Back pain above lower back. Causes, diagnosis and treatment

A couple of decades ago, the pain in the back above the loins was probably worried about the older generation, but over the two decades it has rapidly become “younger”. And today this problem is already familiar to those who only recently celebrated their twenty-fifth anniversary. Why is this happening and who is to blame for this, we will try to understand it in more detail. And most importantly - we will try to answer questions about how to prevent the disease and how to cope with it, if it has already become the “companion” of everyday life.Back pain above lower back.

Hypodynamia is the main cause of myalgia

If there is pain in the back, the reasons should be sought initially in the way of life. After all, this aspect of modernity, in addition to the various technical benefits of civilization, makes a person passive and leads to physical inactivity. Many of us spend most of our time sitting at the computer, not thinking about the correct posture and much-needed physical exertion.At this time, their muscles atrophy, the muscular skeleton stops to fully perform its function, as a result of which changes occur in the spinal column.

Thus, the modern man himself, succumbing to all the temptations that provided technical progress, destroys his body almost from childhood. However, nature has also thought of this: in our spine there are many nerve endings that signal danger. Here and pain in the back above the waist - this is the message of the body that you should immediately take up your health and rebuild life in a new way.

Congenital and hereditary factors

Despite the fact that most often the back pain occurs due to the fault of the patient himself, one should not discount the genetic susceptibility to diseases of the spine and congenital ailments.

For example, the hereditary theory that scientists have been studying for many years implies transmission at the gene level of susceptibility to degenerative processes in the vertebral trunk. In addition, severe back pain can result from spondylolysis. This developmental anomaly, which the crumb receives by inheritance from its parents, suggests the presence of crevices in the vertebra.

It is also worth noting that some of the hereditary and congenital ailments may not be detected in childhood. But with the imposition of a particular factor on others, for example, a sedentary lifestyle, can manifest itself in all its "beauty."

Imbalance between left and right sides

At birth, the musculoskeletal system of the crumbs is still very weak, the baby cannot hold his head, sit, let alone walk. However, at that moment, when a little man has a grasping reflex, and he can already hold a toy in the handle for a few seconds, it becomes clear which side of his body is developing better.Cause back pain

So, if a person is left-handed, he mostly loads the left side of his body, and the right-handed, respectively, right. Over the years of such imbalance, the spinal column is bent, and its disks flatten, pinching the nerve roots. So there is pain in the back above the waist.

Abdominal muscle weakness as one of the causes of myalgia

Many of the school lessons of anatomy have not yet understood that the musculoskeletal system is not only the spine, but also a host of connective and supporting tissues of the body.And one of these components are the abdominal muscles. It is because of the weakness of these tissues (when the load on the spine increases), many pregnant women experience severe back pain. To correct this “injustice”, future moms are recommended to wear a bandage.

Diseases of internal organs

Often, pain in the thoracic spine signals pathological processes that are not associated with disorders of the musculoskeletal system. So, back pain above the lower back can be a symptom of diseases of the kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, heart, and even the respiratory system. If the cause of myalgia is acute pyelonephritis, then the clinical picture, in addition to pain, is characterized by fever, urination disorders and swelling.back pain in the lumbar region

The appearance of back pain, predominantly on the left side, may indicate heart disease, such as angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, etc. In pancreatitis, the localization of pain syndrome is more extensive and affects the thoracic spine along with the iliac regions.

But if there were back pains in the lumbar region,causes may be gynecological. Especially often this symptom is characteristic of neglected forms of inflammatory processes.

Diagnosis of ailment

Many believe that if there is pain in the thoracic and lumbar spine, you should immediately change your lifestyle and go in for sports. However, this view is wrong. After all, even if myalgia was the result of a violation of posture, without the right medical approach, you can only exacerbate the problem.Back pain treatment

But what really should be done to a person with pain syndrome is to seek qualified medical assistance. After all, only a professional can determine the true picture of the disease according to the history and results of clinical and laboratory studies. And only then, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient, to prescribe a complex therapy.

It should also be recalled that if a person has back pain, there may be causes not only in problems with the spine, but also in violation of the work of internal organs. In such situations, only the complete diagnosis and professionalism of the doctors will be able to restore the patient’s health.

Methods of diagnosis of the disease

The treatment of back pain begins already from the moment of going to the doctor, since the specialist will be able to prescribe one of the drugs, which can reduce pain before getting the results of clinical studies (without harming the patient, which cannot be said about self-treatment).

Next, the patient is performed MRI of the spine. This method allows us to assess the real state of the vertebrae and discs, as well as to identify more severe illnesses, including the presence of tumors.

severe back painThe next stages of diagnosis, when a person complains of pain in the sides of the back or in the entire thoracic spine, should be an ultrasound of the internal organs and a blood test. Such events allow to determine the presence of chronic and infectious diseases that could cause the appearance of pain.

In some cases, at the discretion of the physician, a complex of diagnostic measures may be supplemented with an ECG or other studies.

How to get rid of the problem?

As mentioned above, the treatment of back pain begins with the determination of its causes. And if they are rooted in diseases of internal organs, then all forces should be directed precisely at eliminating these pathological processes.

In other cases, when muscle pain is a provocateur of pain, curvature of the spinal column and pinching of the nerve roots, treatment should be approached comprehensively.

Drug therapy

Depending on the intensity of the pain syndrome, the reasons for its occurrence and the individual characteristics of the patient, drug therapy can be used for myalgia. And it does not boil down only to the fact that a person is recommended to take only an anesthetic for back pain. Drugs must also have anti-inflammatory, as well as antispasmodic effect.

If the patient is worried about severe back pain above the waist, the doctor may prescribe a potent narcotic drug and write a prescription for its purchase. However, with the drugs in this group, one should be very careful and follow the dosing system clearly. These include such tools as "Morphine", "Codeine", "Tramadol", etc.

From the group of antipyretic analgesics (for relieving fever and pain relief) a person can prescribe paracetamol or analgin. Of NVSP most often prescribed funds "Ortofen", "Diclofen", "Voltaren", etc.Aspirin can also be attributed to this group, as well as medicines with an identical active ingredient in the base. pain reliever for back pain

In addition to drugs in pill form, the doctor may recommend the use of ointments and creams that have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. This may be the drug "Finalgon", "Ketonal", "Fastum gel" and many others.

Other treatments for back pain

Of course, with the help of medications to remove pain syndrome is quite simple, but to cope with the cause of its occurrence, just taking pills is almost impossible. Therefore, the doctor selects individually for each of his patient a number of activities that not only for some time will relieve from pain, but also eradicate the disease completely. For this, various physiotherapeutic procedures (massages, acupuncture, physical therapy), as well as various devices for strengthening and fixing the spine can be prescribed.Pain in the sides of the back

With back pain in the lumbar region, the reasons for which doctors can not eliminate with the help of complex therapy, the surgical method of treatment can be applied.

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