Fitball is a large gymnastic ball made of elastic latex, which is used for training various muscle groups in various sports: in fitness, aerobics, Pilates, as well as for rehabilitation exercises and gymnastics for pregnant women and infants. Modern ball manufacturers offer the broadest selection of models of various sizes, appearance and purpose, therefore, in order to choose a fitball, several factors must be properly taken into account, which will ensure the greatest effectiveness of your workouts with such sports equipment.

Fitball exercises are suitable for practicing in the gym and at home.Fitball exercises are suitable for practicing in the gym and at home.

Wonderful invention with healing properties

Fitball is a unique development that allows with the minimum load on the legs most carefully develop all muscle groups of the human body. Due to the elasticity and the absence of sharp corners, the possibility of injury is reduced to zero, and the round shape and instability, forcing to maintain balance during the whole training process, perfectly keeps all the muscles of the body in tone.
Fitball develops flexibilityFitball develops flexibility
Training with such a sports "companion" is allowed even in the presence of diseases of the joints of the legs and varicose veins.
Classes with a miracle ball are shown to people of any age and build. Fitbolaerobika help:
- improve posture and strengthen the back muscles;
- develop flexibility and endurance;
- improve the vestibular apparatus and develop coordination of movements;
- due to constant balancing on the ball, it is good to massage the internal organs, stimulating their work;
- put in order the nerves, improve the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Exercises on fitball for weight loss

Aerobics with a miracle ball allows you to deal with overweight without tedious workouts in the gym and riding a stationary bike. If you do not want to wear sneakers and wind kilometers on a treadmill or keep on a diet, you should try to lose weight by using special exercises with a miracle ball.
Fitbola aerobics for weight loss is a set of simple and at the same time effective (due to the intensity) exercises for weight loss, allowing you to burn up to 300 calories per day, without loading the legs and the spine.You can train in the gym, at home, in the country - half an hour is enough for you to see the result of effort after a month of gentle workouts.
Exercises for slimming thighs and buttocks on fitball
1. Slender hips. Starting position - sitting on the ball with his hands behind his head. It is necessary to move the hips back and forth, legs should be firmly on the floor, and the torso should be motionless. Make 15-20 approaches. Then perform ten rotational movements with the pelvis clockwise and against.
2. No stomach, yes - good posture! Starting position - belly on the ball, resting his palms and toes on the surface of the floor. Rotate the torso in different directions, fixing one hand and lifting the other. Then rest your arms and lift both your legs. Perform 15-20 approaches.
Hand and chest exercises with fitball
These and other special exercises on the gymnastic ball will be enough so that after a month of gentle training you will see the result of the effort.

What are fitballs?

Gymnastic balls are available in various sizes - the diameter generally ranges from 45 cm to 85 cm, and is designed for a specific load.The surface can be smooth or bumpy - depending on the type of latex material of the product. Sometimes fitball can be “with horns” - special comfortable latex knobs will help you more comfortably sit on the simulator, adding comfort when performing a certain set of exercises.
Gym balls come in different sizesGym balls come in different sizes
Fitball designed for increased loads, is made of materials with the "anti-break" function, guaranteeing protection against sudden damage to the product and supplied with a special repair kit.

By what criteria to choose fitball?

