Biography of Anna Frolovtseva

Anna Frolovtseva is a Soviet and Russian film and theater actress, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, best known as Galina in the comedy series Voronin. The many-sided theatrical actress who perfectly succeeds in both comic and tragic roles.
Actress Anna FrolovtsevaActress Anna Frolovtseva


Anna Frolovtseva was born on August 30, 1948 in Moscow. Her father was an engineer, and her mother was a dressmaker. In the difficult postwar years, the Frolovtsev family lived poorly, but together. Since childhood, Anya showed a clockwork and lively character - she walked for days and led all the companies in the yard.
Children's photo of Anna FrolovtsevaChildren's photo of Anna Frolovtseva
Because of her own stubbornness in school, a girl quarreled with one of the teachers, took her documents and went to an evening school for working youth. Additionally, she enrolled in hairdressing courses, where she successfully showed herself and even graduated from the invitation to stay at the school for teaching.
Young Anna FrolovtsevaYoung Anna Frolovtseva
But the main dream of the girl was the career of an actress, and Anna did not accept the offer. Frolovtseva tried to enter the Shchukin School, where she passed all the tests. But due to the influx of applicants, she could only be provided with training in Yaroslavl. The girl refused and began to look for work for the year before the next set. As a result, Anna for a while got a puncher on a computer.
Anna Frolovtseva in her youthAnna Frolovtseva in her youth
Frolovtseva was helped by perseverance and dedication - for the year she did not give up and was preparing to enter. Anna also tried to star in “Mosfilm” extras - she managed to get into such legendary paintings as the Golden Calf by Mikhail Schweitzer and “The Shield and Sword” by Vladimir Basov. Good luck accompanies the bold - and in the next, in 1968, the girl entered the Schepkin Theater School.

Theater career

In 1972, the girl met her future husband, Yuri, and at the end of the school went with him to Chelyabinsk, where the young physician was sent to the distribution. Novice actress settled in the Chelyabinsk Drama Theater. The next five years proved to be a great start for the actress - the directors gave her the main roles, the fruitful work on the stage allowed her to hone her skills and gain self-confidence.Over the years of work in the theater, Anna played the main roles in the performances of “My wife is a liar”, “Gelsomino in the country of liars” and others.
Anna Frolovtseva on the stage of the theaterAnna Frolovtseva on the stage of the theater
In 1977, the actress with her husband returned to Moscow and began working in the regional theater. Ostrovsky. It was there that she met many of the actors with whom she began to develop the new theater "Sphere". But soon after the conflict with the founder of the theater Ekaterina Yelanskaya, most of the troupe, including Frolovtseva, left the institution.
Shot from the movie "Kill the Dragon" (1988)Shot from the movie "Kill the Dragon" (1988)
In 1981, the actress got a job at the Mosconcert, where, a little later, she founded her own Character Theater theater with like-minded people from Sphere. In parallel with the acting activity, Frolovtseva had to work as an electrician in her own theater. In the same year, Anna became the leading actress of the Dygilev Center, began to play in the theaters "On Gogol Boulevard" and "The Ark."

Film career

At first, all the forces of the artist went into the development of their offspring, but then she decided to try her hand in the film industry again. But here, too, the path to success turned out to be thorny — for many years, Frolovtseva got exclusively occasional roles of waitresses, housekeepers, and other obscure characters.From 1979 to 1986, the actress performed more than 20 such roles. She appeared in such films as “A Glass of Water” with Kirill Lavrov in the title role, “Three on the Highway” with Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, “Cruel Romance” and “Garage” by Eldar Ryazanov.
Anna Frolovtseva in the film "Cruel Romance"Anna Frolovtseva in the film "Cruel Romance"
A minor role was played by Frolovtsev in the 2003 melodrama of Boris Khlebnikov and Alexei Popogrebsky “Koktebel”. Later, from 2005 to 2008, the actress once again got exclusively occasional roles - in the film “Head of Classics” (2005) and the youth drama Valeria Guy Germanica “Everyone will die, but I will stay” (2008).
Anna Frolovtseva in the film “Station for two”Anna Frolovtseva in the film “Station for two”
The real popularity came to Anna in 2009 - after the release of the sitcom “Voronin” on the CTC channel. The television series about relationships in a large Voronin family turned out to be easy and fun. Many spectators recognized themselves as heroes and fell in love with the heroine Frolovtseva - the bold and despotic head of the family Galina Ivanovna, her husband performed by Boris Klyuev and infantile sons, played by Sergey Dronov and Stanislav Duzhnikov.
"Voronin" congratulate Anna Frolovtseva on her birthday
In the autumn of the same year, Frolovtseva performed minor roles in Valery Lonsky’s comedy “Double Loss”,and in 2009, in the series with Dmitry Shevchenko “Seven wives of one bachelor”.

The personal life of Anna Frolovtseva

With her future husband, Yuri, the actress met when she was in her last year at the Shchepkinsky school. In 1972, they officially registered the marriage and moved to Chelyabinsk - Yuri, a young dentist, was sent to the Ural city for distribution.
The actress has one son - Denis.The actress has one son - Denis.
In 1976, a pair of them had a son, Denis. He is now a successful dentist, PhD. His wife's name is Elmira, and Anna has a great relationship with her.
Anna Frolovtseva with her husband, son and daughter in lawAnna Frolovtseva with her husband, son and daughter in law
In 2008, Anna's husband died at the age of 54 - burned for a month due to a rare illness, which doctors were unable to cure. After the loss, the woman decided to devote most of her time to her career, son and grandchildren - Anya and Polina.
Actress at homeActress at home

Anna Frolovtseva now

In 2014, Frolovtseva reappeared only in a cameo in the television series “Clear Water at the Source”, and in 2015 she played a small role in the mini-series “Life is just beginning.” With her bright play, the actress continues to delight fans of the Voronin TV series - in January 2018, they started shooting a new season of the show.

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