Automatic "Cord": specifications and photos

Automatic "Cord" - one of the latest developmentsthe legendary plant named after Degtyarev, located in the city of Kovrov. Since the conveyors of this enterprise, for many years now various types of weapons have come down, supplied to the armament of the troops of the Russian Federation and exported abroad.

automatic cord

History of creation: strict secrecy and brilliant premiere

It is noteworthy that the creation of the "Cord" was coveredsecret. Even his appearance was kept in the strictest secrecy right up to the presentation. None of the technical details, too, were completely unknown. This was not without reason, because in many of its indicators, the machine overtakes analogues, and the leak of information could have serious negative consequences. And only at the presentation of the new machine, which was held in Kovrov, the designers not only showed the latest weapons to the general public, but also demonstrated what the Kord machine can do. Pictures of new weapons instantly scattered around the world.

Machine name

In fact, the machine is still unnamed. "Cord" - a conventional name, an abbreviation, which stands for "Kovrov Degtyarevsky Degtyarevtsy." In addition to the machine, the family with this name includes other types of weapons.

cord optics

New design of the shutter

Creation of an automaton having a minimum payoff,was the main goal of engineers and designers. For this, the experience of many gunsmiths was worked out. The task was achieved. For this purpose, a fundamentally new design of the valve was developed, on which a special balancer was installed. Reduced recoil greatly reduces the impact on the shoulder of the submachine gunner.

How does the system work? The added balance bar corresponds to the mass of the whole bolt group. When a shot occurs, under the pressure of the powder gases, the pistons and the balance beam frames begin to move simultaneously, and the motion takes place in opposite directions. The velocities are equal. Due to this movement, the impulses compensate each other.

What does it give? As a result, the machine "Cord" does not shake at all in the hands of the shooter even at the moment of shooting by bursts. The player does not hit his shoulder. This affects not only the fact that the shooter is less tired, but also on accuracy. According to the developers, it is twice as high as the standard standard.

Patent for the invention of a new blanking systemThe impulse of the shot is currently owned by Russian design engineers. Technology is still not used by gunsmiths in any other country in the world.

Ammunition cartridges

Use of standard cartridges can playplays a decisive role in combat. It is irrational to use different calibers and types of horns, because cartridges can end at the most inopportune moment, which will lead to the most negative consequences. And when all the soldiers use the same ammunition, this can be avoided. Therefore, initially it was decided to focus on the most common weapon in the world - the Russian Kalashnikov assault rifle. The Kord machine shoots the same cartridges as the legendary Kalash, standard horns approach it. Moreover, both calibers - 5.45 and 7.62 can be used.

Tests and their results

Currently, not all testingcompleted, but during the preliminary tests it was possible to establish that the Kord machine is already significantly ahead of its firearm counterparts. Some standards were passed with results even exceeding the norms established by the Ministry of Defense. Such indicators as accuracy, aiming range, lethal force, just at the height. Played a significant role and the minimum return, which can boast machine "Cord". The optics installed on the weapon are also important. Moreover, in addition to the standard sight, a collimator also approaches the automaton.

Tactical and technical characteristics

The world only recently heard the phrase "machine gun""Cord" », the technical characteristics of the weapons are not yet publicized in full. It is known that the design of the machine is designed in such a way that the wounded fighter could continue to fire with one hand, not resting on the butt in the shoulder. To date, "Cord", a photo of which can not give an accurate idea of ​​the characteristics, has not yet got rid of the aura of mystery.

The Kord family

Kovrovsky armourers did not stopmanufacture of the machine. In the same row with him are two more types of firearms: the sniper rifle "Cord" and a large-caliber machine gun. And the relatives of the machine, who have already proved themselves, deserve no less attention.

Rifle armor piercing sniper "Cord"

rifle cord

The purpose of this weapon is to defeatmanpower of the enemy, lightly armored military equipment, unarmored transport. Punch armor and metal plating, this weapon is capable of a distance of up to one kilometer. As for the enemy personnel, the "Cord" rifle, whose optics, like on the machine, can be replaced with a more advanced one, can seriously damage even those who are wearing personal protective equipment. At the same time the enemy can be even a distance of one and a half kilometers from the sniper. The rifle is designed only for single shots, the supply of cartridges comes from a five-shot frame. Charges this weapon with cartridges of caliber 12.7 mm, the total length of it reaches 1.4 meters. For convenience, the arrow rifle is equipped with regular bipods, which can easily be expanded and folded.

The rifle has been produced since 1998.

Large-caliber machine gun "Cord"

The machine gun was launched in 2007. Since then, this weapon has managed to show what it is capable of, not only in field trials, but also in real war. Soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces used it in battles during the Second Chechen War, as well as during the armed conflict in South Ossetia.

sniper cord

Today, the Kord machine-gun, whose opticsis designed for considerable distances, is in service with the troops of the Russian Federation. Over the years, it has undergone many updates and has been released in several versions. The most common and popular - infantry and tank. It is this machine gun installed on the tower of the legendary Russian tank T-90.

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"Cord" and "Ratnik"?

So for what purpose was a newmachine, especially since it's not just about a new kind of weapon, but about an unprecedented case? To challenge the most legendary "kalash" - this does not happen every day. For all the years of existence, the Kalashnikov assault rifle never got a serious competitor. Nowhere else in the world have gunsmiths been able to create a model that not only surpasses it in some way, but at least equal to it in terms of durability, reliability in combat, durability. This weapon has been faithfully serving the Russian soldier for several decades. However, with the same success it serves soldiers from many other countries.

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The manufacturer's intention is not only toto replenish the range of weapons of the Russian Federation. In fact, there is a more ambitious plan: the Kord machine should become part of the famous outfit "Ratnik". The development continues, although the first samples of the new form have already been seen on the soldiers of some special forces units. In addition to high-quality and maximally comfortable military uniform and footwear, the definition of "Ratnik" includes the entire set of individual protection and personal weapons of the fighter. It is known about this project all over the world, and it is no accident that the nickname "The Soldier of the Future" was fixed behind him.

For the right to manufacture automatic devices of a new type forRussian soldiers today are fighting the concern "Kalashnikov" and the Kovrov Weapon Factory named after Degtyarev. After all the tests are completed, the special commission will decide which of the automatic weapons will become operational.

A word about the competitor

Under secret conditions, not onlythe development of the "Cord", but also the creation of its main competitor - AK-12 assault rifle. It was presented to the world in 2012, and was adopted in 2014. According to the developers, the new weapons have undergone a number of changes aimed at improving the technical characteristics and provide maximum comfort to the shooter.


automatic cord photo

At the present time, the Kord machine continuespass the test. Their results will determine his future destiny. Will he become as popular as his "older brother" - a machine gun? It depends on the decision of the authorities. To date, we are talking about the serial release of "Cord". The opinions of professionals who have already had time to get acquainted with this weapon are unanimous. Many weapons experts, combat officers, researchers and just amateurs of firearms say that the era of Kalashnikov is approaching its zenith. All that Russian design engineers could use to squeeze out these weapons has long been done. It was perfected as much as possible in principle. "Squeeze" anything else from the old "Kalash" is simply unthinkable. Therefore, many gunsmiths are inclined to the idea that it is time to give green light to new weapons, while not forgetting the genius developments of Kalashnikov, relying on them in the future.

Perhaps soon it will be possible to confidently talk about setting up this type of weapon for the armament of the Russian army.

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