Alexey Yashin - a talented Russian hockey player

Alexey Yashin is a professional hockey player who spent most of his career in the NHL. This player, thanks to his hard work, has become one of the highest paid hockey players. He left a big mark in the history of world hockey.

Beginning of the hockey player's sports track

Alexey Yashin was born on November 5, 1963 in Sverdlovsk. Alexey's family loved sports. His father played handball professionally at the Kalininets club, and his mother played for a long time in the Uralochka volleyball team. Not surprisingly, Alexey, as well as his parents, loved sports. He started skating at the age of 5 years. At first he played hockey in the yard, and after his parents sent him to the local hockey section. Talent Alexei immediately noted hockey experts. He was the leader of his team, and everyone predicted a great future for this teenager.Alexey Yashin

The beginning of a professional career

In 1990, Alexei Yashin first entered the field as part of the Avtomobilist club.At that time, this Sverdlovsk club played in the highest hockey league. At first, Alexei was hard to get used to adult hockey. But at the end of the season, this striker showed high results. After the debut season, many super league clubs wanted to see this central striker in their lineup. 1991-1992 season Alexei Yashin spent playing for the Moscow “Dynamo” under the leadership of Vladimir Yurzinov. As part of this club, Yashin won the CIS championship in the 1991-1992 season. And next year, this Moscow team, together with Alexey, won the MHL. This player showed a high level of play. Sergey Petrenko and Jan Kaminsky played in the top three with Yashin.Alexey Yashin hockey player

Moving to the NHL

Aleksey Yashin is a hockey player who in 1992 was selected by the Ottawa Senators on the NHL draft. For this team in total, he played 8 seasons. At the end of the season, Alexey was recognized as the best player on the team. It is surprising that in the debut season he received the smallest salary among the other players of the club. In June 2001, this hockey player was traded to the New York Islanders team. In a team from New York, he spent 6 seasons. Alexey Yashin (hockey player) became the second Russian player in history who became the captain of the NHL team. Alexey's successful career overseas periodically interrupted.In 1995, Alexey started the season at CSKA. The NHL regular season in the 1999-2000 season was missed due to a hockey strike. And in the 2004-2005 season there was a lockout in the NHL. Yashin during the break in the NHL played in the team “Lokomotiv Yaroslavl”.Alexey Yashin biography

Return to Russia

The NHL regular season is the strongest in the world. This league is regularly updated with young talented hockey players. Over time, Alexei became hard to compete with new talents. In addition, this central striker in the New York Islanders team had one of the biggest league contracts. Management after another injury Yashin decided to terminate his contract. The thing is that the New York Islanders club had to pay Alex $ 25 million more. As a result of the termination of the contract, the club paid $ 18 million, after which Alexei decided to return to play in Russia. At home, he played for the team Lokomotiv and SKA. Yashin took part in the KHL all-stars match. One of the teams was named in his honor. This central striker was a major star among other KHL leaders.Alexey Yashin statistics

Career end

It is always a pity when such talented hockey players like Alexey Yashin finish their hockey career. This striker for a long stay overseas will be remembered for a long time by hockey fans.At the end of his career Yashin decided to stay in the sport. From 2012 to 2014, this famous hockey player worked as the general manager of the women's hockey team. Alexey responsibly approached his new job, and the women's team began to show good results. From 2013 to 2014, Alexey was an assistant to the general manager of the Russian national team. Alexey Yashin noted that he was interested in working with the women's team, but still he was much more comfortable and more accustomed to working with the country's men's team.Alexey Yashin. Personal life

International career

Alexey Yashin, whose statistics in the NHL championship was at the height, was regularly called to the national team for participation in the prestigious international championships. For the first time Yashin in the Russian national team played at the youth world championships in 1992. At that championship, our team won gold medals. In 1993, he became the world champion in the main team. In 1998, this striker won 6 matches at the Olympics. According to the results of this tournament, our team won the silver medal. In the history of Russia, our team at the Olympics did not achieve the best result.In 2002, at the Olympics, the Russian team was content with bronze. At the World Championships in 2005, our team also won bronze medals. In 2006, at the Olympics, the Russian national team, the leader of which was Alexei Yashin, was left without medals.

Athlete's personal life

Many hockey fans have loved and will always remember this player. Alexey Yashin is a hockey player whose personal life has always worried fans. He has long been in a civil marriage with a popular actress and model Carol Alt.

Alexei Yashin, whose biography was undoubtedly successful, won many medals and individual awards during his long career. This hockey player is an example for young players. He was always distinguished by hard work and a responsible approach to work. That is why the leading NHL clubs trusted him with the captain's armband.

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