Bomond - what is it? Origin, meaning and synonyms

A person generally quite late understands how society works. At first, this is presented to him in the form of the fact that one is accessible to some and not to others. Then, growing up, we realize that there are the lower classes of society, there is the middle, and there is the tip, which at different times was called differently. We will talk today about the word "beau monde", this noun is thoroughly forgotten, but we will not only remember it, but also find out what meaning it may have in modern realities.


When there is something to tell about the history of origin, we usually start with this. “Bomond” is a word of French origin, which feels equally well in both English and French. The influence of the latter language on the first is well known. Direct translation from French gives the phrase "beautiful world", from English - "high society". When it entered the Russian language - it is not clear, but we assume that, probably, in the XIX century, when the Russian aristocracy was enthusiastically fond of French, and spoke Russian much worse.If you read the etymological dictionary for a long time, you will get a persistent feeling that it was the 19th century that gave us most of the borrowings. But we have no statistics.

Modern and vocabulary meaning

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We begin immediately with the meaning of the word "beau monde" in the explanatory dictionary: "The top of society, high society (obsolete)". There are no surprises here, we are within the boundaries of the European tradition.

But is it really so bad that the word cannot be resurrected for today? Why so? Some time ago, even in newspaper articles, the object of research was used frequently, now, however, somehow the fashion has passed. He understood everything just as it is written in the explanatory dictionary.

For example, if you take television awards, they talk about television beau monde. If we are talking about an Oscar, then they say "cinematic beau monde" or "cinema", although the latter option is more conversational, of course.

If you draw a line and answer the question: “What is a beau monde?”, Then the following definition will emerge: the elite of some kind of activity or society as a whole. In other words, it is clear that, under a combination of circumstances, the entire intellectual beau monde can reach out and form the intellectual elite in general. True, it seems that the elite can be not only among intellectuals.Any sphere of public life has its apex, it will be the beau monde. Hopefully this is understandable. Go to replacements.


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Next in line are synonyms for the word "beau monde". Let's look at the resulting list:

  • know;
  • elite;
  • high society;
  • aristocracy;
  • cream of society;
  • color of the nation;
  • elite;
  • the best of the best.

The social hierarchy is completely inevitable. Man is born and creates a desire for the best. It is clear that everyone has their own ceiling, but the maximum goal for which everyone is striving is to be among the best, the elect. In other words, all of us, one way or another, want to get into the elite, into the elite, into this wonderful and wondrous world.

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