Aleshin Igor Viktorovich: biography and photo of the general

Russian lieutenant general, holder of the rankHonored Worker of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Aleshin Igor Viktorovich - a national uncompromising statesman who stood at the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Karelia (2006-2008), held a similar post in Bashkortostan, and also was Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia (2011-2012). .

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Start of activity

Aleshin Igor Viktorovich appeared in the cityKurgan in September (22nd) in 1965. His father was a serviceman. In his youth, Alyoshin was seriously involved in jumping (more than seventy visits) with a parachute. His second occupation, in addition to studying, was Sambo, he won the third prize in the All-Union competition Dynamo (junior category).

1987 is marked by an excellent ending of the highestpolice school in Omsk on the legal line. Actively began to work in the department of signalers of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Kurgan region. After studying for several years he worked as an operational officer of the threat in the same Kurgan. In 1989, he received a transfer to the Omsk regional department of internal affairs, where he held various positions in the criminal investigation and in the field of disclosure of economic crimes. At the end of 1999, Aleshin headed the Omsk regional administration (economic crimes).

Career development

Indigenous Russian Aleshin Igor Viktorovich, whose biography for a long time was associated with the police, later - the police, made a rapid career in this field.

Since 2002 (February), he holds the post of first deputy head of the Omsk Regional Department of Internal Affairs, in combination - the head of the criminal unit. Since 2006 (December) for almost two years, IV Aleshin is headed by the Karelian Ministry of the Interior. At the same post in Bashkortostan, he stayed from 2008 to 2011.

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Aleshin Igor Viktorovich (police general) soon receives the updated title of lieutenant general of the police and continues to lead the ministry in Bashkortostan.

A special order of the Russian president,At that time Dmitry Medvedev, Alyoshin was appointed deputy minister of internal affairs of the Federation (11.06.2011). In this post, the general remained until the beginning of the summer of 2012.

Further activities

Subsequently, from mid-2012 Aleshin Igor Viktorovich works in the closed joint-stock company "Madsi Group". There he holds the post of presidential assistant for security, protection of company assets and personnel, later becomes a member of the board of the corporation. At this point IV Aleshin worked until the beginning of 2013.

 alyoshin igor v. candidate for governors

Further labor activity of the generalheld in the joint-stock company "Mobile TeleSystems". Until May 2014, he served as adviser to the head and deputy president for security. Aleshin Igor, where does he work or work now? This question can be answered by the following: from the summer of 2014 and to the present period, he works in the PJSC under the name "MTS-Bank", which is part of the "Sistema" joint-stock complex. Here, Igor Viktorovich occupies the posts of the senior deputy president and head of the department responsible for security.

Merit and awards

During his service and state activities Aleshin Igor Viktorovich, whose photo is presented below, was awarded various honorary signs and letters of commendation. In his track record:

  • medals ("For Services to the Fatherland", "For Valiant Service");
  • Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation;
  • high title of "Honorary Officer";
  • Honored medals "Difference in ensuring the protection of public order, impeccable service with distinction";
  • Memorial sign "For excellent service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs".

alyoshin Igor Igorovich general

Brief information about your personal life

As you know, Aleshin Igor Viktorovich was brought up in a military family. About his family and friends in short we can say:

  • father - Alyoshin VV, by profession a pilot;
  • mother - Olga Maksimovna, worked at the factory as an adjuster;
  • his wife - Elena Nikolaevna, grew up in the family of a policeman, worked in the personnel department (Treasury of Petrozavodsk);
  • the eldest daughter of Nastya - studies in the former police school, which his father graduated with success, - the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Omsk);
  • the youngest daughter Katya.

Interesting facts (excerpts from the interview)

In many interviews, the lieutenant-general oftenasked the question: "Aleshin Igor Viktorovich - a candidate for the governors of Karelia or not?" To this he replied that he loved his native land very much, he likes peace and quiet, the absence of Moscow traffic jams, but he is sure that there will be worthy candidates for this post. He also has a responsible job in the capital, which he can not yet leave.

In addition, journalists asked differentprovocative questions. For example, during the police-police reform, Aleshin was asked how quickly the modification would take place. Igor Viktorovich replied that it is impossible to fully update the department of internal affairs by clicking on the finger. However, the fact that all employees must undergo recertification and sifting is unconditional. Based on the results of inspections and examinations, decent cadres will be selected, ready to serve their people with faith and truth. Professionalism and the ability to communicate with people play an important role.

On the question of whether it is possible to eradicate completelycorruption, Aleshin replied that this is unlikely. However, to increase the punishment for this is necessary. He noted that even in countries where the death penalty is provided for this crime, cases of corruption occur. Such is the nature of a person to take what is bad.

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Scandalous moments

In 2011-2012, in Russia, and in particular in theMoscow, a wave of rallies swept by. Activists spoke out against dishonest elections and demanded a review of the voting results. On May 6, 2012, the siloviki used special equipment to disperse the demonstrators on Bolotnaya Square. There are reports of dozens of injured and hundreds of detainees.

Activists say that it was Alyoshin Igor Viktorovich who ordered the force dispersal of the demonstrators. By the way, soon after these events the lieutenant-general left the post of deputy minister.


You can only envy a brilliant career,which made the son of a military pilot and factory worker from the distant city of Kurgan. In less than fifty years Aleshin IV rose to the rank of general and held high positions at the state level.

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A major role in this development of events has playedpurposefulness, assertiveness and high professionalism, as well as the ability to take instant, sometimes non-standard solutions. When Aleshin was asked if he was bored with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, he replied that there was a certain degree of nostalgia, but he was always ready to return to the ranks responsible for order and observance of the law.

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