Anatoly Ledenev: biography and photo of psychic

Most people want to solve their problems very quickly, without spending a lot of effort. This can be helped by psychics, which are now quite a lot in the open spaces of our country. It is enough just to open a newspaper or a relevant page on the Internet, when hundreds of ads with suggestions from magicians and sorcerers appear in front of you. You will be offered to get rid of damage, the evil eye, bad luck and various diseases in just one session and a small amount of money. However, unfortunately, among this army of psychics and healers most often meet charlatans and deceivers. They take money from people and leave it without the promised result. If you really need help, then contact only proven healers and soothsayers. The psychic Anatoly Valentinovich Ledenev belongs to this category. He was able to prove his abilities, reaching the final in the popular TV show "The Battle of the Psychics."Today our article is devoted to this outstanding person.

Anatoly Lednev

Childhood A. Ledenev

Anatoly Ledenev is a native Muscovite. He was born and raised in the capital, and his amazing gift was later opened here. The future psychic was born on the twenty-third of June fifty-fourth year of the last century. Since childhood, he was different from his peers, so often became the object of ridicule. Anatoly Ledenev always had a weakness for creativity, but he could not choose the most suitable direction for his own development. As a child, the boy dreamed of how he would become a great sculptor, or he would look for lost cities and treasures as an archaeologist. That is how he saw his near future.

At school, Anatoly Ledenev was carried away by music. He managed to organize a band and even independently made musical instruments for himself and other guys. It is noteworthy that he did it pretty well, and the group successfully operated for several years.

Also no stranger was Anatolia and sport. With great pleasure he played football in the yard and rode a bicycle with friends.Cycling so fascinated young Ledenev that he even achieved the rank of master.

Icy anatoly

Early years

It is worth noting that, being quite developed, Anatoly Ledenev paid little attention to study. He did not always have a relationship with classmates and teachers, so he was left twice in his second year. It had a bad effect on the boy, he became even worse to study. In addition, the behavior of Anatoly began to cause constant criticism from the teaching staff of the school. After long warnings, he was expelled from school, without giving a secondary education.

After that, the only road Anatoly Ledeneva lay in vocational school. Here he studied with great pleasure and as a result received a diploma of cabinetmaker. In parallel, he took a course on the restorer. The young man liked this activity, he saw in him great prospects that would allow his talents to reveal themselves.

During the service in the army of Anatoly Ledenev an accident occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Many future psychic colleagues were sent to eliminate the consequences of the explosion. The young man himself had a military specialty of a degassing chemist, so he was the first applicant to be sent to Chernobyl.Saved him then the case - a young man twisted a sudden attack of sciatica. Later, Ledenev said more than once in an interview that this disease had saved his life.

Family life

Psychic Anatoly Ledenev married in twenty-one years of his childhood love. Anna Yastrebova became his chosen one, this girl lived next door to a future healer and until a certain time did not pay any attention to him. At the moment, the couple are still together, over the years of marriage, they had three children. Now a couple of Ice Nurses three grandchildren.

Anatoly Lednev psychic

Extrasensory abilities: the beginning

Up to the age of forty, Anatoly did not even suspect that he would be engaged in such extraordinary activities as extrasensory perception and healing. He had a stable job, and his life went on as usual. However, in April ninety-four, his life changed dramatically.

On the fifteenth of April, the future psychic went to his summer cottage. It was a standard visit after the winter months, Anatoly always went to check the safety of the house and all the buildings. On the road, an incredible event happened to him - he became a contactee.So call people who survived a meeting with a UFO, during which information was exchanged between the two sides.

After this meeting, Anatoly returned home extremely confused and frightened. In the early days, he hid from his relatives everything that had happened to him, and only some time later he decided to reveal his secret to his family. It is worth noting that the wife and children reacted ambiguously to the story. They were not inclined to believe the head of the family, who told just incredible things. But soon they had to make sure that what happened was not the fruit of a cabinet maker's fantasy. Anatoly Valentinovich began to show extrasensory abilities, which he initially perceived as an aggravation of intuition.

Ledenev began to anticipate events and began to diagnose diseases, easing the pain to all members of his family. This already clearly indicated the presence of a gift activated by aliens from other planets.

Dar Ledeneva

The psychic began to actively develop his abilities in order to help people. Over time, Ledenev realized that he could see all the events of the past, present and future. He has a very strong clairvoyance that helps a psychic to find answers to visitors' questions.

