Arno Tatyana Viktorovna: biography, personal life, work on television

Russian TV presenter, model and journalist Arno Tatiana is known to the mass audience for the program "Draw" and "What are our years", broadcast on leading Russian channels. The girls also have partnerships with STS and Dozhd.

Tatyana Viktorovna Arno

brief information

  • Surname - Arno (Sheshukova).
  • Name - Tatiana.
  • Patronymic - Viktorovna.
  • She was born - 1981, November 7th.
  • Weight / height - 58 kg / 1.67 m.
  • Signs of the Zodiac - Scorpio / Rooster.
  • The main profession - the leading television programs.
  • Marital status: Married.

Childhood and youth

Arno Tatyana Viktorovna was born in the autumn of 1981 in Moscow. The formation of the girl as a person was greatly influenced by the father, who raised his daughter’s responsibility, dedication and curiosity. Since childhood, Tanya was fond of learning foreign languages. The future leader received her secondary education at school with an increase in German.The girl still considers the best gift from her parents for a summer trip to a specialized language camp in Germany. The family also brought up a sister, Julia, 10 years older than Tanya.

Tatiana Arno in childhood

In addition to German, Arno is fluent in English. After graduating from school, she entered the Moscow Linguistic State University in the direction of "intercultural communications." The mother of an Estonian journalist, after starting work on Channel One, her daughter took her maiden name.

First steps on television

In the third year of study at the university, Tatyana Arno learned about casting into a television project organized by the popular Afisha edition. She decided to take a chance and try herself as a candidate for a place. The girl was very worried, because hundreds of people gathered for the selection at Ostankino, among them graduates of drama schools, faculties of journalism and representatives of model agencies.

Sheshukova came to the casting with almost no makeup with a modest hairstyle. As Tanya herself confesses, she practically did not count on this work, since she did not have the appropriate education and experience. However, the girl's fears were unfounded.After the first round, she was on the list of main candidates for the position of lead. As a result, the student was approved for the desired location, began to appear in the morning air of the channel "NTV".

Arno Tatyana Viktorovna

The program "Raffle"

Tatiana Arno soon moved to the next step of the television career. The girl has successfully passed the casting in the entertainment program "Rally", leaving on the First Channel. At the interview the applicants had to dance and tell a funny story or anecdote.

This event happened in the summer of 2003. It was then that the producers of the program suggested Shushkevich to change the name to a more resounding analogue. This was due to the abundance of "hissing" sounds in the name of the program and the names of colleagues in the workshop, which unpleasantly harmed the ears. So leading Tatyana Arno began her work on Channel One.

Officially, the girl remained Sheshukova. This surname is for her a peculiar memory of her grandfather, a professor of literature. He was very afraid that the race would be interrupted, so Tanya did not change her even after marriage.

Vladislav Pelsh, already well-known throughout the country, became the co-host of Arnaud in the "Rally". The transfer surely lasted on the top positions of the rating for nine years.The essence of the action was in technically designed and large-scale sweepstakes of celebrities. To understand the scope of the show, it is worth remembering the first issue, in which the tank crushed Nina Ruslanova’s car and V. Shenderovich’s speech in front of an empty hall.

Tatyana Arno and Valdis Pelsh

Interesting Facts

The further biography of Tatiana Arno is closely related to television. The program “Raffle” had crazy ratings, however, it yielded to merciless criticism from unwitting participants (main characters).

For example, Chulpan Khamatova was morally restored for several months after filming this program. In the story, she and her friend sat quietly in a cafe where, after some time, armed men broke into the form of a special unit and all visitors of the establishment were put against the wall. By the way, this issue has not been aired. Some celebrities were so unhappy with the sweepstakes that they sued the show. Among them:

  • Zverev Sergey.
  • Masha Arbatov.
  • Irina Saltykova.

Other projects

At the same time, Tatyana Arno (Sheshukova) participated in several television projects:

  • Game show "Big Race".
  • Music program "Two Stars".
  • Transfer with Leonid Yakubovich "First Squadron".
  • Shooting in the series "Russian Amazons".

