Audi A8 D2: photos, specifications and reviews

The Audi A8 D2 is an executive car, manufactured from 1994 to the present by the concern Audi. This car is presented in the body of a four-door sedan, has both front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. Applies to F-segment vehicles. For 24 years, 4 generations of this model were released, the last of which received mostly positive reviews from motorists.

Short story

The history of this series of the company "Audi" began in 1979. Then the Audi 200 model was produced, which was based on the platform version 100 C2. After that, in 1983, the luxury version of the Audi 100 C3 was released.

In 1988, the V8 model became the first executive car of the company. The model was created on the basis of the same platform, "Audi" 100, so the V8 looks very similar to the "weave". This version has attracted the attention of motorists due to the appearance of all-wheel drive, which the company "Audi" is designated Quattro. The Volkswagen Phaeton car borrowed some parts and components from the Audi A8.

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Specifications Audi A8 D2

During production, many modifications have been released with both gasoline and diesel engines. Two six-liter petrol engines of 174 and 193 horsepower were produced. There are also 7 modifications of the eight-cylinder gasoline engine. Power starts with 230 horsepower and ends 365th. Top modification with a twelve-cylinder engine of 6000 cm3It has four-wheel drive and 420 horsepower. Only 750 copies of this modification were released.

The line of diesel analogues is represented by two six-cylinder engines with a capacity of 150 and 180 and eight-cylinder - with a capacity of 224 horsepower.

Modification Audi A8 D2 4.2 has an engine capacity of 4200 cm3and power of 310 horsepower. This model was produced from 1999 to 2002. Most models of Audi A8 D2 - quattro (all-wheel drive). The remaining models are equipped with front-wheel drive. Audi A8 D2 3.7 has both front-wheel and all-wheel drive versions.

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A8 series

In 1994, the first generation A8 was produced - the Audi A8 D2, produced 5 years. The second generation was subject to restyling, after which the following elements were changed:

  • hood shape;
  • bumpers;
  • side mirrors;
  • The central panel received a small monitor with which you can manage multimedia.

The second restyling occurred in 2001, after which the fog lights were changed, an office in the central panel was added, and a modification with an automatic transmission appeared.

The second generation was produced from 2002 to 2005. The first restyling changed the shape of the grille and hood. After the second restyling, the turn indicators and rear optics were changed.

In 2009, the next generation was presented. It is completely different from all the previous ones both in the exterior and in the interior of the car. It was presented in 2017 and is still being produced.

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Car review

The car body is entirely made of aluminum. Thanks to this solution, corrosion can be completely excluded from the list of deficiencies of the Audi A8 D2. Also, the developers focused on reducing the weight of the car, because of this, the fuel consumption of the car had to be reduced. Nevertheless, the modification of a car with all-wheel drive weighs 100 kilograms more than the front-wheel drive. At the same time, this version weighs a hundred kilograms less than its counterparts in the face of the Mercedes S-class and BMW 7 series.

Externally, the car resembles the favorite model of the Audi 80, although it was produced on the platform of the Audi 100. This version is an elongated version of the A6, and at the same time it is an elongated version of the A4.

The grille, like all cars of the company "Audi" early 2000s, merged with the hood. It is the logo of the company "Audi". This car does not have any features compared to its closest models, so you should talk about the interior.

The main feature of the interior is its back row, which has two passenger seats, as it should be a luxury car. There is enough space even for passengers with an increase of about 2 meters. Chairs have leather trim, there is an option with artificial leather.

In the top-end modification, the center console, front panel and doors have wood inserts that make the Audi A8 D2 saloon even more attractive. In the restyled versions in the central panel there is a monitor with which you can control multimedia, navigation system and other functions.

On the restyled steering wheel control buttons are located, it has become more "pot-bellied" than in the previous version.Around the gearbox also has its own frame, depending on the configuration. In the top version it is a tree, in the base version it is plastic.

In front of the gear lever there is a compartment in which the cigarette lighter and a department for small things are located. Between the speedometer and tachometer is located on-board computer screen that displays the car's mileage, power reserve and much more.

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Reviews of Audi A8 D2

If you compare this car with its counterparts - the 7th series "BMW" and S-class "Mercedes", then the eighth series "Audi" is inferior to both in appearance and in technical characteristics. But despite this, he enjoys his popularity to this day. The advantages of this car include the following:

  • security;
  • dynamics, handling and stability on the roads;
  • company status;
  • presentable, both externally and internally;
  • low fuel consumption of diesel modifications;
  • well tangible dimensions;
  • noise and vibration insulation;
  • large luggage compartment;
  • spaciousness of the cabin, especially the rear passenger row.

Disadvantages of this model:

  • expensive car service and components;
  • reliability in comparison with their counterparts in the face of "BMW" 7 series and "Mercedes" S-class;
  • visibility.
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Audi cars

Audi has been producing cars since 1970 for the European market, and for the American since 1980. Like all companies, Audi produces all possible body options, including a convertible, an SUV and other popular options.

The cars of the company "Audi" have their division into classes, as well as consoles. The latter include S (Sport), RS (Racing Sport) and R8 (sports car, body version - coupe). Also the most popular series is "A". With this prefix release cars of the third, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth series.

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Compared to the latest generation A8, the Audi A8 D2 is completely different from its newest model. The A8 D2 was not used the same way as the D5, released in 2017. The latest generation has many features that make this model unique and unique compared to similar cars. The D2 generation was used more as a regular serial sedan than as a luxury car. But still he managed to recommend himself as a great option with good technical characteristics and a variety of modifications.

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