In addition, Anatoly Valentinovich Ledenev - this is the man who attracts metal objects. This gift in common is called "magnitizm" and indicates a very strong psychic energy.

Actively engaged in the former cabinetmaker and healing. He considers this direction a priority in his activity and tries to develop it to the maximum. To date, Ledenyov can tell a lot about a person from a photograph of him or a hand filed for a greeting.

Many of his clients say that Anatoly Valentinovich is very kind to him, kindness, participation and attention. His positive energy envelops literally from the first minutes of the visit. And this, in turn, becomes the initial stage of healing the soul, followed by the healing of the body.

Anatoly Iceman reception

Coming to the "Battle of psychics"

On the twelfth "Battle of psychics" Anatoly Ledenev did not come by chance. The fact is that during this period of time his mother-in-law was very ill. She suffered from cancer, and the healer tried in every way to alleviate her pain, but the disease was already seriously neglected, and the woman persuaded her son-in-law to go to the television so that his gift would be noticed and appreciated.

Interestingly, in the qualifying test of a ridiculous and a bit ridiculous man, no one took it seriously. And the presenters even made fun of him, anticipating a grand failure. However, Ledenev quite easily determined in which trunk the person was hidden, which caused surprise and admiration for his gift.

Battle for victory

Over time, viewers and presenters imbued with respect and sympathy for the unusual psychic. He bribed everyone with his kindness, sympathy for the heroes of the program and the desire to alleviate their mental and physical suffering. In addition, he brilliantly passed the tests one after the other.

Frosted, standing in a circle of fire, unmistakably pointed at the fire truck with water. Then he managed to sense the objects from Chernobyl and correctly name them. And after he was the only one to find a hidden person in the Cosmos Hotel, Anatoly Valentinovich became the undisputed favorite of the season.

However, many trials he still could not pass. It happened that, having begun to speak correctly, he suddenly stopped and left the place of the shooting. Later Ledenev said that he felt bad when he imagined the pain of people from the kind of information he could reveal to them.

By the end of the season, an unusual psychic had a mass of fans.

anatoly laneev reviews

Final "Battle of psychics"

Unfortunately, many who survived and voted for Anatoly Ledenev, he never won the cherished hand. In the final, he ended up with two witches - Elena Yasevich and Victoria Komakhina. The victory went to Helen, and Ledenev, following the results of the voting of the audience, took the honorable second place.

It should be noted that after the end of the program, queues of people who wanted to get a consultation began to line up to him. Naturally, the first were the friends of his children and relatives. Later healers began to find the audience "Battle of psychics" in need of help.

battle of psychics Anatoly Lednev

Anatoly Ledenev: reception

At the moment, the schedule of the psychic is clearly defined. He has his own website where you can find all the necessary information. If you are planning to make an appointment, then it is better to do this through a phone call. Ledenev has two administrators. Girls Yana and Victoria will answer all your questions and select a convenient time for consultation.

Usually, whole families come to Anatoly Ledenev’s reception, he works with each one individually.During the session, the psychic will answer all the questions asked, may conduct a cleansing and health diagnosis.

It is noteworthy that we found quite contradictory information on the cost of admission. If you focus on the reviews about Anatolia Ledenev, you can find information where the amount of fifteen thousand rubles will be indicated for one consultation. In other sources called the lower cost of a visit to a psychic - ten thousand rubles. Some say that Ledenev did not give them a specific amount for their work, they left the amount of money they considered acceptable.

Keep in mind that reception is rarely limited to one hour. Usually a psychic works with one client for at least two and a half hours. During this time he manages to fulfill most of the requests of the visitor.

Psychic Anatoly Ledenev: reviews

Naturally, the performance of a healer and a psychic is often evaluated by reviews. However, this does not always allow an objective look at the situation. Most of the comments left by customers are positive. People express gratitude to the healer for his help and describe what result they got after their visit to Ledenev.

Of course, not without negative comments.But I would like to note that they do not contain concrete facts, but represent the usual stream of "dill", which often spills on famous and successful people.

lollipops Anatoly Valentinovich

Few words instead of conclusion

You should not hope that psychics will be able to solve all your problems by magic. Do not forget that they are just people. Talented and unusual, but still people. Therefore, do not contact them for nothing, because, perhaps, for someone a visit to a well-known psychic is a matter of life and death.

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