All the details about the HP ProBook 4515s laptop

HP decided to enter the notebook market witha novelty called ProBook, which is a kind of analogue of the more expensive MacBook from the "apple" company. This laptop can already be purchased, and it enjoys a good demand in the domestic market. The review will consider the model HP ProBook 4515s, in the filling of which is headed by a processor from AMD. By design, this model can be confused with the 4510s, after all, they do not differ at all from each other. The price for the reviewed version is lower because of the lower cost of the AMD processor.

Design and features

hp probook 4515sAll HP notebooks have always stood outstrictness, there was nothing superfluous in them, even if it would be useful, everything was aimed at office style, now with the release of ProBook this can not be asserted, because this model differs from the previous ones with a great luster. The form itself did not change, most likely, the developers do not want to immediately make a big leap. Changes touched the glossy coating, which had never before been on laptops from HP. Now you can not fully argue that these devices will look organic only in the office. Usually the covers are made of matt, but this time they decided to use a black gloss on the entire surface, including the side with the screen. To further improve the design, glossy inserts have been added to the keyboard backing, also used a border for a more pleasing appearance. But it gives and its drawbacks, because for the beauty you need to pay. This time, the reverse side of the medal was the surface march: any touch will leave a bright imprint, even if the hands are clean. This limits the use of the device.

Notebook HP ProBook 4515s can only be used inat home, because a business meeting to come with a laptop computer - not the best idea. What was unpleasantly surprised was the thickness of the lid, which amounted to a centimeter, although with the technology used to create the matrix, HP had the opportunity to significantly reduce this figure. What caused this particular decision is not clear, except to give a higher rigidity. This large lid holds on small fasteners, which perfectly cope with their work, although at first glance it may seem that they are small. Above the screen, the camera was placed in only two megapixels. As in any modern laptop, there are speakers that are hidden behind the panel above the keyboard, there are two buttons on it with a nice backlight, which will not cut your eyes in the dark. The smaller one causes the HP information center, and the one that is bigger, is responsible for turning the laptop on and off. In order not to make a garland from HP ProBook 4515s, the developers decided not to add all possible indicators, and those that are needed are located far from the eyes. For example, the state of the hard drive is left on the front end. Another interesting location for the indicator CapsLock'a, which is directly on the key responsible for this function.

HP ProBook 4515s was decided to make a monolithic,as well as the MacBook, but with one very important condition: you can still open the lid. Because of the monolithic, there are concerns about the temperature inside: will not it be too high? But the developers of HP have tried to glory, and everything is much better than it seems at first glance.

Input device

hp probook 4515s specsThe keyboard was made perfect for a laptop. All buttons are separated. The bottom row is above the rest, which makes the keyboard incredibly comfortable. But without an emphasis on office work, and there has not been. On the keyboard there are buttons that are responsible for the quick launch of the browser, sending the document to print, etc. But about the touch panel, no special remarks can be made, everything is as standard as possible, working at the proper level.

HP ProBook 4515s: Display Specifications

The resolution is 1366x768 pixels, diagonalis 15.6 inches. A very useful decision was made regarding glossy and matte screens, here there are models with both types of coatings. In everything else - nothing special.

Noise and temperature

laptop hp probook 4515sIf the laptop does not load, then it works quietly andnobody hinders, but if you make him put on full, then the sound from the cooler will be very loud. But the heating can not be said badly, the cooling system cope with a solid "good", the maximum temperature of the outgoing air was 43 degrees. This result can be attributed to the pluses of the HP ProBook 4515s. The battery does not cause any complaints. In working condition at a brightness set to 50 percent, the laptop could last an hour and two minutes, but during the reading mode, the time has more than doubled.


hp probook 4515s batteryHP ProBook 4515s is still an officeapparatus for working with documents, because a weak processor will not allow to do much. But in this same and plus - because of the narrow focus its cost is extremely low.

Note that the laptop wasdual-core processor, DDR2 memory with a frequency of 800 MHz. This is the laptop HP ProBook 4515s, the characteristics of which we reviewed today.

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