Basket for needlework

Home Sweet Home. Life in it consists of the usual things and lovely trinkets. They make it better. And it’s not at all necessary to be a pro designer or a decorator in order to make your home more comfortable and warmer. You need only a little skill, a little patience and a great desire.
Today we weave a basket for needlework from paper tubes.
We will need:
- plastic cover from any container;
- tubes, twisted from a check tape (can be from a newspaper or any paper);
- PVA glue;
- non-aqueous stain;
- brushes for glue and stain;
- acrylic white paint-aerosol;
- cotton fabric (any suitable) for textile inserts in the basket;
- lace or sewing for registration of an insert.
We will need

Let's make a simplified version of the basket: let's not weave a bottom, they will be a plastic cover from the container. In it, with a thick needle, heated above the fire, along the perimeter we pierce holes with an interval of 1.5 - 2 cm. Photo.
plastic container lid

Insert the tubes into these holes so that there are 2 in each hole.
we insert tubules

Unbend them.
Unbend them

We need to weave 3 rows, continuing the bottom. We twist the way "rope".

We twist and get this picture.
we get such a picture

After finished bottom sheathing (3 rows of sheath), raise the small stands. This is a common technique: we start the right small stand (do not forget 1 rack - 2 tubes) under the nearest left and fold it perpendicular to the bottom.
bottom sheath

nearest left

perpendicular to the bottom

perpendicular to the bottom

We fix the posts around the compactor installed on the bottom of our future basket, as in the photo.
We fix the rack

We begin to weave a basket, constantly monitor that the small stands do not deviate to the side. We weave a string - the simplest weaving.
simple weaving

We reach the desired height, then we trim the stands according to the level of the woven basket, i.e. we do not fold, the textile insert will cover its absence.
we cut off racks

textile liner will cover

The next stage - we glue the resulting blank with PVA glue. We coat well, we do not regret the glue. Now we are waiting for the glue to dry out. As soon as the workpiece begins to dry, you can remove the defects by adjusting the shape of the basket. Then it hardens, and nothing can be fixed.
After drying, stain the basket with stain. In our sample - the tone of "Oregon". The output will turn pink.
get a pink color

The stain dries quickly enough.After 20-30 minutes we cover the basket with acrylic paint from a can, tinting the bottom part of the blank and the bottom more (it is still transparent). The color of the basket is pink, more intense at the top and light pink at the bottom. The bottom of the basket is white.
Basket bottom

The bottom of the basket is white

Now we proceed to decorating, cut out the bottom of the liner from the fabric (draw a pencil around the contour of the basket and cut it out), sides of the desired height and a length equal to the length of the circumference or oval of the bottom pattern. Allowances for seams are made only in the sides, the size of the bottom is not increased, since we traced the basket along the contour from the outside.
the dimensions of the bottom do not increase

Sew the sides with the bottom of the liner, decorate the lace (in our basket - cotton sewing).
Sew up the bumpers

decorate with lace

basket for needlework

Everything, our basket for needlework is ready. Of course, this article can be used not only for needlework. Suitable as an idea for a gift. And any woman can use such a thing in the house.

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