Andrei Zibrov: personal life, biography, filmography

Andrei Zibrov is a talented actor who has become famous for the TV series “Empire Under Attack” and “The Agent of National Security”. Directors see it mainly in the roles of law enforcement officers, military. By the age of 43, he managed to play in more than 60 films and television projects. In 2010, Andrew lost his eyes. However, this did not make him abandon his beloved work. What else can you say about him?

Andrei Zibrov: childhood

The future actor was born in St. Petersburg, which was then called Leningrad. It happened in July 1973. Andrei Zibrov was still a baby when the military father took the family to the garrison on an island in the Barents Sea. The first years of his life the boy spent there. He returned to his hometown at the age of ten.

Andrei Zibrov

Andrew, who was accustomed to life in the North, found it difficult to adapt to new conditions. He had little contact with new classmates, often was ill.Wanting to cheer up her son, her mother persuaded him to become a member of the Theater of Young Art. Andrei Zibrov played on the TYUT scene for about five years, which helped him by the time he graduated from school to decide on the choice of his future profession.

Study, theater

A young man decided to get a higher education in LGITMiK. A student of this university, he managed to become the first attempt. Andrei Zibrov got on the course, which led Filshtinsky. Mikhail Trukhin and Mikhail Porechenkov, with whom he became friends, studied with him. Actors continue to communicate and now, often found on the set. It was Porechenkov who first offered help to the Zibrov family when a misfortune happened to a friend.

Andrei Zibrov actor

After graduation LGITMiKa novice actor settled in the staff of the theater "On the hook channel." The most famous productions with his participation are Vysotsky’s Time, Chekhov’s Jokes, The Road, The Notes of a Madman. Already in 1997, a young man decided to go to the Lensovet Theater.

Andrei Zibrov is an actor who brilliantly played Lucky in the sensational production of Waiting for Godot. By the way, this role was awarded the Strzhelchik Prize. He also took part in the performances of Vladimirskaya Square, Caligula, Wojciek, Invitation to the Castle.

Movie roles

Biography of Andrei Zibrov indicates that the debut for him was the painting "Bitter!". He perfectly coped with the role of the hapless fiance, who did not wait for the late bride. However, popularity came to him already after he had appeared in the “Agent of National Security”. Here he played Gennady Nikolayev. Also, the audience interest has provided him the role of Vladimir Ageyev in the Empire Under the Blow.

Andrei Zibrov Movies

Zibrov is an actor whom directors love to invite in films and television projects of a criminal and military nature. Tall, strong build - this person has all the data to play the heroes of modernity. During the years of filming Andrew played a sufficient number of memorable roles.

For example, in the TV series “Favorsky” he tried on the image of Malyutin, in “Spetsnaz” he portrayed the imperturbable warrant officer Shakhmatyev, whose friends call Shakh. Lieutenant Colonel Zibrov played in “Soldiers-16” and “Storm Gates”; he played the role of a private detective in “Russian Double”. Not to mention the series "Foundry", in which the actor appeared before the audience in the image of the district.

Of course, not only the military and police plays Andrei Zibrov, films and biography of which are discussed in this article. For example, in the "Features of the national policy" his hero was a gangster-loser. They had an excellent duet with Porechenkov, who embodied the image of his partner. The spectator project “Two of the Casket”, in which Zibrov played the journalist Alexander Adashev-Gursky, liked the audience. His character helps his friend, a detective in the investigation of crimes.

Unpleasant incident

In 2008, the thriller "The One Who Turns Out the Light" was presented to the audience court. Andrei Zibrov in this picture embodied the image of a talented artist Igor Strakhov. His character appears in the frame with an artificial eye. Surprisingly, the film turned out to be prophetic for the actor.

biography of Andrei Zibrov

In April 2010, Andrei and his wife rested at the bar-club. After leaving the institution, the husband and wife went to their car when two young men suddenly blocked the way. The guys began to pester his wife Zibrova, he tried to protect her, a fight ensued.

One of the young men had a traumatic pistol with him, which he did not fail to use.After the shot, the attackers fled, and the frightened spouse Andrew called an ambulance. Complicated operation did not help. Zibrov lost an eye and is now forced to use an eye prosthesis until the end of his life. The bandits who attacked the husband and wife were found and brought to justice.

Further work

To the delight of fans, very quickly went on the amendment Andrei Zibrov. The trauma of the eye did not force the actor to leave the profession, although at first he had such thoughts. He is still actively removed, he is often offered new roles. At the time of the incident, Andrew participated in the filming of "White Guard". The creators decided not to transfer the role of Captain Studzinsky to another actor, but to wait for Zibrov to recover. It is not excluded that it was unfinished work that made Andrew quickly get back on her feet.

Andrei Zibrov eye injury

In the crime drama “Rage”, a man embodied the image of Ravil Bakhtiyarov, and in the detective story “The Clean Test” played the security officer Viktor Sviridov. In the action-packed picture “Traitor”, Andrei played the role of a drug lord named Africa. The latest to date shows with the participation of a talented actor - “Kuprin. Duel, Grigory R., Streets of Broken Lanterns.

Life offscreen

In 2010, Andrei Zibrov married a girl named Anna. It was she who was molested by young people, one of whom deprived the actor of her eyes. Andrei claims that he could not so quickly return to normal life and join the work after the incident, if not for the support of his beloved wife. In 2011, the actor Zibrov became the father. Son was named in honor of the Pope. It is known that now Andrei and Anna are already thinking about the second child, because they dream of a big and strong family. Of course, now they want a daughter.

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