Beef soup: a recipe for different dishes

It is a pity that among all the first courses they rarely make beef soup. The recipe for this dish is quite simple. And besides, it has unique beneficial properties: helps to improve the digestion of food and protects the body from toxins. Therefore, beef broth is recommended by nutritionists for a sparing food in case of poisoning with any products, for a number of diseases, in the postoperative period and for strengthening the body.

beef soup recipe

How to cook beef soup? Dish base recipe - broth

For the preparation of any meat broth can be used as bones and pulp. In any case, the following proportions must be observed: one and a half to two liters usually take a pound of food. The technology of different soups is somewhat different. For example, to make the broth more saturated, it is better to prebake the bones in the oven with vegetables. Then the meat ingredients are poured cold water and brought to a boil. The most transparent broth will turn out only with careful collection of the formed foam.If you have not managed to completely remove the "noise" when boiling, pour in a glass of cold water, then all the remnants will float to the surface. Many housewives cook a little differently any beef soup. The recipe for juicy meat and rich broth involves placing products (both pulp and bone pieces) in boiling water. After the meat is fully cooked, the broth is filtered through three to four layers of gauze, and then soup is cooked from it. In principle, in any case, the dish will turn out to be truly satisfying only if the main condition is met - the choice of the required duration of cooking. If the beef is “steam room”, that is, young, 1–1.5 hours will suffice. Old bones should cook for at least two and a half hours. Try to cook healthy beef soup. The recipe for this dish can also vary due to the additional ingredients. Rice, vermicelli and other cereals are commonly used as a dressing. We offer you two options for preparing a delicious first course.

vermicelli beef soup

Beef Soup with Vermicelli

Cut a pound of beef brisket into 5x5 cm pieces and fry quickly in a dry frying pan.Then put in a saucepan and pour two liters of water, boil strong broth for an hour. If necessary, add water to the original volume. Peel and dice three-four medium-sized potatoes, put them in the soup and continue cooking for another 20-25 minutes, salt to taste. Chop the leek as follows: the white part is fine, the green part is bigger. Pour the green mass into the broth at the same time as small noodles (150 g). After letting the soup simmer for about five minutes, turn off the heat. This dish turns out to be rich and can serve when serving on the table at the same time both the “first” and “the second”.

Beef Tomato Soup with Rice

beef soup with rice

Place a few stones with meat (1 kg) in cold water (3.5 l). After boiling and removing the foam, boil for the right amount of time, depending on the stiffness of the beef. At this time, finely chop the onion and fry in vegetable oil (2-3 tbsp.), After browning, pour in a glass of tomato juice and 2-3 tbsp. l any ketchup. After evaporation of the liquid gravy will be ready. Add it to the boiling broth. When the bones are cooked, remove them from the soup. Now you can add 200 g of rice, salt and season with ground pepper, bay leaf and other favorite spices. After 5-7 minutes of boiling, finely chopped two or three cloves of garlic and greens are added. The soup is ready.We ask to the table!

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