Apple in residential real estate

As a market participant, and you know that I regularly buy residential property for my own projects.
today could not help but pay attention to an article in Vedomosti with a loud headline "It was a dream to create something like Apple in residential real estate."
Material "Vedomosti".
This is an interview with the owner of PIK, which, after the acquisition of Morton, became the largest Russian developer. Philosophy downright hooked: from the usual puncher of anthills, as Varlamov would say, Sergey Gordeev wants to make a company that builds “iPhones”.
Quoting Sergei Gordeyev, the head of PIK: “the demand for a good product and good service will increase and, conversely, the demand for a bad product and bad service will fall”.
I don’t want to write about the product in detail right now, the same Varlamov has recently released a series of reviews, and if you are sitting on YouTube, you’ve definitely seen their new advertisement “The Ordinary Yard”. I recognized that it was not the scenery, but the real shooting in the courtyard not far from the metro station, Academician Yangel.
Of course, the comparison with Apple in the article is rather conditional, as for me, but there is simply no better example of a cool product for mass use.From my own experience I will say that renting an apartment in the open field is not something that is not profitable, it is simply impossible! And attempts to introduce new standards cause unequivocal respect, because the market of new buildings is still not far from the 90s. About panel houses, by the way, is very curious - here it is, the power of marketing, was sure that the monolith is such a mast of kev, but it turns out that everything is not so simple.
In general, of course, it is very curious to read such interviews, and not to me alone: ​​judging by the Vedomosti website, there are already 400 sherahs on Facebook. Not too lazy to compare with the last article about Tinkov - there is something around 30. That is, the demand for such articles is unequivocal. It's cool that developers are starting to talk with the end user, and journalists are not shy about asking sharp questions - about renovation, about transportation problems, about finances.
Particularly pleased that this article can be read without a subscription to Vedomosti. To do this, follow the links from the post.
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