In the TV anchor career was also involved in the project "Big City" on STS and "News" on the channel "Rain". By the way, Tanya was originally offered a program of entertainment format, but soon they entrusted the news column and interviewing studio guests (on "Rain").

Together with P. Lobkov and A. Filipenko Sheshukova, in the framework of the project “Let's Go Home”, she made reviews about interesting places of Russia, traveling throughout the country. In 2016, Tatiana participated in the New Life program. The essence of the program is a cardinal change in the appearance and life of ordinary Russian women. A stylist, an architect and a plastic surgeon helped her in this.

Another interesting project involving Arnaud is the “Amateurs” program. Together with A. Venediktov and V. Dymarsky, the presenter interpreted stories from the past with their connection to contemporary events in the world.

Friends often offered the girl to emigrate to Germany, but she refused, citing the fact that she loves Russia, and in another country she would quickly become bored and uninteresting.

The host of the program "What Are Our Years?"

Tatyana Arno's personal life

Beautiful, successful and sexy TV presenter has always been popular with the male part of the population. This gave rise to a lot of rumors and gossip. Tatiana herself does not make a special secret from her personal life.She met with Vyacheslav Chichvaryn. The young man served as an interpreter for Madonna, during her visit to Moscow. Relations can not be called perfect, the couple often quarreled. According to Tanya, they have two ambitious and independent characters who find it difficult to get along with each other.

In 2005, Vyacheslav decided on a serious step, gave the lady of his heart a ring with a proposal of hand and heart. The girl refused, after which the relationship was upset.

In the future personal life of Tatiana Arnaud, a new boyfriend, Amiran Lagvilava, soon appeared. The couple met a few years. Then there were short-term relationships with businessman Alexander Mamut. They did not remember anything remarkable.

Tatiana Arno and Kirill Ivanov met in the program “Big City”. With the future spouse, Petersburg musician and a journalist, the leader met since 2011. Soon the couple decided to formalize the marriage. The celebration was held in a narrow circle, without too much hype and advertising. Children while the newlyweds do not.

Tatyana Arno's personal life

Excerpts from the interview

The following are interesting facts, confirmed by the TV presenter in one of her interviews:

  1. Tatyana is not embarrassed by shooting for men's magazines in revealing outfits or even without them.
  2. Arnaud remembers working with Valdis with fondness. It was almost impossible for a colleague to lose his temper, on the contrary, he gave valuable advice and time to calm down, he told the co-host that she should shine and shine on the stage.
  3. The first tests on television, Tanya's parents criticized, although they were very worried. My daughter agreed with them, but what has been done cannot be changed.
  4. The most terrible draw Tatiana gave her former boyfriend Vyacheslav. After watching the “horror film” “Jeppers Krippers,” he put the music from the movie on the timer, and he went on a business trip. In the story, once in 23 years, the evil creature arranged a cannibalism feast in one of the cities. Tatiana at that time was just 23 years old. So, the music turned on at the most "necessary" moment, bringing Arno to hysterics.
  5. Tanya likes actor Kevin Spacey, the work and manner of TV presenter Leonid Parfenov. She loves Thai cuisine, in the desired plans - shooting in cinema and getting a second education in the specialty "PR".
  6. In addition to television, Sheshukova translates, mainly from German. The girl likes good company, humor and communication with friends.
Popular leading Tatiana Arno

What now?

The biography of Tatiana Arno is quite rich, despite the young age of our heroine. A woman is distinguished by perseverance and dedication, almost always achieving her goals. In personal life, too, harmony. TV presenter is engaged in charity. In 2006, together with I. Dapkunayte and T. Drubich, she headed the board of trustees of the Vera Foundation, whose activities are aimed at caring for children with oncology.

In addition, Tatiana participated in the UNICEF tetanus treatment project in developing countries. It became known that Arno will soon return to Channel One as the leading program “Afisha”, which will present to the audience the novelties of cultural life.

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