovna Dobrovolskaya reluctantly recalls her childhood years, so the press has a minimum of information about this period of her life. Parents were civil servants, held high government positions, therefore, as a child, she was constantly in kindergarten. One thing is truly known - the future movie star was a very active girl and admits that in kindergarten she was even tied to a battery in order to be stopped for even a moment.The future star had a lot of hobbies in childhood: ballet, drama school, gymnastics, music school. At school, she was an excellent pupil. Young Zhenya, still in her teens, realized that she wanted to be an actress, and confidently moved towards her goal.

On the way to glory

At the age of 17, Dobrovolskaya Evgenia Vladimirovna left her father's house and began to live independently, as she herself admits, in order not to injure her parents. In life, Zhenya was a hooligan and absolutely did not fit into the power family of Moscow officials.

Evgenia Dobrovolskaya

The girl felt that she was the future actress. Dobrovolskaya Eugenia applied to the GITIS immediately after graduating from high school and failed the entrance exam. She read out the verdict that she was unprofitable. In response, the young girl flared up and left, planning to return next year.

First role

While Zhenya was making plans for how to enter the theater institute, it was necessary to somehow live. She got a job as a cleaner at the Mossovet Theater. She washed the scene and secretly watched the play of great actors. Once she was lucky enough to contemplate Faina Ranevskaya.

In 1983, while the failed actress Dobrovolskaya Eugenia, together with her friend, went to the Mosfilm sample and passed them, having received the main role in Pavel Chukhrai’s Canary Cage.This role has become a star for her. A girl without education was constantly invited to the cinema, but she dreamed of a theatrical scene. In the same year, she again passed the exams, this time successfully. She honed her skills on the course of Lyudmila Kasatkina and Sergey Kolosov.

In parallel with his studies, Evgenia Dobrovolskaya, whose biography and filmography had already been very rich by that time, she married and gave birth to her first child.

First marriage

More on the set of his debut film, Zhenya became close to the main male actor, Vyacheslav Baranov. A turbulent romance broke out between them, the guys decided to get married. The first time they lived with their parents. Two years later, the couple had a son Stepan, and they rented a separate housing. In 1987, the already quite famous actress Evgenia Dobrovolskaya, whose biography is very controversial, left her husband. Strangely enough, the father of the child and his relatives took on the upbringing of little Stepan. He also paid a lot of attention to the second child of his ex-wife. Vyacheslav Baranov died in 2012 at the age of 53 years. Friends of the actor say that he loved his first wife all his life. At the funeral of Eugene and her son were not present.

Dobrovolskaya Evgenia Vladimirovna

Marriage with Mikhail Efremov

The period between husbands lasted two years. With her second chosen one, Evgenia Dobrovolskaya, whose biography was gradually becoming public, she met at home. At one of the actor's parties, Mikhail Efremov came with someone of mutual acquaintances. He had been caring for a charming girl for a long time, and in 1989 the couple decided to get married.

The first five years of family life, the actress recalls as a fairy tale. Young and passionate actors enjoyed life, raised children and starred in movies. In 1991, the couple had a son, Nikolai. As the actress herself later confessed in one of the interviews, Mikhail did not want a child.

photo by Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya

The tale was destroyed by lack of money and commonplace domestic problems. In the 90s, the profession of an actor was of little demand. On this basis, scandals constantly arose in the family, Michael could not feed his wife and children.

One of the scandals led to the fact that Michael hit his wife. There is a scar on her temple today. Even Misha’s love for alcohol and harassment annoyed Zhenya. Although, according to eyewitnesses, Evgenia and Mikhail smoked together, and in breaks between the parties scandals were organized with the use of frying pans. The last straw was the betrayal of her husband.In 1997, the couple divorced. After marriage, Zhenya received as compensation an old Niva, in which she spent the night periodically with her two children.

And today, many colleagues actress claim that she is in love with her second husband, and regret their break.

