Anna Somna: biography, photos and interesting facts

Anna Somna is known throughout the country not only as a blogger, but also as the owner of an unusual appearance, emphasizing belonging to the modern underground culture. The popularity of a young and talented girl is increasing every day.

Videoblogger biography

Anna Somna, whose biography interests many today, was born on May 5, 1995. Despite the fact that the girl leads a public and open lifestyle, it is almost impossible to find information about her. She regularly uses social networks, where her pages with photos and records are regularly updated, but there is no specific information about her life anywhere.

The appearance of the girl videobloger

Anna's appearance is different from the appearance of the average girl. The heroine of today's narrative is trying to demonstrate her “originality” with her whole appearance, to tell about the direction that she has chosen in her life, and also to tell about what fascinates her at present.

Therefore, on her body, Anna Somna, whose tattoo is of great interest to many subscribers of her video blogs, tries to reflect her vision of the world. Anna is not just a girl who has a huge number of tattoos on her body, but most importantly, she is a bright representative of one of the genres of underground culture.

People in this direction often try to show that they deny all those rules that already exist in society and which are fixed for all. Most often, the representatives of this direction are creative individuals. Their view of the world is very different, and sometimes it is the opposite of the generally accepted worldview.

Anna Somna

Such a culture lives completely uncensored. Each representative wishes to express something and is free to do so. Most often, this trend in culture begins to develop where there are many prohibitions. Atypical appearance for opponents of conventional mass culture is the best way to express yourself. After all, the main criterion for such a trend is the opposition to society. And this, in turn, allows a person to constantly change and appear before others in an updated form,which may cause condemnation of others.

Anna’s appearance is like a book by which one can study her views on life. First of all, on her body a lot of piercing, which, of course, can be removed at any moment. But while Anna Somna, whose photo is in this article, is not going to part with it.

Tunnels are pierced in the ears of a popular girl. Interesting and even a little defiant look blogger's hair, which is braided in a huge number of dreadlocks. But from time to time, Anna tries to change her hair. Therefore, some fans of video blogs have seen it with a short haircut. The whole appearance of Anna gives the impression of extravagance and eccentricity.

Tattoos on the body of the video blogger

Anna Somna often provides visitors of her video blog with an account of how her image is changing. She is not afraid to show open areas of her body, showing tattoos that are updated regularly. Many admirers of this extraordinary personality have noticed that temporary tattooing is increasingly used. However, these tattoos still have on the body of Anna, but they are hidden from prying eyes, and the girl tries not to tell about them.

Anna Somna, tattoo

A daily report on the appearance of new tattoos is accompanied by the comments of Anna Somna herself. She believes that the physiology of her own body should not be embarrassing. In addition, he is of the opinion that everyone has the right to choose whether to show his body or not.

Anna Somna - video blogger

An extravagant girl often adds videos on her videoblogger channel, which are divided into three categories according to their subjects. Anna Somna loves to talk about herself, about her feelings, mood, and the life she leads. The second category is makeup. In such videos it is about how, from the point of view of the author, it should be properly applied.

Somna Anna

And the third group, which is also interesting to the subscribers of Anna’s video blog, is a conversation. In this section, she usually meets with the questions that subscribers send to her, and tries to answer them in as much detail as possible.

Main video blogging category

The most favorite section of the video blog for the girl herself is the one in which she tells how you can create a unique style. She is ready to do this everywhere, so she takes her makeup lessons on video at home and even on the street.

Many subscribers want to learn how to become an emo or goth. Therefore, Anna Somna is happy to talk about how to change her appearance. For example, how to dye your hair properly, how to make a piercing or how to braid dreadlocks, so that they are original, and at the same time attractive.

Anna Somna, biography

Sometimes in such lessons of “mastery” a girl is fond of and moves on to various arguments. Anna Somna can talk about the meaning of life, and what values ​​for her are the main ones. Her thoughts, according to fans of the blog, are meaningful, deep and philosophical.

The popularity of Anna Somna's video blogs

To date, the video blog of a girl promoting an underground culture is very popular. All of her recordings and videos, which are laid out constantly, like the audience. And this can be seen if you look at the number of views of each of its video.

Anna Somna today has more than 90 thousand active subscribers who regularly visit her video blogs and not only watch videos, but also vote for them and often comment. In addition, more than 140 people are in the "Friends" section.

Every year the number of fans of her video blog increases. On her first videos, which were posted by the girl on YouTube in January 2013, more than one hundred thousand people have already viewed and signed. Having such popularity, of course, Anna Somna tries to be secretive and as little as possible to tell information about herself and about her family.

Anna Somna, photo

Currently, Anna is a popular video blogger. She has her own army of fans and fans who not only want to know everything about the girl, try to be like her, but also dream of meeting her.

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