Air ionizer: harm or benefit?

Now in apartments it is increasingly possible to see such a device as an air ionizer. The harm and benefits of this device are constantly discussed. Let's find out whether the purchase of this device is necessary or it is quite possible to do without it.

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There are now three types of air ionizers on the market. The first is a kind of electrostatic filters. They almost do not produce useful ions. The second type is unipolar devices. They are designed to produce negative ions. But the most popular now are bipolar devices. In this case, not only negative, but also positive ions are produced. These devices operate around the clock, and they do not need dosing settings.

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Why is a device such as an air ionizer so popular? Harm or benefit they bring to their owners? Opinions on this score are divided. And to understand the point of view of all opponents, you need to understand the principle of operation of such devices.So, they are designed to purify the air, and also to saturate it with aero ions - charged oxygen molecules. And such particles in enclosed spaces are usually less than sanitary standards require, about 10 times. As a result, aero-ion deficiency occurs, which leads to the occurrence of serious chronic diseases, decreased immunity and even premature aging in people living in such premises. Air ionizers (reviews confirm this) can improve its quality in the room, as well as neutralize harmful environmental factors. They prevent the spread of viral infections, as a result of their use, the human body is better able to resist the action of adverse factors.

About the benefits

Ionizer - air purifier, which is useful for people suffering from diseases of the respiratory system, ENT organs, allergies. Due to the use of such devices increases immunity. By the way, few people know that ionizers are capable of reducing electrostatic voltage from computer monitors and working televisions. It is worth considering.

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But is the air ionizer useful? The harm that he can inflict is real. The dust, which soars in the air, during the operation of such devices “charges” negatively, and then it settles on the walls and on the floor. This reduces the time of their operation. But if you look at it from the other side, then without ionizer, dust will hang in the air, getting into people's lungs. In light of this, the prospect of repair does not seem so terrifying. What else is dangerous air ionizer? He can cause harm to cancer patients. After all, air ions will increase metabolism, improve the nutrition of all body tissues, and tumor cells too. The result is faster disease progression. It is also believed that it is better not to use ionizers if someone has a high temperature in the house. All the same acceleration of metabolism contributes to the deterioration of the patient, but it is temporary. As a result, he still recovers much faster. Do not write off individual intolerance. This factor is impossible to predict.

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