American actress and fashion model Brooke Burke

On September 8, 1971, a girl was born in Hatford, USA, which later became famous in the cinema and television industry. She gained her popularity as a fashion model, actress and TV presenter.

Young years

Brooke Burke was born in a large family, where there was stillnine brothers and sisters. Parents and did not suspect that the given name will correspond to the persistent nature of the future actress, and the daughter will become a "class specialist" in the chosen profession.

Brooke Burke

After the parents divorce, Brooke Burke along with her motherwent to Tucson, Arizona. And, strangely enough, her husband's second husband, Armen Khartoumian, took up her education. After the successful completion of the PaloVerde school, the girl effortlessly entered the University of California, where she received the profession of a journalist.


During his studies at the University of Brook Burketries to try himself as a model. Her persistent convictions in earning money immediately give huge results. Participation in television in the advertising company Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch and M Professional Cosmetics brings her fame. As confirmed by glossy covers of magazines with photos of Brook and subsequent proposals of Yankee's Shortstop, Discover Card and Bally's Total Fitness to produce regular advertising stories.

A special time in career growth was in 1999. At this time, the television company E! Entertainment Television was looking for a replacement for Julies Ashner, who was conducting the Wild Show project. After a successful interview and a pleasant impression from Brooke, the producers offered her a job with a trial period on the project "Tomato Wars". The future star with great success coped with the task and received a three-year contract for the "Wild show".

This project involved travel throughout thelight with a visit to places of interest. By its appearance, clothes in bikinis, excessive charisma and sexuality, our heroine provided a reality show with a huge rating, which entailed the next offers from erotic publications.

American actress and model

In 2002 the term of the contract expired, and the popularTV presenter left the project "Wild show". It immediately fell in the ratings of television programs. It should be noted that subsequently a new leading TV show - Cindy Taylor, took this place only one year. After that, "Wild show" under this name ceased to exist.

Continuation of work on E! Entertainment Television does not end, and Brooke participates in the TV show "Path to the Red Carpet", "Rank", "Weak Link", etc.

2004 is a new round of continuationcareer. Brooke is engaged in issues "Behind the Scenes" of television series "Smallville's Secrets", "Gilmore Girls". This same year, the TV presenter is even more popular because Electronic Arts suggests using its image in the game Need for Speed: Underground 2.

It is worth noting the performance of small roles BrookBurke in television series, such as "Klava, come on!" And "Las Vegas." However, a significant victory in the American TV show "Dancing with the Stars" brought even greater popularity and appreciation to the audience of the South American participant.

In the entrepreneurial field of Brookehas established itself as a manufacturer of swimsuits of its own design and name with the name "Just Brook." Later photomodel releases a series of calendars with their photos. In 2005, they bring her first place among the calendars with models in the US.

The opening of a new company for the manufacture of outerwear for pregnant women Badoosh Baby falls on 2007.

Family life

Despite its diverse activities,the girl finds time and for private life. Brook in 2001-2006 was the wife of Hart Fischer and gave birth to two girls. In August 2006, engagement Brooke with David Charvet, musician and actor. In their marriage, daughter Haven Rayne and son Shai Breivin were born.

Brook berk movies

Brooke Burke, full-length films with her participation:

  • 1986 - "The spirit of revenge" (plays the waitress on the rollers).
  • 2004 - "Sandwich" (the role of Catherine).
  • 2004 - "Twilight" (Jill).

Interesting facts from the life of Brooke

  • At the age of fourteen she took the prize-winning place at the beauty contest.
  • The first daughter bears the name in honor of her close friend Naria Davis.
  • American actress and model, starred for such well-known publications as Playboy, Stuff, Maxim, Celebrity Skin and FHM.

This is such a wonderful, talented and charismatic woman who conquered everyone with her beauty and talent.

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