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We have an extra day off this week, so even more walks are waiting for you. But events with our participation this week begin today (on Tuesday)
1. Lecture: Moscow in the cinema of the 1930s
Lecture Hall of the Museum of Moscow (Zubovsky Boulevard, 2)
The entrance is free
The 1930s were a turning point for Soviet cinema - sound came to the cinema. This decade was also a turning point for Moscow. In 1935 the Stalin general plan for the reconstruction of Moscow was adopted for implementation. From a cozy, slightly provincial city, Moscow began to turn into the exponential capital of the world's first socialist state with wide avenues, tall buildings, and spacious squares. We will try to see all these reincarnations in the film shots from the films “Start to life”, “Circus”, “Girl with character”, “First glove”, “Volga-Volga”, “Heart of four”, etc.
Be sure to look at the dynamics of the "living model" of the capital from the movie "New Moscow". Let us estimate how the filmmakers of the 1930s imagined the future of our city.
Our virtual tour of Moscow of the past will be supplemented with posters, old photographs, notes from magazines and newspapers of the time.
2. Excursion: Alley from Prechistenka to Arbat
Meeting point: Kropotkinskaya metro station, near the exit of the metro to Gogol Boulevard
Cost: 350 p.
Pensioners, schoolchildren and students - 250 p.
Children under 14 are free!
Duration: 2 hours
Prechistenka and Arbat - the most famous and popular streets of the capital. And this applies equally to the Muscovites, and to the guests of the city. Arbat has long been the main symbol of Moscow: they know about it all over Russia and far beyond its borders. Prechistenka is perhaps the most aristocratic street in the city, on which a huge number of lordly and even noblemen’s buildings are preserved. The lanes between Prechistenka and Arbat are never included in the list of the most popular tourist routes, they are rarely mentioned in guidebooks. And in vain! It was here that the Old Moscow city beauties hid. Majestic pre-revolutionary tenement houses and cozy Moscow mansions, Masonic symbols and brave knights are waiting for you between Prechistenka and Arbat.ancient churches and masterpieces of architecture of the Soviet avant-garde.
On the tour you will learn:
• where the Moscow noblemen Aksakovs and Turgenevs lived;
• what now stands in the place of the Church of John the Baptist;
• in which house did the writer A.I. Herzen;
• how the first departmental polyclinics appeared in Moscow and what famous patients they took;
• where were going to build the largest building in Moscow of the 1930s;
• In which side street is the architect’s own house — the genius of the Russian and world avant-garde?
3. Excursion: "Moscow 1920s-1930s"
Meeting point: metro station Krasnye Vorota, near the exit of the metro to Myasnitskaya Street
Cost: 350 p.
Pensioners, schoolchildren and students - 250 p.
Children under 14 are free!
Duration: 2 hours
The era of the NEP is still one of the most controversial milestones in the history of our country. However, Moscow was probably never as colorful as in the 1920s! On the Moscow tour of the time of the NEP and the first five-year plan there is an occasion to talk about economics and politics, architecture and literature, everyday life and entertainment of Moscow of that unique era. You will spin in the whirlpool of the bright events of the 1920s: the housing problem, the emergence of the Commissariat and the Trusts, the construction of the first metro stations, the literary and journal boom.Moscow, the time of the NEP and the first five-year plan was decorated with masterpieces of the Soviet avant-garde Le Corbusier, N.А. Ladovsogo, I.A. Golosova, A.V. Schuseva and other masters. Moscow of the 1920s is the city of V.V. Mayakovsky, Ilf and Petrov, S.A. Yesenin, M.A. Bulgakov and M.M. Zoshchenko. The first route through the capital of the 1920s will run from the Red Gate to the Pokrovskys along Novaya Basmannaya, Kalanchevka, Myasnitskaya, as well as through the famous courtyards of Chistoprudye.
On the tour you will learn:
• how the Moscow metro was designed and built;
• where in the 1920s the thieves and ladies of easy virtue lived;
• on the roof of a large organization employees were engaged in physical culture;
• what is “Moscow beer stage” and “cork collection”;
• where in Moscow were the most “cash” people's commissariats;
• what building did V.V. Mayakovsky?
4. Excursion: Alleyways from Solyanka to Maroseika
Meeting point: Kitay-Gorod metro station (exit to Slavyanskaya Square), near the monument to Cyril and Methodius
Cost: 350 p.
Pensioners, schoolchildren and students - 250 p.
Children under 14 are free!
Duration: 2 hours
The walk will take place along the slope of Sretensky Hill - along the famous Ivanovo Hill.It is almost perfectly preserved part of the White City. The area includes ancient tracts: Kulishki, Old Gardens, Glinischi, Podkopai. At the beginning of the 15th century, the country palace of the Grand Duke Vasily Dmitrievich and the palace facilities appeared here. That is why Ivanovka Hill was inhabited by the Moscow nobility from time immemorial. The magnificent chambers of the 17th century and the buildings of baroque and classic Moscow still remain here. Ivanovo Hill has preserved almost all of its pre-revolutionary churches, which now occupy an advantageous position in the surrounding buildings. Well, and the center of the Ivanovo Hill can be called Khitrovskaya Square, vividly described by V.A. Gilyarovsky in the book "Moscow and Muscovites." There we also certainly look!
On the tour you will learn:
• for what reason the bell tower of the ancient church of All Saints on Kulishka "falls";
• where the sovereign of the Salt Yard was located;
• in which houses were known thanks to V.A. Gilyarovsky taverns "Peresylny", "Siberia" and "Katorga";
• where the well-known Moscow murderer Saltychikha was detained;
• why workshop I.I. Levitan lost on Morozovsky yard?
five.Excursion: Courtyards from Chisty Ponds to the Garden Ring
Meeting point: Chistye Prudy or Turgenevskaya metro station, at the exit of the metro station, near the AS Monument Griboedov
Cost: 350 p.
Pensioners, schoolchildren and students - 250 p.
Children under 14 are free!
Duration: 2 hours
Do you think it is possible in modern Moscow to walk through courtyards from the Boulevard Ring to the Garden Ring and back, going out into the streets and alleys just to go to the next yard? Can! At a special walk through the courtyards you will have a chance to look at Moscow from the inside. On the way, we will meet an egg house, old Soviet signs, ceramic tiles with beautiful decorations, a bas-relief with the sun behind the bars, “wrong” Roman numerals and much more. During the walk, the fate of the writers will be intertwined with the fate of their literary characters. In modern Moscow courtyards before the eyes of the inhabitants of the chambers of the XVII century and the city policemen of the XIX century will live.
On the tour you will learn:
• in which house did the famous sculptor I.P.

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