Biography of Alena Vodonaevoy

Career Alena Vodonaevoy began with the TV project "House 2". Thanks to him, the country recognized a girl from Siberia. Now she is a famous model and TV presenter.

Childhood of Alena Vodonaevoy

Alena Y. Vodonaeva was born in the city of Tyumen on July 2, 1982. In her hometown, a future celebrity has mastered the profession of a journalist and worked in her specialty, first at a radio station, and then at a local television host of criminal programs.
Alena Vodonaeva in her youthAlena Vodonaeva in her youth
Since childhood, Alena Vodonaeva dreamed of leaving the province and conquering the Russian capital. In this, she was helped by a new project on the TNT channel “House 2”. True, as the girl herself says, she went to a TV set not for glory, but for her diploma work. Graduating from the university, Vodonaeva decided to highlight in her diploma not a criminal theme, but a reality show.

Alena Vodonaeva and "House 2"

After participating in the TV project “House 2”, the girl gained fame throughout Russia. There Alena came on July 10, 2004 and left quite unexpectedly, 1067 days later, on June 12, 2007.
On the project, Alena Vodonaeva came to Stepan Menshikov. At that time, the young man had been alone for two months.As a presentation, Alena danced a rather erotic and beautiful dance at the front of the TV set. Stepan and Alena immediately began a relationship. The novel developed rapidly. And on the third day after Alena’s arrival at “House 2”, the couple claimed to be a vip-house.
Interview with Alena Vodonaevoy
A couple of Menshikov-Vodonaeva was quite scandalous on the project. Quarrels in a potential family happened all the time, sometimes conflicts escalated into real military battles. It is noteworthy that Stepan, as a man, was always the first to go to reconciliation. As a result, Alain began to accuse that she made a henpecked Menshikov. However, the girl did not pay any attention to such cues.
However, Vodonaeva had almost no friends at the project. That's because the girl has a very bad temper. And besides, on the assurances of Ksenia Sobchak, Alain constantly lied. Alain was constantly annoyed that in their relationship with a young man there was always a third person in the form of Olga Buzova. Since then, the communication between the girls did not work out. Olya and Alain do not tolerate each other until now.
Alena Vodonaeva and Stepan MenshikovAlena Vodonaeva and Stepan Menshikov
Meanwhile, Vodonaeva and Menshikov were talking about the wedding. But after a year and a half, the couple broke up. The lovers left each other bright and hard. However, Alena Vodonaeva longed for the former lover not for long. She immediately met a calm and attractive Anton Potapovich. However, this young man could not cope with the temperament of the girl. After a series of scandals, the couple announced their breakup.
All the time on the project, Alena Vodonaeva secretly harbored sympathy for May Abrikosov. At one point, romantic feelings overpowered, and the union of Alain-Mai was formed. The pair made a real sensation, and the participants wondered for a long time whether the couple had sincere feelings or was it a strategic tandem for the sake of life in the perimeter.
But in this novel Alyona began to show her character: she was always daring. May was offended and closed in on himself. Several quarrels convinced the girl that Mai is not the man she needs. In early 2007, he left the TV project.
Alena Vodonaeva and Mai AbrikosovAlena Vodonaeva and Mai Abrikosov
After some time, Alena got into a frivolous relationship on the project with Misha Kontsev. And in the summer of 2007, the girl unexpectedly for the audience left the project.

Alena Vodonaeva after “House 2”

