Baby sedative "Leveret": instructions, reviews

In the life of a kid, stress can occur: the first trip to the kindergarten, numerous circles and classes, and fright. A child can become moody, whiny and even fall asleep poorly. In this case, the parents seek help from a specialist. According to reviews, doctors often prescribe the drug "Rabbit" (sedative). The instruction states that the tool is completely composed of natural ingredients, helps to cope with the vagaries and restore the nervous system of the baby.

Bunny soothing instruction

brief information

“Little hare” is an effective, and at the same time safe means, which is designed to provide a calming effect. The drug is recommended as a dietary supplement for children who are preparing for the first time to go to kindergarten or school. Restless, capricious, with a shaky nervous system, it is recommended that babies be given a sedative for children, “Rabbit”. The manual fully describes the composition of the drug, its dosage and methods of application.But, despite the fact that all the ingredients are natural, it is recommended to consult with a specialist before taking the drug.

Bunny sedative for children instruction

To whom the remedy is recommended

It is impossible to completely eliminate the stress from the life of children. Their causes can be not only negative events, but also joyful ones. Too vigorous birthday celebration can harm the nervous system. Adaptation to kindergarten and school can also not go too smoothly. The new team, separation from the mother or the first bad evaluation can cause strong emotions and influence emotional development.

In order to restore the mental state of easily excitable children, to help them cope with stress, doctors recommend the drug - sedative "Little Rabbit". The instructions show that the drug has a beneficial effect on the nerve centers. The kid calms down, his behavior is normalized, he becomes more calm.

bunny soothing instruction reviews

The current composition of the means "hare"

Soothing "little hare" - a natural and effective tool. Its components are selected in such a way that, affecting the nervous system, the drug does not harm the body.

All ingredients have been used for healing since ancient times.Vitamins and minerals enrich the composition and make it balanced.

If the baby is hyperactive or excessively tearful, he will be helped by the baby sedative “Little Rabbit”. The instruction indicates the following composition, where the main plant components are:

  • valerian;
  • peppermint;
  • motherwort;
  • Melissa;
  • caraway;
  • hawthorn;
  • chamomile;
  • barberry.

Each herbal ingredient has certain properties. In addition to them, the composition included vitamins B6 and C.

marmalade hare sedative instruction

How the remedy works

"Rabbit" is a dietary supplement that contains vegetable components. Thanks to a balanced combination, they have a calming effect on the child’s body. The drug can be helpful in difficult periods of life of the baby. Consider the features of each individual ingredient:

  • Valerian root. With nerves, it calms the nervous system and promotes good sleep. In addition, valerian has an antiseptic effect.
  • Motherwort.It has a clear sedative and cardiotonic effect. The herb is part of the popular sedatives and is approved for use by children.
  • Melissa.It contributes to the treatment of overstrained nervous system and associated symptoms: sleep disturbance, appetite. In addition, it relieves headache caused by nervous stress.
  • Mint.Diuretic. Contributes to the normalization of capillary blood flow.
  • Caraway.It has a clear sedation and strengthens nerve cells.
  • Hawthorn berries. Expand blood vessels and improve blood flow.
  • Barberry fruits. It improves the appetite, which is important for children who constantly refuse from the proposed dishes. During viral diseases, the plant helps to reduce the temperature.
  • Daisy flowers. Contributes to the expansion of blood vessels and relaxation of the smooth muscles of the muscles.

Part of the vitamin C, fights against viral infections. In addition, it is indispensable in the assimilation of nutrients from food and iron. Vitamin B6 is fully responsible for the development of the nervous system.

soothing marmalades hare instruction

Dosage and administration

The specialist may appoint in a variety of situations the sedative “Little Rabbit”. Instructions and reviews show that it is effective in treating neurosis, reducing appetite and sleep disorders. But its main purpose is to remove unpleasant symptoms in restless and capricious babies.

In addition, the drug is recommended for children if they are expected to change the situation and strong mental loads. This applies to preparation for tests, exams and the first days at school.

In order for the child to better adapt to the new environment, it is recommended to undergo a course of treatment in advance. Then the first days in kindergarten will be much easier.

It should be understood that the drug is enriched with minerals and vitamins, so it can be a substitute for the vitamin complex. But you can only give a remedy to children older than three years. However, according to the recommendation of the doctor, the age limit can be reduced to two. But such a solution should be trusted only to a specialist.

If the drug is selected as a syrup, it is recommended to give it three times a day in a teaspoon. It tastes good, so there are usually no problems with acceptance. It is necessary to drink the remedy course, which is 14 days. It is important to understand that the effect, due to the plant composition, is cumulative. Therefore, it is not recommended to interrupt the course.

If for any reason the child does not want to use syrup, you can offer him marmalades.

bunny marmalade sedative instruction reviews

Sweet marmalades "little hare"

When excessive anxiety and nervosa recommended marmalade "Bun". Instructions to a sedative means that the tool is intended for children from 3 years and helps to cope with increased mental stress.

The advantage of this form of funds in its attractiveness for children. Not every child loves syrups, and any naughty baby likes tasty marmalades.

Mode of application

According to the instructions, soothing “Little Rabbit” marmalades can be used for babies over 3 years old. Dosage depends on age:

  1. Children from 3 to 7 years old are recommended to use one marmalade while eating three times a day.
  2. Schoolchildren can eat two marmalades, at one time, also three times a day.

The duration of treatment, as in the case of syrup, is two weeks.

baby soothing bunny instruction

Drug reviews

Syrup and “Little Rabbit” marmalades have mostly positive reviews. Parents see that the child becomes balanced and not whiny. Clinical manifestations are noticeable after a few days of use. It is necessary to complete a course of therapy, this is due to the fact that medicinal herbs gradually accumulate in the body and only after a while the effect is seen.On the recommendation of a doctor, prophylaxis can be repeated in a month.

Many parents claim that the drug is completely safe and does not adversely affect the child. But excitability decreased markedly, appetite improved and sleep returned to normal. It is noted its effectiveness during the adaptation period during the visit to the kindergarten.

But there are negative feedback. It is believed that the drug "Rabbit" has no effect. In fact, it is a neutral remedy and does not affect the nervous system of the child.

Based on the reviews, you should rely only on the individual reaction. It is necessary to study the composition, consult a doctor and determine the appropriateness of taking the drug in a particular case.

Possible contraindications

The drug is completely natural, so it has no contraindications. However, it is not recommended for children up to three years, due to the strong effects of medicinal herbs. In addition, it is important to take into account the individual characteristics of the child's body.

All components can cause allergic reactions. If they are observed, you should immediately stop taking the funds.In addition, the ingredients (in some cases) can have a completely opposite effect and, instead of a sedative effect, lead to an irritant.

Many babies love to take the "Rabbit" marmalade (sedative). Instructions and reviews, however, indicate that they are not recommended for giving to kids who are inclined to be overweight. If there are violations in carbohydrate metabolism, the use of this tool is also prohibited.


The soothing “Leveret” has established itself as a safe and effective remedy against childhood neuroses. Reviews show that the remedy is natural and has a positive effect on the mental state of children who are easily excitable.

Of course, there are negative reviews, but it all comes down to the neutrality of the drug. Perhaps this is due to the peculiarities of the nervous system or simply a completely different means is required to solve the existing problem.

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