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"The Magnificent Seven" The cult western of 1960 telling about the fight of brave cowboys with local gangsters. The tape became an American remake of the famous Japanese film director A. Kurosawa's Seven Samurai. The action was moved to the border village in the 1880s. Cinema was very popular all over the world, including in the Soviet Union. Last year came a good remake of this tape.
"Gold McKenna" The best adventure films made in the western genre are often devoted to the opposition of sheriffs and local illegal gangs. It was this conflict that formed the basis of this picture. Cinema tells about the search for treasure by a criminal gang. The main character, Sheriff McKenna, by chance turns out to be drawn into this dangerous adventure, which nevertheless ends for him successfully.
"Big races" Adventurous comedy dedicated to an ambitious sporting competition between two groups of ambitious young people.During this race, the pursuit of each of them will go through a lot of funny adventures in the style of western.

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