Antiseptic "Senezh" for wood: characteristics and reviews

Timber is considered the most environmentally friendly building material. In the house of wood in the winter is warm, and in the summer is cool and comfortable. However, such a building material can be chosen by a mold, a fungus, various bacteria and insects can start in it, and it quickly ignites in case of fire.

To protect the wood from these misfortunes and to save the life and health of people, experts advise treating wood with a proven, high-quality and certified protective agent.

Kinds of wood preparations

Antiseptic - a chemical on a water-repellent basis, which is designed to protect lumber from bacteria, fungi and insects. This tool is divided in composition into four types:

1. Preparations soluble in water.

2. Oil based.

3. Substances with organic solvents.

4. The combined mixture.

Among the Russian manufacturers of drugs for wood in the first place came the company that produces the antiseptic "Senezh". Reviews of many people who have used this tool highlight the high quality of the product, which has a high biological protection of wood. It is used for impregnation of wood, as well as in the form of preparatory primer for painting.

The described antiseptic itself is divided into several types, which have their own characteristics. Thus, in the construction of wooden structures, the main supporting structures are treated with Senezh or Senezh Bio products. They fix the protective properties of the wood structure, protect against the appearance of fungi and give the processed surface a pistachio hue.

To protect the walls and partitions from biological destruction and fire, apply the antiseptic "Senezh Ognebio", which protects the tree not only from rotting and insects, but also from fire. This type of preparation is often used to coat exterior walls, followed by staining, as it erodes fairly quickly.

The next type of drug is "Senezh Aquadekor",which not only has all the protective antiseptic properties, but also beautifully decorates the treated wooden surface with different color shades. At the same time it retains all the useful properties of the tree. The structure of "Aquadecore" includes special components, called UV filters. They absorb solar radiation and protect the wood from darkening, while maintaining the color of the surface.

There are other additional types of this antiseptic, the general properties of which we describe below.

Antiseptic "Senezh": product characteristics

This chemical product protects against rotting, mold, various insects, feeding on tree species, as well as from the effects of weather, moisture and so on.

antiseptic senezh

Places of use

Antiseptic "Senezh" is used for processing completely new and old wooden boards, log cabins, beams, log, ceilings. Also, this tool is impregnated with pillars, fences, fences and various structures built of wood construction material and susceptible to biological destruction.This substance is not used for surfaces that were previously coated with linseed oil, paints and varnishes, water-soluble emulsion dyes and so on.

The preparation can even process wooden flooring in pig houses. He will be able to protect them from rapid destruction.


If you summarize the opinions of people who used this drug at home or at work, you can single out the following advantages:

  1. The optimal protective period of the material after treatment is 30-35 years.
  2. The antiseptic is heavily washed out of wood, as its chemical composition is firmly bonded to the fibers of the tree.
  3. High performance against fungi.
  4. The processed material under the influence of substance acquires various color shades.
  5. Wood antiseptic "Senezh" creates three levels of protection in wood.
  6. Great for freshly planted wet lumber.
  7. It does not affect the strength of building materials, its ability to stick together and painted.
  8. It does not destroy the fiber structure and does not interfere with the process of "breathing" wood.
  9. Stops and impedes the progress of already initiated biological changes withinconstruction timber.
  10. Wood treated with this tool is not subject to burning.

antiseptic senezh reviews

Technique of use

To apply the drug should be free from the surface of dirt, dust and debris. Apply "Senezh" (tinting antiseptic) can be a brush, and a roller or spray at a temperature of at least +50 degrees Celsius. Also, the coating process can be carried out in the form of immersion, soaking and autoclaving.

Applying with hand objects occurs evenly, in 2-3 steps with a pause of 30-40 minutes. Full penetration of the drug into the wood structure occurs within 3-5 days. After this period, the substance is not washed out of the building material.

