Bar "Mendeleev": address, mode of operation and reviews

Bar "Mendeleev" never ceases to intrigue the residents and guests of the capital. Find it is not as easy as it may seem from the very beginning. Many visitors after viewing photos on the Internet rush to visit such an interesting place. However, guests are not always able to find a bar the first time. In addition to the address, it is important to know that this place has its mysterious entrance. Visitors should find a small institution called Lucky Noodles. It is through him that you can visit this unusual and unique bar.

Hall in the institution

general information

Become a guest places like many. There is a face control and closure system here, but this does not prevent visitors from enjoying their stay at the bar. Its unique atmosphere attracts a variety of people, regardless of age and profession. Bar "Mendeleev" in Moscow is well known not only for its interesting and original interior, but also for its delicious cocktails. Drinks map is an individual work of a popular mixologistRomance of the Merciful. Guests prefer to try not only ready-made options from the menu, but also order author's drinks. After all, this is a great opportunity to try a completely new taste. Cocktails usually cost from 450 to 650 rubles. You can also pamper yourself with delicious Pan-Asian cuisine. In the menu you can see such popular offers as rolls, fried rice, seafood soup and others.

Bar Visitors

But not only food and drinks attract visitors so much. The unique setting allows you to feel yourself in a mysterious and mysterious place. The design of the institution was worked out very carefully, so each of its elements looks like a real masterpiece. Inside, everything looks not just spectacular, but also magically. The play of light and shadows on the walls allows you to see everything from a new angle every time. Guests do not get tired of being struck by arched ceilings with incredible chandeliers, rare interior items and unusual, but comfortable furniture.

How to get to the bar

You can reach the place in a variety of ways. Some visitors prefer private cars or taxis, while others choose public transport. In all cases, to get to the bar is convenient to any of the above options.The main thing is to know the exact address of the Mendeleev bar: Petrovka Street, building 20, building 1. A noodle house with an interesting name Lucky Noodles can be a good guide for visitors. Thanks to her guests can quickly find a bar and get into it. As for transport, the nearest stop to the institution is the Trubnaya metro station. Also, the bar can be reached from the stations "Kuznetsky Most", "Lubyanka" or "Chekhovskaya". Not far from the grill bar "Mendeleev" there is a bus stop number 38. It is called "Rakhmanovsky lane".

Operation mode

Bar "Mendeleev" is open to visitors every day. From Monday to Wednesday, the institution is open from 18.00 and until one o'clock in the morning. On Thursday, guests can arrive from 6 pm and rest until three in the morning. From Friday to Saturday, the bar is open from 6 pm to 6 am. On Sunday, the place opens as usual and works until one in the morning.

Bar "Mendeleev"

Guest reviews

On the Internet you can find many photos of the institution. When viewing them, most people have a desire to visit the Mendeleev bar. And this is not surprising, because almost all the reviews about it are positive. Guests do not get tired to praise the excellent work of the bartenders, as well as describe the amazing atmosphere of the place.Almost all visitors write about the chic interior and unreal cool atmosphere. In the bar you can listen not only to popular music, but also to come to an evening of jazz or piano. This opportunity is popular with many music lovers and lovers of good music. The clients of the establishment believe that here every esthete will be able to rest for real.

On the downside, guests only include expensive table reservations, but otherwise they are completely satisfied. The place is really unusual and unique in its kind.

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