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Barleythis is a purulent disease of the eyelids, which is accompanied by inflammation. In 95% of cases, it is provoked by Staphylococcus aureus.


- redness of the century;

- swelling and tenderness of the eyelid;

- formation of tubercle with a small speck in the center, similar to pimple;

- pain when blinking;

- possible increase in body temperature;

- When the barley ripens, there may be pus.

First aid

If the barley has just begun to appear, it is necessary to cauterize the inflamed place with alcohol, iodine or brilliant green. To do this, use a cotton swab, make sure that the tool does not fall into the eye. If, after cauterization, you have not felt relief, barley increases and continues to ache, contact an ophthalmologist.


Treatment should appoint an ophthalmologist. Avoid self-medication, it can lead to complications of the disease.

Barley treatment is usually prescribed:

- antibacterial drops, ointments with antibiotics;

- alcohol lotion;

- with increasing temperature - antibiotics inside and antipyretics;

- also prescribe vitamins to strengthen the immune system.

There are also many popular methods of treatment - lotions with a decoction of calendula or aloe juice. All of them must be coordinated with an ophthalmologist.

Possible complications and prevention

Possible complications

- abscesses - the spread of infection on the tissue around the eye;

- haljazion - condensation of pus, occurrence of a "nodule" on an eye.

- chronic barley - the result of not treated barley, can predstavlyat a permanent swelling of the century or a small barley, which does not hurt, but does not pass;

- inflammation of the orbit of the eye;

- blood sepsis and meningitis.

Barley Prevention

For the prevention of barley is necessary:

- avoid hypothermia;

- Do not use other people's cosmetics, towels;

- Do not touch your eyes with dirty hands;

- use high-quality cosmetics;

- immediately throw away cosmetics, the expiration date of which has passed;

- keep contact lenses in sterile purity;

- It is also necessary to strengthen the immune system, the appearance of barley is considered a serious immune signal, he says that there are problems in the body.

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