Antiseptic "Senezh" can not be applied to the frozen tree, to produce mixing with other substances. Before applying it must be thoroughly mixed.

antiseptic for wood senezh

Product consumption

"Senezh" - antiseptic, the consumption of which by brush or roller is 250-300 g / m2, that is, it is a fairly economical product. One liter jar is enough to cover the surface with an area of ​​3-4 m2. If the method of soaking or autoclaving is used, the substance consumption will be at the level of 200-250 kg / m3. The expenditure of funds depends both on the method of application, and on the conditions of exploitation of building materials and their service life.

Mechanisms of drug effect on wood

"Senezh" - antiseptic, whose composition is specifically designed for maximum and long-term protection of wood. It is available in two versions: in the form of a ready aqueous solution based on inorganic substances and as a concentrated suspension for dilution with water on site.

The substance penetrates deep into the tree and is firmly fixed in its structure. It forms a protective layer of indelible components that neutralizes the appearance of mold, fungus and various insects, such as the bark beetle.

senezh tinting antiseptic

Color spectrum

In the market of protective chemicals for wood "Senezh", antiseptic, the colors of which are able to satisfy any request, enjoys high popularity due to its quality. Indeed, when impregnated with it, the wooden surface not only becomes protected and durable, but also acquires a pleasant color. To date, there are about 36 shades of this antiseptic, which is long preserved under the influence of the environment and sunlight.

When applying the product it is necessary to adhere to certain security measures, make sure that the substance does not fall on the open areas of the body, in the eyes or in the mouth. If this does happen, you need to wash them with clean water. Antiseptic has a 4th class safety, fire resistant. Dispose of containers from the substance as ordinary household waste.

senezh antiseptic color

Antiseptic "Senezh": reviews

And what do consumers say about this drug? One of the best and quality chemicals for wood impregnation is considered to be wood preservative "Senezh". Reviews of people are a clear confirmation of this. Most users agree that this product has a faint odor, dries quickly and is inexpensive. The surfaces covered with it do not lose their color and properties for many years.

The only thing this means is that in order to achieve the desired shade, several layers of antiseptic should be applied to the material. But otherwise, the use of the substance exceeds all expectations.

Also, people note that "Senezh" can be applied with a brush or spray, which is very convenient when working with it.

Some features of the substance

Antiseptic "Senezh" - one of the few drugs that are adapted to be applied in rooms with high humidity, such as a bath or sauna. They are treated with almost everything except the washing room, rest room and shelves in the steam room.

The substance penetrates deep into the texture of the wood, forming a heat-resistant film on the surface that does not allow moisture and dirt to penetrate the treated surface.

To the above properties of the product, you can add the fact that the drug eliminates some varieties of human infections, which are carriers of fungal diseases.

 Senezh antiseptic composition

How to soak a tree?

The deeper the tree is soaked with antiseptic, the better it is protected from various destructive influences. The depth of penetration of the drug depends on the properties of the construction timber. Building materials made of wood according to the quality of impregnation are divided into the following groups:

  • Easy penetration antiseptic - pine, birch and beech.
  • Moderate penetration - cedar, European larch, oak, hornbeam, as well as maple, linden and alder with aspen.
  • Difficult product penetration - spruce, Siberian larch, fir, ash and elm.

Hence the different consumption of the product.If for easily digestible and moderate wood there are enough 2-3 layers of processing, then for hard-to-impregnated wood up to five layers are required.

When choosing a method of applying an antiseptic and diluting the working solution, it is necessary to take into account the penetration property of one or another construction timber. That is why experts recommend to acquire the same tree for the construction of buildings.

You should also be aware that the more moisture in the wood, the less protective components it will be able to absorb.

antiseptic senezh characteristics


At the end of the product review, it should be noted that when choosing a protective substance, they pay attention to what operating conditions the impregnated products will have. Reliable protective property of the house of wood is guaranteed only when all the conditions for the timely impregnation with the application of all recommended rules from the manufacturer of this antiseptic were fulfilled.

The product itself is made of high-quality chemical components, has remarkable characteristics and properties declared by the manufacturer. However, without accurate implementation of all instructions for use, the effectiveness of the drug is somewhat reduced. Therefore, a strict adherence to expert advice guarantees a remarkable result.

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