Secret hobby

The gap between the actors turned stormy. Evgenia Dobrovolskaya, whose personal life was not quite successful, didn’t even talk to Efremov for a long time. Everything changed when a mysterious man appeared in the life of the actress, from whom she gave birth to her third son.

In 2002, journalists discovered that Dobrovolskaya was in a position again, and already in July her third son, Yang, was born. Colleagues in the shop, to put it mildly, were shocked. Successful actress, alone, and with three children. Zhenya was never afraid of difficulties, and whether to give birth or not, the question was not for her. As Dobrovolskaya herself admits, she is a man of the old school.

Actress Dobrovolskaya Evgenia

The situation around the birth of a child was disturbed by the paparazzi, they could not find out who the father of the child was, and the actress herself held intrigue and did not reveal the father’s name. At that time, the rumor about the novel of Zhenya and Konstantin Khabensky was actively exaggerated in the actor's get-together.Eugenia was silent about this gossip, and Konstantin was infuriated because he was married and was absolutely happy. The novel did not even confirm the photo. Evgenia Dobrovolskaya constantly got into the lenses of cameras in splendid isolation or in the company of girlfriends.

Life with a clean slate

Evgenia Dobrovolskaya rarely advertised her personal life, but rumors were in the air. Just at this moment the actors were shot together in the film “Mechanical Suite”. Gossipers talked about the actress's supposedly painful love in Khabensky. And yet the secret soon became apparent. The father of the baby was a colleague in the shop Yaroslav Boyko. At that time, the artist was a married man, and soon after the birth of his illegitimate son Yana, his spouse gave birth to a daughter. The situation was delicate, Evgenia Dobrovolskaya, whose biography was now tainted with a relationship with a married man, declared to the whole country about the affair with Boyko. However, the actor chose to stay with his wife and children.

Third marriage

Such a turn of events, of course, disappointed the mother at that time already had three sons, and yet Zhenya with her head held high continued to move on.She built a career, starred in movies, participated in productions. In 2009, the actress in the ninth month of pregnancy re-married. At this time, the cameraman Dmitry Manannikov became the elect of Eugenia. The newly spouse younger than his half for 10 years.

actress Evgenia Dobrovolskaya biography

A month after the official marriage registration, the couple had a daughter, Anastasia. Zhenya does not consider herself a romantic; nevertheless, in recent years she has looked happy and rejuvenated. Perhaps the actress has finally found her man. In an interview with the first channel, Evgenia admitted that she had a very complex character. She is the commander and mistress of her family, but thanks to Dmitry’s balanced temperament, their family can avoid unnecessary quarrels, although things cannot be smooth. In their large country house they equip the yard and have fun in the breaks between working days. The children of Dobrovolskaya Evgenia respectfully treat the new elect of their mother and consider him to be their eldest friend.

Evgenia Dobrovolskaya: career

Last year, the actress turned 50 years old, she looks cheerful and flourishing, rarely attends acting parties, trying to spend more time with her family.She has more than eighty film roles and hundreds of plays in the theater. Every year, the actress is less and less invited to the cinema, less and less in the gossip is her photo. Evgenia Dobrovolskaya, formerly one of the most sought-after film actresses, now has almost completely devoted herself to the theater. During her career, the actress managed to work both in the theater of Oleg Tabakov and in Sovremennik-2 under the leadership of Oleg Efremov, and since 1991 Evgenia found herself in the Moscow Art Theater named after A.P. Chekhov.

children Dobrovolskoy Eugenia

The most successful films with the participation of the actress - "Queen Margot", "Heavenly Court", "Actress", "Mechanical Suite", "Snow Angel", "Moonsund". In 2014, a television film starring the actress, New Year's Duty, was released. She explains the break in filming with her “informality” and unwillingness to work in films with a banal plot, and today, according to the actress, they are the majority. Although detractors explain the lack of roles in the movie heavy character of the actress.

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