Assistance to young families from the state: benefits and subsidies, mortgage loans, improving housing conditions

It is logical that the statehelp for young familiestoday is most welcome. So, they have the opportunity to best implement their plans for life, at least in relation to the acquisition of a dwelling or a plot for its construction. Therefore, new spouses, as a rule, are interested in new issues for them. Is it providedhelp a young family from the state? What state programs are known today? Is it possible to get additional benefits in case of birth of children? These and other issues are discussed in detail in this article.

Which family is considered young?

help for young families

Todaysupport for young familiesfrom the state endowed with a positive tone, because numerous programs and innovations, of course, help spouses in the implementation of even the most ambitious life plans.

Who can be considered a young family? What categories of citizens have the full right to benefits? In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, a young family is considered to be a family in the first 3 years from the day when the marriage was registered. In addition, it is imperative that both parents reach the age of thirty. In the case of an incomplete family, one parent under the age of thirty years and a child under the age of eighteen are allowed to be included here. By the way, in the case of both parents, the limitation in terms of the duration of the marriage does not matter when there are children. So, the state organizes for them some activities (benefits,subsidies for young familiesand so on).

It is important to note that a significant amount of benefits provided by the state is directly related to children. But, anyway, this type of family is considered more vulnerable than older families. By the way, diversebenefits for young familiesclassified into two types: urban and regional. It is necessary to add that the benefits of the federal level are absolutely the same for all settlements and regions of the Russian Federation as a whole.In turn, the benefits of the urban type and the corresponding payments of a monetary nature may vary somewhat or be additionally formed at the local level in relation to each territorial unit separately. For example, in the capital of Russia today the most significantsubsidies for young familiesif you take them in comparison with other cities and regions of the country.

Difficult question and ambiguous answer

allowance for a young family

As noted above, today the society is interested in the question:help a young family from the stateis usually provided. It is important for spouses to know what categories of benefits, subsidies and payments they should count on in order to properly plan both their present and the distant future. The fact is that it is almost impossible to answer this question for a number of very serious reasons:

  • Todaysupport for young familiesIt turns out in accordance with two levels: regional and federal. If the system of the latter is unified, then the system is very specific for regions. The fact is that the benefits and cash payments for young families largely depend on the policies of local governments, the demographic situation in a particular locality,the state of the regional budget in terms of finances, as well as from numerous factors that come, as a rule, from outside. Thus, in some regionsproviding young familiescarried out in relation to all citizens of the relevant category, which fully fit the formal requirements, while in others - material and other types of assistance are targeted, therefore only the poor are guaranteed. It means that far from all the localities young families are supposed to receive some cash payments or certain benefits.
  • Help for young familiesis provided if the necessary requirements of state bodies are met with respect to a number of characteristics: age of young spouses, number of children born, national citizenship, and in terms of programs at the regional level - registration in accordance with the limits of the subject of the Russian Federation, standard of living and, in particular, incomes (with respect to subsidies - below the subsistence minimum, to participate in the purchase of housing - on the contrary, sufficient solvency is required to cover the relevant costs) .
  • Allowance for a young familyis provided, as a rule, only to active citizens of the Russian Federation. So, about getting certain benefits, you need to be patted enough, and for the provision of subsidies, of course, should be addressed. In addition, in any case, the applicant must provide the authority with the documentation confirming the circumstances that can be invoked in the process of justifying this request.

Cash payments and benefits for young families

benefits for young families

Materialhelp for young familieson the part of the state contains compensation for the costs of keeping children in state educational institutions (kindergartens) in the federal plan. Thus, the state is ready to compensate for the first child twenty percent of the total cost of all actual costs. As a rule, fifty percent is provided for the second child, and seventy percent for the third.

In turn, urban payouts are classified as follows:

  • Monthlyallowance for a young familyfor children up to the age of sixteen. A prerequisite for this should be a low average monthly income.It is important to note that in this case material assistance from the state may be relevant until the completion of the child’s education in a secondary education institution, but in no case can it continue after the child has turned eighteen.
  • Payment in an increased amount per child in relation to mothers or single fathers.
  • Compensation of costs directly related to the rising cost of consumer products, which is produced monthly.
  • Benefits for young familiesas well as in-kind assistance is sent to those spouses who are students. So, their children have the opportunity to attend pre-school educational institutions free of charge. In addition, in maternity homes newborn baby clothes are provided at the expense of the state.
  • Young spouses with children up to two years, on free conditions issued dairy food for children, as well as a mixture of dairy nature.
  • Today, the actual provision of free children up to the age of three with medications. It is necessary to add that in the case of chronic diseases, the provision of medicines and, accordingly, free treatment is extended to fifteen years.It is important that these diseases one way or another should be included in the list, officially approved by the Government of the city of Moscow.
  • Help for young familiesalso provided for free use of all public transport until children are seven years old. The exception to this rule is taxi fare.
  • Visiting museum exhibition halls, zoos, parks of culture and recreation of state ownership on free terms.
  • Young spouses who have children can enjoy benefits in the sphere of taxation of income. Besides,program “Mortgage. Young family"provides many-sided benefits and convenient conditions for the acquisition of its own living space.

Thus, we can conclude that today the state in every way cares about the prosperity of young families. Undoubtedly, this helps the newly spouses to stand firmly on their feet and practically do not need anything.

State program "Young Family"

certificate young family

To begin with, it should be noted that today obtaining housing for young families is a rather problematic topic. Nevertheless, everything is possible.In this and subsequent chapters will be consideredprogram "Young Family", conditionsits implementation and related provisions.