To choose the right gymnastic ball, you need to consider several key factors:
1. The height of a person. Fitball is mainly available in several standard diameters: 45, 55, 65, 75, 85 cm. For choosing the optimal size it is better to “try on” the simulator - just sit on it. If the angle between the thigh and lower leg tends to 90 degrees (feet should be tightly placed on the floor) - this is your ball. If you do not comply with this condition, it is impossible to achieve correct posture when sitting on a fitball, which can lead to an unacceptable increase in the load on the joints.
Usually, with a height of 155-170 cm, the optimal diameter is 55 cm, for people between 171 and 185 cm, it is better to buy a ball with a diameter of 65 cm. Higher people need a fitball with larger diameters, and products with a parameter of 45 cm are suitable for children.
Fitball exercises are effective during the rehabilitation period.Fitball exercises are effective during the rehabilitation period.
2. Reliability and individual characteristics of a fitball. It is necessary to know the level of load for which the ball has been tested - a high-quality product made of rubber or silicone and always equipped with a passport, which indicates the main characteristics of the gymnastic ball. Fitballs are available in the load range from 300 to 1000 kg - the choice must be made depending on the purpose of the simulator and the weight of the future owner.
3. The quality and appearance of the ball. Fitball should be elastic to the touch. With a slight pressure on the surface of a quality product palm springs, bouncing off the ball. The shape of the product, the type of surface (smooth, with relief or pimply, with or without “horns”) must be chosen depending on the intended use of the simulator.
Pimple fitball designed for massage and rehabilitation exercises. Fitball - jumper with a bracket or "horns" is popular with children, helping to increase the interest of the child in training or therapeutic procedures, turning a sports activity or rehabilitation process into an exciting game.
Fitball exercises can be of any degree of difficulty.Fitball exercises can be of any degree of difficulty.
The round model with a smooth surface has a universal range of application - it can be used as a simulator for fitness, aerobics, Pilates in the gym or at home, for outdoor sports exercises, for physical therapy in groups of patients with various diseases and for post-traumatic physiotherapy.
The choice of the color of a gymnastic ball completely depends on the taste of the buyer - you can choose either a strict gray or blue fitball, or a product of soft pink or acid green. If you wish, you can pick up a whole set of balls of different diameter in a single color scheme.

How to choose a fitball for pregnant women?

Exercises with a miracle ball are allowed to expectant mothers at any stage of pregnancy only after consulting a doctor. It is necessary to approach the choice of a fitball for pregnant women with the maximum responsibility.In addition to the obligatory fulfillment of the criterion "angle of 90 degrees", it is important to carefully study the material from which the ball is made - latex should be smooth and pleasant to the touch.
Fitball useful future mothers, and then their kidsFitball useful future mothers, and then their kids
"Horns" or a clip on an inflatable ball can give confidence to the expectant mother and diversify exercises on the simulator (especially in the last months of the term). Oval balls are a great choice for a variety of exercises; they are more stable and distribute weight better. It is desirable that the fitball has an anti-burst surface treatment - to ensure that in case of unexpected damage it will not burst, but will gradually deflate.
Fitball Exercises for Pregnant Women

How to choose a fitball for babies?

In addition to all its wonderful properties, the gymnastic ball is a lifesaver for young parents - it will help massage the baby and easily perform gymnastics with a crumb. For these purposes, perfect round or oval ball, made of high quality non-toxic latex, odorless, soft and silky to the touch.
Occupations on a gymnastic ball for babies
On the surface of the fitball no nicks, stitches or irregularities that can damage the delicate skin of the baby are allowed. The diameter of the ball for infants should be in the range of 6–75 cm, balls with “ears” are applicable only for children older than 4 months. The color is better to choose bright - it will attract the attention of the child and lift his spirits.
It is necessary to buy a fitball for an infant baby in a specialty store, where it is possible to purchase quality products from a bona fide manufacturer, reliable and safe for the health of the crumbs.

How to inflate a fitball?

Fitball is an inflatable sports equipment. To inflate the ball, use a pump of any design with a nipple of the appropriate size: manual, foot or electric. If there is no pump, the fitball can be inflated through the hole like a regular inflatable toy: with the help of the mouth.
How to pump fitball
Most quality fitballs are equipped with a pump and instructions, which give recommendations on how to properly inject air into the product. To achieve the greatest level of elasticity of the ball, it is better to inflate 5 cm more than the norm, and then slowly lower part of the air, reducing the simulator to the required diameter. The editors of hope that our article will help you find the right fitball and always be in shape.

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