And if she left me?

I want to show you one comment, although there were a lot of exactly the same yesterday:
“Well, what if she cheated on him and left? Itself does not work, but a man means must pay a fixed plus plus also rarely sees a child? Double-edged stick. ”
And if she left me? alimony, pay, in general, no way, pay, child, What, child, alimony, normally, maybe, small, part-time

Typical evanter from alimony payments. Photo: Social Networks
This, who did not understand, is not about sticks and two ends, but about yesterday’s article, where I offered to pay in the form of alimony not a percentage of salary (often scanty), but a strictly fixed amount of 50 thousand rubles a month.
The men agreed with me, but the small-blooded were offended and indignant. And what if his wife left him - too, is there something to pay?
Well, let's understand.
For some reason, the offended boys still won’t get that alimony is not a tribute to their ex-wife, but funds for the maintenance of the child.
What does your child eat? What is the dress? What are the clubs and classes attending? What kind of tutors does he need? What sport does he want to do? What gadgets will help him in development?
These are the main questions, and not the one who gave horns to whom.
Whether she left, changed her husband, how much she was to blame for the divorce - all this is absolutely unimportant. She may be a dead creature, a hysterical idiot, but alimony does not go to her, but to her child.
For some reason, the cuckolds cannot understand this.
And if she left me? alimony, pay, in general, no way, pay, child, What, child, alimony, normally, maybe, small, part-time

Your disassembly - this disassembly of adults. Each case is unique, so I do not even want to delve into who is right and who is to blame for the divorce. It happens in different ways, but does it have to somehow affect the material well-being of children?
Yes, man, you have to pay child support. Although shit go out, but still obliged.
I do not like? Be protected, but do not push this responsibility on the sexual partner. Do you think that your ex-wife spends alimony not on a child? Require a financial report for every ruble spent - this is just fine.
But it’s not normal not to pay child support to the children, stating that the wife herself filed for divorce, left her husband and in general a reptile.
Your offenses don't bother anyone. Your complexes are uninteresting. I will say more, if you now ask yourself such questions at all, you are looking for excuses for yourself, undermining the well-being of your child, then your ex correctly did that she edged the horns and ran away!
People like you are not men at all, but a little lank.
And yet, whoever she is, it does not concern you and cannot affect the material support of children.
Therefore, dear, shove your offenses in the stunted ass and pay, pay, pay.

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