There are a number of reasons why today the independent acquisition of real estate is not an easy question. Among them are the following items:

  • High real estate prices (according to the Federal State Statistics Service, one square meter of housing in the secondary type market costs approximately 56,480 rubles).
  • A relatively low level of the average weighted salary in Russia (in accordance with the official information provided by the Federal State Statistics Service, this value is 26,600 rubles).
  • Loan to a young familytoday is characterized by very high percentages. By the way, this includes the mortgage loan, which is not entirely logical.
  • The rapidly growing inflation rate, which is the cause of the depreciation of existing savings.

The above factors undoubtedly gave a strong impetus for government agencies to developprogram "Young Family", conditionswhich today allow young families to get a living space on special conditions.

Content of the program “Young Family”

The program for the provision of housing for newly-wedded spouses sets as its main goal not only the provision of material assistance, but also other nuances, including:

  • Subsidizing the down payment directly to the payment of a bank loan.
  • Loan to a young familyassociated with an increase in the term of the mortgage for the long term (namely, up to thirty years).
  • The transition from a uniform mortgage payments to progressive.

Moreover, often young spouses are not ready for children until they are firmly settled financially, in particular, they do not buy real estate intended for permanent residence. This fact is almost next to the demographic crisis, the collapse in the pension system and other consequences of a negative nature. It is this factor that served as the final drop, which had a decisive influence on the decision directly to provideapartments for young familieson special conditions.

Varieties of social state programs in support of young families

support for young families

All current programs today are based on the principle of providing young families with social benefits for the purchase or improvement of living space. So, they involve the consumption of material resources in accordance with the following areas:

  • Apartments for young families, their acquisition and improvement of living conditions. The exception in this case are real estate in the primary market, which includes rooms in a dormitory or communal, and so on.
  • Construction of a private house.
  • Payment of the final payment, after which the real estate becomes the property of a young family.
  • Making a down payment in the case of a loan or a loan (here it is necessary to include a mortgage).
  • Assistance in repayment of a housing loan or a loan, as well as the corresponding interest. Exceptions to this clause are fines, penalties and fees.

Program Terms

 How to stand in line as a young family?

Certificate "Young Family"relevant in the event that:

  • The age of the wife and the husband does not exceed thirty five years.
  • A young family receives a stable and regular income (it is important to add that not only salaries are taken into account, but also disability pensions, maternity and pregnancy allowances, scholarships, allowances for children and other government benefits).

It should be noted thatCertificate "Young Family»Valid only for those in need of improved living conditions. So, you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Not to be owners or tenants of premises intended for housing, as well as members of families of owners or, accordingly, tenants. An exception to this rule are those cases in which a person lives in a family who suffers from a serious chronic disease in severe form (tuberculosis, epilepsy, lung abscess, etc.) if the area of ​​the room is less than that established by the local administration.
  • Being a person whose living conditions do not comply with technical provisions at all: the necessary communications are missing, load-bearing structures are deformed, cracks on the floor, walls or ceiling are detected (in accordance with Article 51 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation of December 29, 2004 No. 188-ФЗ).

So, if a new family fits the above requirements, it is entitled to apply to the authorized bodies with a request to receive social benefits.

Required documentation

What kind of documentation must be submitted to a young family in order to take advantage of the benefits for the purchase of residential space? It is important to note that to implement this operation, one of the family members should personally bring a package of the following papers to the housing department of the local administration:

  • A written statement to be made in two copies.
  • Passports of citizens, as well as their birth certificates.
  • Information about the composition of the family (for example, a certificate of registration or divorce, a court decision on custody or adoption, and so on).
  • Help on granting the family the status of needing to improve living conditions, which must be taken in the department of social protection of the population.
  • Documentation showing the receipt of income in a regular manner (for example, an employment contract).

Additional documentation

In the event that cashThe proceeds from the state in the form of a social payment will go to repay the debt on a bank loan; the following documents should be submitted as an addendum:

If the young spouses plan to send the amount of money received from the state to pay the contribution, after the realization of which the dwelling becomes a family property, the following papers must be additionally provided:

  • Documentation of the last installment amount that has not been paid.
  • A photocopy of the constitutive documentation of the cooperative.
  • Certificate confirming the membership of at least one spouse in the cooperative (as a rule, they provide an extract from the registry).
  • Certificate of ownership of the cooperative directly to the premises of the residential type.
  • The decision to transfer real estate in the direction of a young family for long-term use.

How to stand in line as a young family?

loan to a young family

It is important to note that the next system in relation to the program is created in accordance with the dates of receipt by administrations of localities of applications regarding the receipt of the necessary status by young families.By the way, if we are talking about those applications that are submitted on the same day, registration is carried out taking into account the number of children in the family (in the case of an equal number of them, in alphabetical order).

How to stand in line as a young family? Answers to absolutely all the questions directly related to the organization of the queue for the state program for young families can be obtained without any difficulties via the official websites of the municipalities in the online mode. If there are none, it is possible to receive them at a reception with a specialist of the relevant field of activity.

It is important to note that the program “Mortgage. Young Family”, which was originally considered in the article, was formed for 2011-2015. But for the given period of time, the acuteness of the question was only partially removed, therefore the state authorities decided to prolong its operation. Thus, according to the law “On the federal budget for 2014 and the planned period of 2015 and 2016” No. 349-FZ of December 2, 2013, the project will continue to exist until 2010 inclusive. By the way, most likely, the relevance of this program will continue to exist after 2020. This fact will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the demographic situation and other equally important indicators of the country.So, young families will be able to afford the realization of the most daring ideas on the acquisition of real estate and the improvement of living conditions.

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