Ash Brown Hair Color: Choice of Shade

Ash-blond hair color is one of the most popular shades today. In a fashion of naturalness. Hydro-alcohol blondes with unnatural white-yellow hair are in the past, while a girl with blond hair is a blonde in her best incarnation. Remarkably, many women have their natural ash-brown color, but it seemed to them not expressive enough, and they repainted, which they now regret. How to return to this shade or make it more expressive?

ashy light brown

Ash Brown Hair Color: Photo

Such curls can vary in tone: light (light), medium (medium), dark (dark). Intermediate variants are also possible, they can be seen in the hair-paint manufacturers' product lines: light-light ash-brown, light-ashashy light brownblond and so on. In any case, such a girl would be considered a blonde. In the West, this color is called: light ash blonde, medium ash blonde and dark ash blonde (ashen light blonde). Sometimes this color is also called ashen blond.Not to be confused with platinum blonde! Platinum is a silver clear shade, and ash is a gray tone. To be precise, this photo is exactly platinum blonde, light blond would have a slightly more grayish-green shade. How to understand what is the average tone? The following photo by Taylor Swiftashy light brown hair color photoreally very accurate ash medium light brown color. There are other shades. Sometimes ashen dark blond confused with cold brown. But in the first one, the gray component is slightly more pronounced, and it gives the impression of a lighter and lighter shade. Ashy light brown color can have a subtle warm shade, as in the photo on the right,
ashy light brownbut warmth, of course, will not dominate, otherwise it will be a different palette. However, this photo is not very significant, it clearly strengthens the warm component (it is easy to notice if you pay attention to the skin color). Light brown color can have a light golden tint. Under the definition of "ashy", it does not quite fit, but with a certain lighting such hair can give the impression of ashen. The following photo shows the clean version.ashy light brown color photomedium light brown color.It is clearly seen that it can give a barely noticeable greenish hue. Here, on the basis of sufficiently light ash-blond hair, complex tonal coloring was performed. The color appears both alive and complex, with the tips of the hair looking warmer than the roots. The following photo shows a completely different shade - caramel, that is, ash-blond with a beige tint. Please note that this color includes both green and gold. In the sun suchashy light brownthe color will seem very warm. At the same time, due to its greenish-gray tint, it cannot be called either purely golden or red - it is a light brown color. Here on the natural hair made soft ombre. It can be traced how a pure, cold, ash-light color can change in tone.

Ash brown

ashy light brown hair color

It all depends on the original hair color. If they have already been painted, you will have to conduct a course of washes. If the hair is red, then two or three washes, if black is more. The most difficult thing is to put out a warm pigment. This is impossible to achieve with ordinary hair dyes, which say ashen light brown. They contain pure pigments that can dye only the original white hair, but they do not contain what your warm pigment neutralizes.In order to get the desired shade, in the professional paint you need to add mikston. Or pick a version of the paint, which already contains the necessary pigments. It can be either green (it turns off reddish), or blue (it neutralizes red), or purple, which is able to muffle the yellowness. If you have your own reddish hair, dark or golden-brown hair, then applying ready-made store paint can give a greenish or yellowish tint, therefore curls should be discolored well beforehand.

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