Ballet of Evgeny Panfilov: about the theater, about the master, about the troupe

"Ballet E. Panfilova" is not only four times the winner of the significant Golden Mask competition, but also a new wonderful breath in Russian culture, a troupe favorite by the audience and a great cause of the prematurely departed Master. Let's get acquainted with this phenomenon.

About the theater "Ballet of Yevgeny Panfilov"

The brainchild of E. Panfilov is a unique union of three completely different dance aesthetics of choreographic troupes, which are connected by just one element - the unique author's style of its creator. The theater includes:

  • in fact, the Ballet of Yevgeny Panfilov;
  • dance team "Fight Club" (men's amateur dance group);
  • "Ballet of Fat E. Panfilov" (grotesque performances with full ladies).

ballet Eugene Panfilov

The private theater was created by the head in 1994 in Perm. In 2000, he was declared a State cultural institution. On the Golden Mask, the ballet represented his native city 11 times - 9 times he was awarded personal awards, 4 times became the winner of this significant Russian theatrical award.The honorary title was given to him "Baba. 1945" ("Ballet of the Fat"), "Cage for Parrots", "Casting-off" / "Rejection". These and many others, both Russian and foreign, have long since made the Yevgeny Panfilov Ballet not a provincial treasure, but a national Russian pride.

As for the artistic value of the performances, this is something that should be seen once - an incredible and enchanting whirlwind of the Dyaghelevian traditions, world classics, Russian avant-garde and surrealism. It combines experimentalism and psychologism, a spectacular extravaganza and a pacifying atmosphere.

About Evgenia Panfilov

Evgeny Alekseevich Panfilov (1955-2002) - Russian cultural worker, choreographer and stage director. During his lifetime, he was not only an artistic director, but also an artist in his works.

Evgeny Alekseevich studied not only at the Institute of Art in Perm, but also at GITIS, at the USA choreographic school. In addition to the Ballet of Yevgeny Panfilov, he also organized the Perm City Ballet of E. Panfilov, a project of the Russian Seduction. He was a teacher at the Perm Ballet School, Institute of Arts.

 Ballet Theater Eugenia Panfilova

In all his life, Yevgeny Panfilov staged 150 miniatures and 85 full-length ballets.He was the winner of the national award of the Russian Federation "For the contribution to the development of the theater", he had the recognized title "Master", more than once was nominated for the "Golden Mask", as we have already mentioned.

The life of the Master was cut short, accidentally, tragically. In July 2002, he was killed in his own apartment. A random friend in the midst of a quarrel inflicted 13 knife wounds to Evgeny Panfilov, and later robbed a choreographer’s apartment.

"Ballet Yevgeny Panfilov"

Today the artistic director is Sergey Raynik, and the classical troupe of the theater pleases the audience with the following productions:

  • one act play "Son Piero of Vinci";
  • one-act "Black Square";
  • show program Russian Seduction;
  • a concert in memory of the founder and director Yevgeny Panfilov;
  • mini-ballet "The Overcoat";
  • one act production "Anxious sky";
  • mini-ballet "Genesis";
  • one act "Salome";
  • one act ballet "Sacred Spring";
  • one-act Lux Aeterna;
  • one act ballet performance dedicated to the 290th anniversary of Perm;
  • creative project The Swan ("Swan");
  • folk dance performance "Beyond the Edge";
  • one act ballet on compositions by Shostakovich and Soviet songs "BlockAda";
  • one act "Surrender";
  • one act choreographic production "Parrot Cage";
  • one act production of "The Eyes of a Clown";
  • three act ballet "Romeo and Juliet";
  • one act production "Rejection", etc.

Thick Eugenia Panfilov Perm Ballet composition

Representations of "ballet fat"

In the performance of "The Ballet of Fat Evgeny Panfilov" you can see:

  • parody show Russian Seduction;
  • one act production of "Song";
  • folklore one-act ballet "Affiliation";
  • comic ballet-fantasy in one act “Chickens, Cupids, Swan Plus”;
  • ballet dedicated to Victory in the Great Patriotic War "Baba. 1945";
  • one-act ballet to the music of Vivaldi "The Seasons", etc.

Eugene Panfilov ballet fat

Speeches "Fight Club"

Imagine the repertoire of the third element of the theater:

  • show program "Take me like this ...";
  • one act ballet using German military marches and Jewish songs "Anticyclone";
  • one act ballet ESC;
  • Hoochy-Kucha Buffet;
  • one act ballet "Tyuryaga".

Eugene Panfilov Ballet

Composition of Evgeny Panfilov's troupe

Soloists of "Ballet Yevgeny Panfilov":

  • Sergey Raynick;
  • Elena Kondakova;
  • Maria Tikhonova;
  • Marina Kuznetsova;
  • Alexey Rastorguev;
  • Elizaveta Chernova;
  • Pavel Vaskin;
  • Alexey Kolbin;
  • Ksenia Kiryanova, as well as a team of ballet artists.

The composition of "Fight Club":

  • Ilya Belousov;
  • Pavel Dormidontov;
  • Timur Belavkin;
  • Victor Plyusin;
  • Mikhail Shabalin;
  • Oleg Dorozhevets;
  • Andrei Seleznev;
  • Maxim Parshakov;
  • Ilya Mezentsev.

The composition of the "Ballet of Fat Evgeny Panfilov" (Perm):

  • Valery Afanasyev;
  • Ekaterina Yurkova;
  • Ekaterina Yarantseva;
  • Valentina Trofimova;
  • Anna Spitsyna;
  • Svetlana Chazova;
  • Valeria Teploukhova;
  • Evgenia Meteleva;
  • Marina Vissarionova;
  • Elena Nikonova;
  • Marina Kormshchikova;
  • Alexandra Buzorina;
  • Victoria Vaskina;
  • Elvira Valiyeva.

According to the viewers

The audience, who were lucky enough to get to the performances of the theater “Ballet of Yevgeny Panfilov”, noted the following:

  • entertainment - the performance looks at one go;
  • high-quality modern productions;
  • interesting, ambiguous numbers;
  • emotional, expressive play of actors and "live" dance;
  • unusual standard.

Panfilov's Ballet is a remarkable modern phenomenon of Russian cultural reality. Although the Master has not been alive for 15 years, the followers continue his work with dignity, and the performances continue to give bright and unusual emotions to the audience.

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Ballet of Evgeny Panfilov: about the theater, about the master, about the troupe 48

Ballet of Evgeny Panfilov: about the theater, about the master, about the troupe 74

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