Bake chicken breasts in bacon

White meat of chicken breasts is a valuable proteinproduct. However, the dishes from the chicken breast do not like everything, as the meat often turns dry. To eliminate this defect, you can try to cook such a delicious dish as chicken breasts in bacon.

We need one whole chicken breast - two slices of hard cheese and four or six slices of bacon, depending on the size.

With chicken breast remove the skin and remove from bonesthe so-called "big fillet". In each slice of the fillet we make a longitudinal cut along the thickness of the layer to make a "pocket". We put in the formed "pocket" on a slice of cheese and season the breasts. Spices pick to your taste. As a rule, curry seasoning is suitable for chicken, you can use any other spices.

Now take thin slices of bacon (it is more convenient to buy this product in slicing) and completely wrap them with chicken pieces. Bacon can be fixed with toothpicks.

We lay the breasts on a baking tray (it is worth itpre-cover with foil) and bake our chicken breasts in bacon for about half an hour, putting the thermostat at the mark of two hundred degrees. Our dish is ready, you can serve it with any salad from vegetables.

As a festive and original option, you can prepare chicken breasts in bacon, stuffed with prunes and baked in sauce.

For one chicken breast (or two ready fillets) to usyou need six prunes, six slices of bacon, three tablespoons of ketchup (quality!) and vegetable oil, one hundred and fifty grams of sour cream, one hundred grams of cheese and nuts (it is better to take walnuts).

We begin to cook. Soak prunes and cut it into slices. Nuts chop, and cheese grate. Mix the cheese, prunes and half the norm of sour cream.

In the breasts we make "pockets" and lay there on a teaspoon of cheese filling and pieces of prunes. Now densely wrap the fillet in slices of bacon and put it into shape.

Now make the sauce by mixing sour cream, ketchup and vegetable oil. Fill this sauce with chicken and send the form to the oven, where we bake for about half an hour.

Using this recipe, chicken breasts in baconcan be prepared with a variety of fillings. For example, instead of prunes, pickled plums or wet cranberries. Or stuff the breasts with pieces of pineapple. And when preparing the sauce, you can use a variety of spices and replace cream with cream, eliminating the ingredients of ketchup. You can use for baking white sauce, prepared on the basis of chicken broth.

You can also prepare chicken breasts with mushrooms, the recipe will be almost the same, except for the process of preparing the filling.

For the filling we take any mushrooms, you canuse mushrooms, honey agarics, oyster mushrooms in a fresh, canned or freshly frozen version. Do you have dry mushrooms? Great, they are great for making this dish.

We prepare mushrooms:dry soak and boil, freshly frozen we defrost, and with the canned we drain the liquid. Grind the mushrooms and onion, cutting them into small pieces. Now fry the onions until soft, then add mushrooms to it and continue frying. For juiciness in the mushroom filling you can add a little cream or sour cream.

While the mushrooms are fried, rub the cheese on the grater. Remove the frying pan with mushrooms from the fire and directly into the hot stuffing fill the cheese, stirring, so that he evenly melted.

Next, prepare chicken breasts in bacon asthis is described in previous recipes. That is, we make "pockets" in the fillet, fill them with mushroom filling and wrap it with slices of bacon. Bake in the oven for free, or with a sauce.

We serve chicken breasts, baked in bacon, with any side dish, but it is best, of course, to use fresh vegetables.

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