After Alena Vodonaeva left the TV set, the public predicted her career as an actress. It was believed that for the girl already prepared a lot of roles in the television series. A little later, they started talking about the fact that the star would replace one of the vocalists of the famous sexy trio "VIA Gra". However, Vodonaeva only went to TNT as the leading “Cosmopolitan - video version”.
Alexander Lominsky and Alena Vodonaeva - “The Heart is Vulnerable”
And the first attempt to become a star on big television ended in failure. Not for long Alena Vodonaeva was also the leader of the “Reality Girl” project. Alyona refused to work because of the constant conflicts with her colleague Otar Kushanashvili.
After that, the ex-star of “House 2” was fascinated by blogging, delighted fans with her photos and led a TV program on Russia Russia. Leading on the first TV channel for Internet users, Alena was accidental. She was invited to conduct an author's program after an interview for the same channel. In his program, Vodonaeva interviews famous men.
Blog Alena Vodonaevoy one of the most popular on the netBlog Alena Vodonaevoy one of the most popular on the net
With enviable regularity in various magazines there are pictures of Alena in very frank outfits and without them. And after some time, Alena Vodonaeva declared herself as a singer. The girl performed together with the soloists Roman Chernitsyn and Maxim. The bed-band “Plazma” Russian-language ballad. The composition “Paper Sky” made a lot of noise.
In 2010, Vodonaeva became the leading “Naked Ten” on Ren-TV. And since the beginning of 2011, on the DTV channel, together with Anfisa Chekhova, she has conducted a program “Good night, men”, in which the couples checked jealousy and loyalty for more than four months.
The girl has already gained great popularity on the project "House 2", therefore, every event where Alyona appears is always popular. Vodonaeva herself comes to the conclusion that it is best to be not a journalist and a presenter, but a social lioness. Therefore, the failed correspondent begins to attend secular parties, where her favorite “Lexus RX” is her indispensable attribute.
Alena Vodonaeva on Instagram actively shares her life with fansAlena Vodonaeva on Instagram actively shares her life with fans
The TV project “House 2” radically changed the life of the provincial journalist Alena Vodonaeva.The girl changed the Tyumen residence to Moscow. However, the whole family of the girl also moved to the capital. Parents, grandmother and younger brother sold a country house in Tyumen and became Muscovites. Mom and Dad helped to buy a two-room apartment in the First Apostolic Alena. However, the girl did not live there a day. With a friend, she went to a rented apartment on Sparrow Hills, saying that the “twin” was too small for her. Now the apartment has become the wardrobe of Alena Vodonaevoy.

Personal life of Alena Vodonaevoy

Immediately after leaving the TV project, Alena began to meet with businessman Alexei Malokanov. They met at the birthday party of a young man, where Alain got quite by accident. Love at first sight did not work out, and the relationship began only five months after the first meeting. Alexey graduated from Moscow State University, PhD in Political Science. He is older than Alena by 5 years.
Alena Vodonaeva and Alexey MalakeevAlena Vodonaeva and Alexey Malakeev
In August 2009, the couple got married. The wedding was celebrated in a fashionable restaurant in the center of Moscow, only relatives and close friends were invited. The girl came to congratulate Ksenia Borodina and Irina Dubtsova.
Wedding of Alena VodonaevoyWedding of Alena Vodonaevoy
A year later, on August 23, 2010, Vodonaeva gave birth to a son in a private clinic in Moscow. He was called Bogdan. In honor of the birth of her son, Alain Vodonaeva made a tattoo. When the boy was two months old, on the right hand a young mother wrote the name of her baby.
Alain prefers to keep silent about her personal life and carefully hides from the press all the details of her family life. It is worth noting that even before marriage, the girl received at least three serious marriage proposals, however, says Alain, did not work out.
Alena Vodonaeva with her son BogdanAlena Vodonaeva with her son Bogdan
After Alena Vodonaeva came to the conclusion that she was ready to start a family, in one of the interviews she noticed that with her appearance you have to be “just a fool if you don’t give birth to many children”.
Alena Vodonaeva believes that “a woman should always think first about herself, about her family, about her man, about children. And already only on the second place to put career, hobbies, various hobbies ". Such thoughts girls instilled in childhood. Despite the long years of marriage, her parents retained love and understanding.
Interview with Alena Vodonaeva about love and relationships
Unfortunately, the marriage of Alena was not long, the couple divorced in 2013. According to rumors, the reason was the frequent betrayal of the girl. After the divorce, Vodonaeva began to meet with the 25-year-old Slava Pantrov, a St. Petersburg party-goer and a model.
And in the autumn of the same year, she was spotted in the company of the famous Lovelace and her dance partner Yevgeny Papunaishvili. Young people often spent time together, not limited to training and preparation for the project “Dancing with the Stars”. After the premiere of the show, partners were seen relaxing in a restaurant, hugging and kissing.
Alena Vodonaeva and Yuri AndeAlena Vodonaeva and Yuri Ande
And in 2014, the girl was overwhelmed by a new hobby - 23-year-old St. Petersburg party-goer Yuri Ande. Her fans quickly learn about all the news in the life of a star from social networks, where she actively shares her private life. In the same place, she often hints at moving to St. Petersburg and a rounded tummy, plans for a new marriage, stirring up interest in her person.

Alena Vodonaeva now

In 2012, Alyona became the leading reality show “Vacations in Mexico — 2” on MTV Russia, a rather scandalous project about the relationship of young people - a kind of analogue of “House 2”.
Alena Vodonaeva often removed for the magazine MaximAlena Vodonaeva often removed for the magazine Maxim
In September 2013, the girl took part in the new season of the project “Dancing with Stars” on the channel “Russia 1” together with Yevgeny Papunaishvili. The pair was able to win only second place.

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