Araucaria room - caring for house needles

The homeland of room araucaria is Australia andits islands, in particular, Norfolk. This coniferous evergreen plant, which has branches with tetrahedral soft needles on the tiers, was discovered by the Englishman Joseph Banks.

Araucaria room is slow growingA plant that loses its ornamentality with maximum growth. Branches are located horizontally and covered with centimetric needles, which acquire a bright green hue in the spring, and in the remaining period have a dark green color.

In natural conditions, the needles grow to 60 meters high, and at home it reaches no more than 2 meters. Unlike natural, in the room type there are no cones.

Many people loved Araucaria room. Care for the tree should be started immediately, as soon as the plant appeared in the house. For its growth Araucaria room requires a lot of light, in the worst case, in a cool, slightly shaded room there should be a lot of space and good air circulation. For this coniferous tree modern houses with central heating are not suitable. For proper and free growth, the plant needs a lot of space. Araucaria is very fond of fresh air, but taking it out to the garden or to the terrace, it must be protected from sunlight.

If the house has appeared araucaria room, carea plant will require a lot of effort. For its comfortable existence during the year, a cool place with a temperature of no higher than 12 degrees, if above +15, then the needles begin to turn yellow. As a substrate, an ordinary soil mixture for domestic plants is suitable, in which peat crumbs with acid reaction can be added (this mass is sold for rhododendrons). The plant does not tolerate a dry microclimate. In a warm room needles should be sprayed 3 times a day, in cool rooms no more often than once in two days. The soil in the pot should be covered with sphagnum moss and regularly moistened with it.

Araucaria room: care and watering

The plant needs a lot of moisture, in the summer it is impossibleto allow the land to dry out. It is necessary to make sure that the soil is always moistened, but avoid waterlogging. Excess moisture around the roots will cause massive yellowing and falling of needles. It is necessary to check the upper layer of soil by hand, which must dry a little between irrigation. In the winter, water should be watered at a minimum, while not allowing the drying of the land. Do not use hard water, it is best to take a boiled, rain or well-spaced liquid.

Once every two years, you need to perform a transplant,to better develop araucaria room. Care of the plant involves the transplantation of an adult tree more than a meter in height, which should be made every 3 years. Instances older than 5 years should be rejuvenated. For this, after making a shallow incision along the entire circumference of the trunk, a package with leafy light soil is put on it. When rooting takes place, the tip is carefully cut off. When planting needles, it is impossible to penetrate the root neck.

Reproduction is done by seeds, just so innature spreads araucaria. Care of plantings from seeds is a very long, delicate and time-consuming process. Therefore, it is better to buy an already rooted plant.

With good content the plant will pleasefor ten years. To ensure a long life of needles, the plant should be kept at a temperature of no higher than 15 degrees. When yellowed dry needles appear, the tree should be moved to a room with cooler air, well watered and sprayed more often. You should also make a support for the trunk. To feed it is necessary special fertilizers for azaleas, the use of organic is unacceptable. Top dressing begins in April and ends in August.

Araucaria can be affected by aphids and mealybugs.

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